Samsung Galaxy Tab: AT&T Release Date and Price Confirmed?

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2010

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as it looks like we have a confirmed price and release date for the highly anticipated device.

You may not be aware of this, but AT&T are actually the last carrier in the US to disclose official details on the Galaxy Tab, since we have already heard information on the Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile versions of the device.

However, new information has surfaced from BGR, who state that the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab will be launching on November 21st, rumored to be priced at $649 without contract.

This date has yet to be confirmed by AT&T, but BGR usually are spot on with their tipoffs, so you may want to make a note of this date. Are you planning to get one on AT&T? Don’t forget about the Galaxy Tab Black Friday deal at Best Buy, which we told you about.

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  • NoMoATT

    Agree! Way too expensive. Something smells of Mr. Jobbs throwing his weight around. I read another article where there will be NO REDUCED CONTRACT PRICE. What a ripoff! It's high time I leave AT&T and move on over to Sprint. Verizon sucks balls around here. Dear AT&T, thank Mr. Jobbs for losing a long time customer. A smaller device priced higher than a much bigger IPAD? "Oh geez, honey, look at this. The Ipad is bigger and it costs less…" Good marketing ploy Mr. AT&T! Yep, it smells like dog poop in there and I am not stepping in. Have a nice life AT&T! Sucks to be you when I cancel my long time account!

  • Guest

    Do they just not get it. They are going to lock it to their network, charge more. To try to sell more iPads for Apple the company that disses them at every chance. They should be promoting the hell out of this thing so Apple sees they are not the only game in town. This would be why they used to be a major player. I have 5 phones on ATT (3 iPhones), but they may go soon to another carrier, where I'll buy my new Galaxy Tab!!

  • Roel

    Way too expensive!