COD Black Ops Zombies: Perk Importance, New Maps and Perks

Having spent a few hours hands-on time with Call of Duty: Black Ops and the zombie mode, it’s interesting to see the importance different players put on perks. Even more strange is that some players will upgrade their guns, and never think about perks to the last moment.

COD: Black Ops perks can help out a lot in zombies and while they cost you points, you can dodge 30 zombies with “Juggernog” and fancy running. There are four perk-a-cola perks, which can be bought via the machines when the electric is turned on but what order should you get them in?

Every player will put a different level of importance on perks, some will go for “Quick Revive Soda” first to help out the team, while others will think killing is better so “Double Tap Root Beer” or “Speed Cola” should be first. What we want to know is what order you put perks in with the zombie mode? Which do you get first, second, third, and fourth? Do you bother with every perk?

We were surprised not to see some new perk-a-cola machines in Black Ops zombies, if some new DLC / maps were added, which new perks could you think of for zombies?



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