COD Black Ops Zombies: Perk Importance, New Maps and Perks

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 15, 2010

Having spent a few hours hands-on time with Call of Duty: Black Ops and the zombie mode, it’s interesting to see the importance different players put on perks. Even more strange is that some players will upgrade their guns, and never think about perks to the last moment.

COD: Black Ops perks can help out a lot in zombies and while they cost you points, you can dodge 30 zombies with “Juggernog” and fancy running. There are four perk-a-cola perks, which can be bought via the machines when the electric is turned on but what order should you get them in?

Every player will put a different level of importance on perks, some will go for “Quick Revive Soda” first to help out the team, while others will think killing is better so “Double Tap Root Beer” or “Speed Cola” should be first. What we want to know is what order you put perks in with the zombie mode? Which do you get first, second, third, and fourth? Do you bother with every perk?

We were surprised not to see some new perk-a-cola machines in Black Ops zombies, if some new DLC / maps were added, which new perks could you think of for zombies?

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  • tenhoo

    In my case, i always take juggernog first, then deadshot daiquiri (i know that it is useless but super cool:D), then speed cola, then PHD flopper… Talking of weapons, i always PAP my weapon immediately when i can.

  • Andrewolmeda

    can some one tell me all the perk names for zombies and what they do please

  • filipe pinto

    i wod by jugg den speed cola and finaly quick revive online but if i play alone i wod use quick revive den jugg speed cola and last double tap route beer. i never ad undersanded what double tap route beer did i just buy it becouse i ad lots of points even whit all the drincks the two weapons pack-a-punch and all the doors open. im alexnogueiraf1,filpp or xPro fIlPp in playstation network. the second I in fIlPp is a i but whit caps lock…

  • Mike

    Juggernog then speed cola then quick revive then staminup incase you are traped somewhere you can outrun the zombies or get to a downed teamate quicker

  • Noobwarrior

    My order is Juggernog( no point of buying other perks as you lose them if you die) then Speed Cola( no1 will get down if they never stop shooting) then Quick Revive,( very nice because of half Revive time, very nice when if…for Ex. windoe watcher goes down, some1 in the front won't be gone as long. i usually do not associate with Double Tap as it is hard to conserve ammo as it is.

  • bradley0180

    i would get the juggernog 1st then the speed cola then upgrade weapon then the double tap root beer finally the quick revive . im on xbox live bradley0180

  • lee

    they need to remove the creepy crawlers they spoil the game

  • Solomon3000

    i think that on five you should turn on the power on a high round e.g 7 to 13 then get juggernog then get speed Cola if you get a gun that takes nearly forever to reload e.g Crossbow and Winters howl then you upgrade your guns and you should really upgrade the most powerful
    e.g Winters howl or raygun cos if the doctor come then you can kill him easily and get BONFIRE SALE which pack-a-punch is 1000 points.

    Quick revive should be bought if someone is really rubbish and they keep going down e.g 7+ downs. Double tap is not really needed but if you seriously want it then get it

  • Ok so you needa stay in lobby area till dogs then go to stakeout room and either get the box or the stakeout which ever one you perfer then stay there till like round ten or enough for you to upgrade a weapon then unlock the next two doors and stay in the backstage area till you get alot of points have ttwo people get the doors and then the next two at the boarded up areas when you get over run or have enough points to upgrade and get jugg then turn on power uplink the tele and get jugg and run around to tele and wait in there for round to get going and then teleport and uprade and run around and do it over again. Also double tap is good but make sure you dont over use itt. hope this helps.

  • Luke

    Depends on the round we get to before turnig the power if it’d under 7 it’s quick revive, juggernog, then what ever route we took I get that perk (upstairs route, speed cola. Downstairs route, double tap) over 7 swap the juggernog and quick revie around eventually You will open the full map for running around so you’ll get all the perks

  • Brendan

    a tactical mask type of perk so you are immune to nova gas and a marathon/lightweight in one perk and a perk that allows you to be able to run and shoot at the same time so they could be called Nova Soda, Quick Step Cola, and Run n' Gun Root Beer

  • peter

    the best perk cola to buy first is juggernog as it will increase your health, means u can survive
    more rounds and get more money, then you go buy double tap. after that i would suggeset speedcola and at last quick rivive if ur playing co-op

  • MysteryMan

    Juggernog is important and should be bought as quickly as possible. Speed Cola is next. Then Quick Revive. However, Speed Cola is not necessary and just helpful. But if you are playing with a bunch of people who keep dying, Quick Revive might come before Speed Cola. Double Tap Root Beer comes last of course, but it does have use. The best gun is Winter's Fury/ Zeus Cannon (depending on the map). The second is Porter's X2 Ray Gun. But only one person can have the aforementioned best gun. So then the next gun in line would be the HK21. With a higher damage and ammo capacity, the only thing the HK21 lack is rate of fire, which can be fixed with Double Tap. Double Tap Root Beer will also make the Ray Gun fire faster. The Ray Gun, with the slowest automatic rate of fire, will be easy to control when it comes to not wasting ammo.

  • jose

    whan the new maps is going to be out for zombes in black ops

  • ojags4

    hi my psn is ojags4 i need help with this i have everything in black ops in terms of hardened maps and regular zombie maps some people in the treyarc company siad theres gonna be new multi player maps and 1 will be a zombie map. can anyone send me a video or pictures on what it looks like and the new features of the map for example . guns,perks, bosses? and more please message me on psn or you tube if you have any info on this and my youtube name is ojags4 too .

  • I say first buy juggernog, especially when playin solo. Then buy quick revive unless u have a ballistic knife becuz if u upgrade it u can revive a downed partner by shanking them or shooting them with a knife instead of reviving them, or if u have a slow reloading weapon (light machine gun) buy speed cola, then double tap.

  • Jordan

    What do all the perks do? I was playing zombies and decided to buy a juggernog but had no idea what it gave me.

    • Steve

      Extra health dude

    • sean

      juggernaut gives you better health

    • Helper

      juggernog helps you when a zombie attacks it hurts less

    • tara

      jugg gives you more health. quick revive allows you to revive people faster. speed cola makes you reload faster. double tap is a waste, you shoot faster, but wastes ammo.

    • Harry

      It gives you much more health so you can get hit by loads of zombies and not die.


    Im super good at zombies. I play at my bros house online. Got to level 36. Im getting xbox live soon but you can find my bro on xbox live (H TX)NAWFSiDE BADAZZ

  • Micko

    cant wait for zombie DLC it should be awsome "five" is hard but really fun and "Kino De Toten" is easy but a bit boring

  • reloaded bitch

    u can also load the WAW maps on black ops

  • SexDeviant

    they should make a perk for unlimited sprinting, like "Marathon". it would really help

  • TrevNut

    new maps for zombies coming soon??????

  • Mcnut

    dead ops arcade sucks. I wish they just had a third FPS zombie map instead.

  • Irish

    Thanks to you all for the good info.

  • stijn

    3arc unlock in the computer

    • Bigred

      it doesn't work!! do you have to hit enter after 3arc unluck ??? is it 1 word? cuz i tried it and it won't work

  • bryar

    at the main menu just press l2 and r2 repeditly then go to the computer and type 3ARC UNLOCK and u will have all zombie maps

    • Bigred

      it doesn't work

  • Chris

    how do you get the 3rd map?

  • Kyle

    i save up and buy them all at once

  • waleed

    wait, what Intel achievement?

  • jesse

    dont put intel unlock!! it kills ur chance for the intel achievement!!

  • JK

    Press L2 R2 rapidly in the main menu where you are intergrated in a room. Behind where you are seated there will be a computer (There are 2 computers). Log on to the computer and type:




    then u will hav 2 maps

    • doodoo

      you forgot 3arc unlocked

  • bigbubbabullets

    definitely juggernog first, then speed cola, and last quick revive, don't waste time on double tap, it waste too much ammo

  • lee

    how do you open the other Zombie maps

    • doodoo

      go to com and type 3arc unlocked

    • or you have to buy PRESTEGE EDITION , oh wait they run out …………HAHA

  • TurnThatDamMusicDown

    OK! This is my full opinion..Juggernaut gives you triple health, its awesome! Double Tap is a freaking joke! It tears your ammo apart! Very stupid! Speed Cola is amazing, quick as hell reload time! Last but not least, Quick is MUCH different in Black Ops than in WaW. WaW it was only used to heal a teammate, in Black Ops you have 2 options, your life, or your teammates life! 😛 Hope this helped! GOOD LUCK!

    • JammieD

      what do you mean your life how does that work

      • Cameron C

        on solo it revives you so when u ggo down the round isnt completly over cuz quick revive will bring u back up

  • Gianni Ram

    speed cola allows you to reload faster, jugger nog increases your life to about 4-6 hits, double tap makes you shoot 2x faster ( wastes your bullets abit) and quick revive is kinda self explanitory.

  • Sal ambrosino

    Did anyone hear about Disc burn when playing zombie mode, heard a couple of complaints.

  • Zach

    I think that especially on the Kino Der Toten map turning on the power is a bad idea in general until at least round 20 because of the midget crawler dudes with there NOVA gas

    • Steve

      Dude if u camp over in the little area where the juggernog is at and have 4 guys just line up and let the zombies come to u and they all come up in one area so u can just aim ur gun in the one area 🙂

      • Tara

        I've learned that that is a good camping spot. but once one person dies it's all chaos to revive them. I've learned it's easier with 4 people if one runs in circles on the stage and lines up all the zombies.. 2 go the speedcola or Stakeout way. and one takes the alleyway to split up the zombies between them all. than circle around the whole map, everyone gets points, and kills.. and in the beginning of the round fight from the teleporter and when in dyer need, teleport and throw grenades down. than after teleporting back throw grenades towards the theater and than run a circle the speedcola room, and than split up and do that every round. works. made it to level 34 like that..

  • Bradders

    Jugganog (so that I can stay alive and get the other perks), then Quick Revive (to help out people who don't have Jugganog), then Speed Cola (By now I've realised reloading is taking too long), then double tap (For me faster bullets aren't that necessary)

  • brad

    gotta have a group good enough to get to where u can at least buy the perks, too many fail people join and slow a determined player/s down.