Twitter vs. Path: The Friends Limit

There has been a huge amount of speculation over the months, but Stealth startup Path is now here, and there is talk that this is considered an anti-social network. The reason for this is because it does things a little different to Twitter, as you can have only 50 friends.

Ben Parr from Mashable reports that the total number of 50 was chosen due to Robin Dunbar, a Professor of Evolutionary Psychology. He states the total number of social relationships that we can handle is 150, so makes sense not to go over that limit.

Having just 50 friends on Path means that you can trust who you post to, as these will be very close to you – although even close friends have a tendency to become a bit nasty. Path went live today for the iPhone, allowing you to share intimate photos with your friends.

The surprise is how you are unable to add a comment to a photo that has been uploaded – well we know how that can get out of hand on Facebook. Question is, is the new approach a winner, or will it fail at the first hurdle?


  • andresdavidovits

    As the co-founder of — I can relate to Path's belief in "Personal networks" (as they mention on their site). That's why for the past two years, we've been leading the charge on the next-generation private sharing site — and not just for photos, but for all media types (photos, videos, links, notes and files). And soon: audio and .swf animations, too. Although our initial focus for our private media sharing site is Education, a large percentage of our users extend beyond this space. Feel free to take a quick look. Our 1 minute video can be seen here:


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