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Two Worlds 2 Cheats: Console Commands

The release of Two Worlds 2 was supposed to be on November 9th in Europe and January 2011 for the U.S. for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. However, it now seems that this game for the PS3 has been delayed, which publisher TopWare/Zuxxez’s blames Sony for. For those of you who are enjoying the game on your PC and Xbox, then we have news on cheats codes for you.

The cheats are a series of console commands, which can be opened with the [ ^ ] or [ ½ ] keyboard key. According to the Two Worlds II website the cheats are not ready for use just yet, and just remember after each command you will need to enter twoworldscheats 1 in order for the cheat to work.

The cheats are broken down into categories, these are as follows: Quest, Items, Alchemy, Magic, Potions, Relicts, Power-Ups and Miscellaneous. The cheats in each section are extensive; there are hundreds of them.

This is a huge blow for Sony, as Two Worlds 2 would have been a great title to have for the PlayStation 3 over the holiday season. At least we know there is a great game to look forward to, as a huge portion of PS3 gamers will not have much spare time once Gran Turismo 5 launches. For more details visit Joystiq.



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