COD Black Ops Zombies: Cheats and Glitches – Users Confess

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

Recently we asked you if you were a keen user of the various ‘cheat’ codes and glitches in the Zombie Mode portion of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and we’re pleased to say that the results are now in.

For those of you who missed it, we asked you the simple question of if you had used codes for the game, and of a total 1,306 users polled so far, 71% of you admitted that you did use codes, while 29% of Black Ops players said they didn’t.

We can understand gamers voting to get the code to get the second zombie map quickly, but what about the Intel code? Do you believe that it spoils a large part of the single player experience or not?

As for glitches, there are a fair amount of them available in Black Ops, and they involve things like acquiring an unlimited Death Machine weapon with three guns, killing the Pentagon thief with one bullet and becoming ‘invincible’ by boosting with team mates.

Do the results prove that cheating is a normal practise in games? Or do you think the majority of votes was made up of users just wanting to get the ‘Five’ map without completing Single-Player mode? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Alejandroperez

    how do u get all 7 zombie maps on ps3 for free without buying the zombie pack on blackops on the cmputer at the main menu on call of duty blackops

  • No

    it is so cheap

  • Jaygofet

    how do u make the zombies not see u at all?

    • Djames13

      on five map build 1 of da barriers a certain way and get on the big table in da middle then zombies will not be able to get u and will die eventually and u don’t hve to waste ammo

  • cam123

    how do not die at alll?????

  • Payless

    make a ending to it

  • Tristanfreemyer

    what are helpful gliches on kino der toten

  • ian

    Black ops zonbes am i missing something? how do you turn power on???

  • Iimiller

    how do ya turn on de power

    • ghostriley

      you have to save up over 5000 dollers and open up the door on the bottom. then open up the door that leads up the next gate.then the door when you reach a yellow colered room. then look on the right theres a switch that opens the curtain and turns the power on.

  • how do u get invincecibility
    srry i suck at typing

    • Brakin[backs

      You have to hack it via the Homebrew channel. It is a hacking channel from the internet

  • Lolfailmuchdevon

    how many zombie maps are there in total, and whats the name of them? coz like people keep saying heaps of names, haha is der riese and kino der toten the same thing?

    • brakin[backs

      There is only 3 zombie maps that i know of: Kino der toten, five, and dead ops arcade. You might be able to get the other maps that are on ps3 and xbox, but you have to hack it. And no, der rise is the mega awesome map of Call of Duty: World at War.

    • Djames13

      try to buy call of the dead it has a great rape train path

  • Aaron

    if you knew the story behind zombies you all would know what the meteors are and were used for and who the laughing girl is … basically dr riktofen (nazi in kino) tried sending men thru the teleporter and they all died so he sent his pregnant dog thru who came back a hellhound riktofen locked samantha (if you listen when u throw a monkey they say your not sam and the dogs sometimes says sammy )the mystery box was her toy box and the monkey and teddy her toy anyway riktofen locked sam and her father his assisntant in the room with the dog and were kill and fled dog escaped hello nazi zombies also heres a kool fact in kino in the theatre look in the blue barrels there nova 6 zombies

    • no dr maxis who is samanthas dad was sending people through and dr rictofen killed maxis and samantha by locking them in th room with the zombified fluffy its an the audio files of der riese

    • no dr maxis who is samanthas dad was sending people through and dr rictofen killed maxis and samantha by locking them in th room with the zombified fluffy its an the audio files of der riese

  • Zachary mikson

    The cheat for getting 1000 more maps is going to the computer and typin 3arc 1000th strike and u will get maps includin africa in action abrasion igloo super city and much more u will also get 5new guns called duke hazard sult upgrade Retail junior vision granted likes ultra uyim

  • Zachary mikson

    The cheat for getting 1000 more maps is going to the computer and typin 3arc 1000th strike and u will get maps includin africa in action abrasion igloo super city and much more u will also get 5new guns called duke hazard sult upgrade Retail junior vision granted likes ultra uyim

    • Killeradapt

      Ok I did and it didn’t work

  • BlackOpsJammer

    Dose anyone know the glitch to get onto the table on five and dose anyone have a mic because if you dont know how to do the glitch and you dont have a mic then thats ok. (Please send me a friends request on this gamertag Dodgerdred332.) Please right me back

  • Cameron

    Has anyone just for any random reason just jumped up and down in the elevator with all 4 guys, cause if you see somesome doing it thats me!

  • Dude

    There are 8 maps in the prestige version I think but not in the normal version

  • chrissy

    on xbox360 when menu comes up keep tapping lt and rt(the woblie 1s) go left until the computer shows up then go on it type in 3ARC UNLOCK (make sure you have that space in)

  • ryan

    add ryanovsunderland

  • frank

    i like to wank over zombies

    • ryan

      haha pevert

    • cod_king123

      wat the fuk u dirty mutt u have to wank over zombies cause you dont any other action

  • OPKU

    Add me on ps3 id name OPKU



  • Peyto231

    mostly for me on the first three rounds I knife until round four and then buy a shotgun on dogs then usually I die on round 15 .but around round 10 i hit the mystery box while trying to dodge the zombies (or dogs).

  • logan and aydan

    hey we r 9 and made it 2 round 30 but thanks 4 the tip how to get the ray gun

  • salim

    hey how to open all maps

    • johannes

      first you take ZORK last Hello SAILOR

  • con fowloes

    whats that do

  • theresa

    is there anything as in cheats for the ascenion map that i should know about? or anything else?

    • taterjoe

      you can ride the outside of the landers and drop onto buildings zombies cant reach you but group up trying to makes for great turkey shoot

  • Nathan

    What are some cheats for Zombies?

  • Ryan735

    kino-run circles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zach

    what do the meaters dooo!!!???

    • Alejandroperez

      u suck

  • zombie killer 4

    how do you get the maps on wii????????

  • ziggy

    how do u do an elivatore glitch in five

  • CMONManRllY

    god dammit i should have bought prestige edition, didnt know there would be 5 other zombie maps… -.-"

  • bob

    what is hardened or veteren edition

  • zombieNeRd

    if you leave a crawler when the power is turned on and get next to the sentry turret when the crawler trys to hit you jump and you can get on the sentry turret and the zombies cant hit you

  • kobe

    how do you be invincible in black ops zombies kino der toten map

  • jjj

    there is no code you have to buy prestiege edition that will give you the code

  • brandon

    what are some sick glitches?

  • aaron ball

    hey i need help finding some glitches that are easy to do and u can be off line to do them anybody got any solutions????????

  • Millsu

    What’s the go with players diving in the corner and dying in early rounds on map five, there is the evil laugh but what happens?

    • juju bean

      you get powerups fast and more often like instakill and max ammo

    • BlackOpsMaster

      What happens is when you are diving and you get down on the map Five theres this laugh when you die and that is a Zombie that is laughing.

  • Facetedformula3

    what is the gletch where you dive bomb on top of each other and you die and need revived whats the point of it when you die it goes a way

  • ethan

    how do you get dead ops and the maps for the wii

  • adam

    the best way to rack up points is to let in the zombies on the first few rounds we usually do up to about level 5 then but you might want to shoot a couple rounds then knife them. when you let them in you will get perks of all sorts and including max ammo. once you get over whelmed go to the up stairs and open the next two doors and grab the stakeout and the MP40 and you can usually get through round 20 with just those two. then get the juggernaut. once you turn on the power you can should use the teleporter in the begging of each round. i have gotten to just about level 60 after upgrading the ray gun. and right around level 33 you stop getting ammo so your best bet is to get knocked down and be set up by the teleporter and upgrade the pistol. this has worked for me very well.

  • dukeflobot

    this is the best game it gives the weeker minds nightmares and the stronger minded a new reason to be pissed off when your connection is broken damn you microsoft get better servers bitches

  • henry

    i berly got to round 83 last night on kino… and my monkey balls helped me in the most part of the game. and also stare at the rock in the the back (it makes a wierd ring and then it goes away) and hold x and he should say "ohh i found a rock". their going to be 2 more rocks u have to find. once u find all 3. a song pops out and it gets u pump.

  • adam

    highist round in black ops zombies on the level kino is 35

    glitch in zombies: wen u run out of monkey bombs throw a grenade and run over it and hold L2 then u will get a monkey bomb in ur hand. ( be careful though u must have throw all ur monkey bombs because it if u try it its like throwing a normal monkey bomb, and u must have gotten monkey bombs from the random box). best zombie game ever

    • juju bean

      made it 2 level 42

  • damo

    is there any cheats for it?

  • SRB

    How do i unlock Nacht Der Untoten without buying hardened or prestige edition

  • phil

    what are the codes for alll 5 maps

  • lukas

    were i cant get glitches ???!!!

  • DILL


  • Black ops specialist

    As for codes there is heaps 3arc unlock zork doa and if you look up the username and password you cn login to the computer as hudson and get 2 free black ops gamertags

    Zombies strategy:(3-4 players)stab for first to rounds then shoot as many times as you can but only with ur pistol don’t buy guns from the first room go upstairs and open next 2 doors everyone buys stakeout and stays there till dogs cum then open next 2 doors have to people with the best guns watch the door you came through and one person on each of the two other windows on the stage when there is to many zombies to handle open the next door at the other end of the stage and every one buys claymores on their way then go to where the wire fence is and have three people watch the door you came through and one person on the window plus at the start of every round everyone places their two claymores in the section there standing in so if there’s two Many zombies open the gate behind you and the claymores will kill most of the zombies then you will have to open all doors and run around and try to stay alive if you still want to camp there’s a stop where the juggernog is where the zombies can only get u by runing in front of you p.s. Your free to buy perks or upgrade weapons at any time. I have gotten to round 46 with this method and there’s no cheating or glitches invlolved but if won’t them just ask in a comment below this

  • cathal

    wat i do is for the 1st to the 4th round shoot all the zombie in the leg about 6 time then stab the every point counts

  • How do you get unlimited ammo??

  • cadi

    a glitch for 5 and kino is that have 1 person lay down in a corner, and a nother person run and jump on top of them, youll need someone to revive them, and a baby should laugh, if the baby laughs the double points, insta kill, and stuff will all come out faster, and easier. MUST HAVE ATLEAST 3 PLAYERS. 🙂

    ANOTHER one is to get the RAY GUN : lay down in front of the mysery box where you can see inbetween the two bricks its layin on, shoot 3 times in between the bricks, then 3 times in the middle of the open top lid, youll get the pistol, then do it again and youll get the ray gun, works best in 5.

  • lewis logan

    What's the cheats for guns

  • he meant his house power shut off retards

  • bloodhunter311

    heres a hint for zombie mode on ''FIVE'' if you srounded get mp5 and AK74U and you should be ale to kill them all if you run out of ammo and cant get past that 1 round get some friends and try it in co-op thats what i did and i got past the round in a miunte good luck and im bloodhunter311


    Can any one tell me how to get the big gattlon gun & power up

  • mitch

    is there a cheat for all weapons on zombie mode?

  • nick

    3arc unlock +computer=all zombie maps

  • KiiluhElaiine

    I didn’t enter any codes to get the map “five”

    honestly I made my guy stand up

    and walk over to the door and hit A

    just thought id thbrow that out there.

  • coolguy555

    is there a cheat in kino where you can make the mystery box appear in the same spot all the time?

    • john dearingj


  • If you didnt know you can turn on a theme song for the zombie maps….. For five its dont back down and for the other one its 115 by elena seigeman! If you want to learn how lets me now.

    • corey

      yes tell me how to turn on the music

  • Chance

    I know 3 glitches on five and i few little things for shits and giggles, after round 25 things get boreing just glitching…… But if you didnt know you can turn music on during the map, if you want to know how ler me know

    • chris

      please can you tell me hoe to get the music on and how do you get on the leg on 'five'

  • black op-PRO

    wat are some ma codes?

    • black op-PRO

      pleaz i need codes

      • Chance

        Hey man i now three glitches and how to turn on a theme song for each zombie map… For the first one its 115 by elana siegman and for the second one its dont back down by eminem

  • joshua

    on zombies find the mystery box and open it then shoot the middle of the box with a pistol then go prone then shoot 4 more times then reload then u have it a ray gun

    really works

    • ryan

      i tried this a long time ago but it didnt work…

  • jordan

    what does 3 ark do

    • mutley

      it unlocks the 3 zombie maps and also completes all levels on the single player

    • jack

      its 3 arc. it unlocks the map five and dead ops arcade without completing campain. for xbox360 you keep pressing the the rt and lt on the main screen. then u go to a computer and enter the cheat

    • cadi

      putting in DOA unlocks 5 and dead ops arcade, too xD

  • Tylor

    What i do with my guys is we stay in the first room tell the 4 round do not buy none of the guns knife the first 2 rounds then u go up stairs and open the doors tell u get to the speed cola camp there tell each of u have 3k then go 2 the power room then there are 2 windows so 2ppl get them an two ppl get the door and camp there tell u get 5k enough to get a upgraded weapon then save up get jugger nog after and camp in the place with jugger nog they cant come behind u so all the players will get the entrey way i get to lvl 30 or more like that if u need help or just wanna play zombies add me on xbox live (gamertag VizuaL Klutch plz have a mic if u dont its ok)

  • boo


  • yes man

    where is the power switch?

    • cathal

      in the theater

  • winxy

    as this will controll the flow of zombies that come to the others once the 4th person has grouped them they do a full lap tacking them past the room under the stairs where you all let rip with frags and monkeys guns whatever really altho you do want to try to keep the monkys for sticky moments o once the power is on link the telaporter to the pad in the first room then you can go to the packapuncher to upgred your guns it will cost you 5k tho but well worth it hope this helps we got to round 32 good luck mate if you are on ps3 add me you will be more then welcome to join me and my guys tag is winxy1499

  • winxy

    but if you want to camp down the room under the stairs is a good start we have done this 3 in that room 2 on windows one on the door the others can help if it gets a bit tasty the 4th person is on the stage running round in small laps

  • jonathan

    stay in the main room for 4 levels then open the dore down stairs because their is only 2 windows.

  • Ryan

    wtf i cant get past level 5 i need cheats tips anything

    • winxy

      first round shoot the zombies 6 times in the stomch then stab them for max points the next round is 8 then stab if you let them come through the window you are more likely to get max ammo and others like nuke x2 and insta kill. if you stay in the main room till round 4 then make your way to the mp40 room (up the stairs through the door then the next one and go right to the bottom right hand side get the mp40 that is the first gun we buy) get the dog round over with get max ammo (if you all stay at the speedy reload for dog should be ok) then we stay there for 2 more rounds one at the top of the stairs at the door way another at the window at the top and the other 2 at the bottom watching the windows down there. then move to the stage turn on the power this dose meen you will get the gas zombies but now you have opened up half the map you could start to run laps round that half killing as you go try to leave cralwers at the end of each round as this gives you time to find the box to get better guns and open up the rest of the map as for glitches i know that almost all have been patched

    • andrew

      wtf i cant get past level 30 i need cheats tips anything

    • cathal

      wtf u cant get past level 5 tats easy

      • epicness

        not really

        • Delaney1

          LOL ZOMBIES I GET LVL 30+ each time solo

        • chris

          same me and my bro get lvl 50 min no joke highest we eva got was 132 no joke 🙂

  • Just give me a cheat for Nacht der Untoten (House of the Dead).

  • fernando

    is their a cheat for max cash

  • tom

    hey what is the code for all eight maps

    • bob

      There is none,you need to have the hardened edition of the game, or otherwise wait untill it comes out on map packs

    • isaiah

      i want to know that to those pozers

    • XhVeNoMhX

      What 8 maps?

  • marcus88

    how do you unlock the old maps.. like from world at war on zombies?

    • bob

      you need to buy the hardened edition of the game, otherwise wait until it comes out on map pack

      • jamjamjamajamjamjam

        try hacking 🙂

  • mudrider13

    what r some cheats for unlocking ammo or guns

    • bob

      There are None

  • Ricky

    U can only get the other Old maps if u got the vet edition of COD Black Ops or if u game share from someone that does. If not u have to wait until they come out and buy them

  • Andrew

    Well. I really do not think the codes on the computer are not cheating. Well. Except for the intel. I understand the Nazi zombies portion is okay, because if you buy the game to play Nazi Zombies. Then use the cheat codes. I just prefer that hackers only hack offline and cheaters only glitch or cheat offline. Only because online gameplay Is supposed to show how legit you are. while offline gameplay is supposed to be for entertainment purposes.



    This cheat code on the computer enables all intel to be gathered but then one achievement is locked away from you.


    This cheat code enables all Nazi Zombie levels.

    • zombie hitler

      no only the stupid ones
      i don't know what the last one is but its junk

  • reaper23

    does any one know why there are 8 maps on black ops? i looked and found this out on maps highscore…

    • kazz0r051

      the hardened and plat ver has the 4 old zombie maps with the new guns

      • awsome999999

        How do you get all 8 for free???

    • coolguy555

      cause there is a hardend edition and there is a code wher you can get all the maps

  • the cool man

    ye zombies is ok but online is better i already 7th prestige

    • hue jass

      you have no life

    • Rimmer

      Quit your wanking, an get a life you sad sad sad thing….

    • bob

      you fail at being a 7th prestige three weeks ago

  • Roi Boi

    what I do in Kino Der Toten is first you get the revive drink then stab entire 1st round keep saving up points until the end of the 2nd round get the MPL stay in the room unitil the end of round 6 then get the AK47u turn on power until the next round should have enough pints to upgrade either i stay alive until the 37th round with all perks

    • Chewey

      hold on how do you get quick revive riht away/

      • thatdude

        it gives u 500 points at beginning

        • yes, but the power is not on so the machines don't work

        • hyjeyt

          If you play solo, not online, that machine works

      • TheAnswerer

        play solo

    • thatdude

      i do that all the time but i knife throughround 1 2 3 and by 4 grenades start coming and then i go to mistry boxget two cool guns and camp by revive machine

    • snapshotman3

      You cant get revive drink without the power on????

      • TheAnswerer

        Yes you can as long as you play solo & in solo it revives you.

  • Jack

    Uhmm guys i dont get how theres 8 maps and theres only a cheat for 3arc unlock .. Any ideas ?

    • jordan

      i dont know neither its anoyin

      • matthrw

        the reason is that the other waw maps are map downloads that you will have to use microsoft points to purchase unless ur like me and bought the hardened edition then it came with the code to download the map pack. Untill they release the map packs ur just going to have to wait.

        • zach

          where do u get the hardened edition

    • yhhh

      there from world at war and if u want it on black ops u need hardened edition

  • jbt

    how do you get out of your chair in the PC version?

    • MexicanSpy

      mash spacebar

    • Matthew Atkinson

      to get out on the PC version just look down and press the spacebar

    • lewis

      r2 r1

    • nazi killer

      press L1 R1 alot

    • poil

      hold down space

  • Kitykityliklik0

    I need the code for all the maps even from cod waw

    • gamerman

      u cant get the old zombie maps unless u buy the hardened or prestige edition

    • frederic

      for power: theater
      you get prizes and stuff by killing zombies but if you sprint en press circle in a corner and someone does the same and lies above you you guys get to be revived when that happens you get a prize like kabooooooom for every zombie you shoot LOL

  • juan

    How do u power up lol……?

    • JZDoogieLocks

      by killing zombies. some drop max ammo, 2x, insta kill… just pick it up

  • jonnyc

    what are the codes for the old zombie maps

    • anonomous

      no code. u had to buy the hardened edition

  • kalem harte

    what does zork do

    • luis

      it gives u a trophy

  • blackmaambaa32

    Me and my girls son just got to level 33 and the power shut off we had all perks ray guns and the thunderbolt upgraded with monkies just got max ammo from the dogs going to level 34 and the dam power shut off wtf

    • shaun

      lies because you cant upgrade unless u use the teleporter

    • black opsss

      lie because you have to use the teleporter and the power was off ????????????

      • austin weezzy#2

        no the power dose shut or its cuz a zombie puls the lever i got to rouund lke 1000 something and the i dide and so did my team we go cornerd

    • nighig1212

      he meant the power shut off in his house retards

      • killer

        so shit the man is pissed cause his power went off.these idiots are calling him a liar and at the same time one is saying oh I got to round 1000 and something.well sorry if I got up inthe thousands pretty damn sure i would remember exactly how high i got.

    • kyoskie

      the curtains would close and the projector wouldn't work and the teleporter wont work either

  • esko

    does these codes work the wii? tryin to play that level "FIVE" in zombie mode…or am i assed out?….someone….anyone?

    • none

      yes they should work

    • RX100

      Sorry but the map “Five” isn’t in Wii.

  • Mitch

    is there a way to get infinite ammo offline? Its getting really annoying. When you get a new gun, ur out of it in about 2 rounds:(

    • Andrew

      what my strategy is u get the M16 of the wall and claymores then u get by the juggernog drink then buy juggernog then u chill out there til roughly round 9 (i sometimes risk it to round 12) then get a crawler buy ammo alot if u want to add me on PS3 my username is Turbo1TN

      • luke

        where are the claymores?

        • cadi

          to get claymores: Claymores are located on the wall in the room where you turn the power on by the window next to the back door 😀

    • guest

      how do you get infinite ammo

      • Jesiah

        U have to find the 12 film reels scattered throughout the lvl and when u do after u go to vthe pack a punch room u put them in the projector and the whole team will have infinite ammo ive done it b4

        • levi

          where are thay

    • kacy

      well how do you get it

      • kacy

        how do you get ifinet ammo

  • gamerproexperrt

    Try typing in "HELP" it gives you all kinds of info on using the compoter

  • MattPro

    3arc unlock

    • Ray Ray

      what do all of these codes do ?

      • Andrew

        unlock all of the zombie maps

  • adam


  • Chandler

    Are there any more codes to enter in th computer besides "DOA"?

    • mark

      3arc unlock

    • Andrew


    • danny

      yes it to get all the zombies maps here it is 3arc unlock. in the computer black ops.

      yes there is a space between arc and unlock

      • coolguy555

        dude thats only for five

      • wied man

        the wii only has 1 map

    • matt

      zork is a code yourwelcome from satinmatt12 (xbox3600

    • duncanator

      there is also 3ARC UNLOCK and thats all i no

    • wied man

      3arc intel all the intels

    • mac


    • johannes

      I need help? in code zombies can not dead or all gun pleas HELP ME!?!

  • David

    wat is the code please help!

    • jordan

      if your on about dead ops arcade it is 3arcunlock in the computer

    • deebo75

      3arc unlock n make sure theres a spacre

    • wied man

      3arc unlock all levels there is along 1 zombie map and its kino

    • cheyne

      3arc unlock

    • gummykiller98


  • wayne

    best way is to cap one at round 5 or 6 then head up stairs and stay in that room u will only have to block 1 window and rest can get in door way u also have and electric fence to put on if u get in trouble i got to round 31 just doing that o0daredevil0o tag name if anyone needs more info just add me

    • mark

      so ur names is wayne lol looks like we use the same site lol its me apostrophe gs

    • marcus

      how do u get theoperational component?

    • ?????

      where is the "ELECTRIC FENCE" thingy? and where do you go to the "1 WINDOW ROOM"{ whatever it is please post more…

      3 days later:
      Oh I know where the electric fence is it is a trap 😛

    • ok ill add you gamer tag is M C K I N X

    • yo mama

      what console?

    • hey you play ps3 or xbox

    • jake

      round 51 solo beat the its on youtube

    • nathan

      i got to round 34 with upgaded thundergun and mp40 by just running around the map jurythunderxXx, by the way, im 12

    • andrew

      thats cool but do u know any ways to get good weapons out of the weapon box. i only know one way and thats to shoot the cynder blox under the box. add me my name is andrewsniper1

    • michael

      hey i know a glitch on Kino Der Toten on the stairs by the up stairs door one person has to kneel down and the other has to jump onto the person that is kneeling down and the 3rd person has to revive you and the other person.

  • fenixsin

    stabbie stab stab the first two to three rounds of guys and you get mad points

    • yhh

      i do that

    • dukeflobot

      bust in the theatre as soon as possible the boards on the stairs keep the dogs away and the bowie knife destroys points till ten on zombies and 15 on nova monkeys

    • you should shoot them like 5 times for each round and them stab them once, you get more points then just stabbing coz its only 130 points when you kill them, 10 the other times.