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iOS 4.2 Update / Apps For Apple TV: Download Times

We know that iOS 4.2 update is coming in November, we had assumed that it was going to be going to be last week, but then a Wi-Fi issue with the iPad delayed this. We then reported that the new OS for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad could be ready for download tomorrow, and Apple has offered us a little spoiler on this.

On the Apple website you will be met with the message Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” So what can this be, the smart money is on iOS 4.2, but it could also be to do with Apps for Apple TV, Apple goes on to say exciting announcement from iTunes.

On the Apple homepage you can see a number of clocks, so whatever it is we know that the times will be 7am PST, 10am EST, 3pm GMT and midnight in Tokyo. So if these were for iOS 4.2, then these could be the download times.

However, Nilay Patel from Engadget has even suggested that it could mean that Beatles could be coming to iTunes – but not certain this would take over the Apple homepage?

What big announcement do you think it will be? I know what I think it is, just better make sure I have my iPhone 4 and iPad at the ready.


  • Nick

    I can’t believe they made that big of a deal about the beetles, what a disappointment.

  • nsd

    White iPhone???!?? –It doesn't hurt to wish….

  • Plumbgray

    I really hope ios4.2 arrives soon so we don’t have to keep

    Seeing the same regurgitated news on the


  • Len

    I bet Steeve Jobs has a lot of fun keeping everyone guesing…

  • Jordan

    I really hope it is iOS 4.2, im getting sick of waiting now!


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