CoD Black Ops: Your Killstreak Reward Setup

By Jamie Pert - Nov 15, 2010

Now that CoD gamers have had almost a week to play Call of Duty: Black Ops I thought it would be nice to get some feedback regarding people’s favorite killstreak rewards, and also see which killstreak setups people were using.

There are 15 killstreaks people can use, all of which can be seen here, at the moment I am playing a lot of team deathmatch and headquarters so I have RC-XD (pretty much guaranteed to get a kill unless it glitches of the map), mortar team and attack helicopter, I am having plenty of success with this setup, especially considering how much better Black Ops’ attack helicopter is compared to MW2’s.

To be honest with you because of the connection problems and lag I haven’t played enough Black Ops to really begin dabbling with the better killstreak rewards, however I will try them out soon, one thing I can say is that me and Valkyrie Rockets do not get along.

We would love to hear what killstreaks setup you are currently using, therefore feel free to add your comments below, also let u know which is the worst/most disappointing killstreak, my vote goes to Valkyrie Rockets.

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  • joe niederberger

    spy plane blackbird dogs

  • LudvigWow

    LudvigWoW är min PS3 nickname om non vill köra kan du skicka en friend invite :d 5th prestige men deja AA mina killstreaks är : Brukar köra med spy plane för att se motståndare den funkar ok sen brukar jag köra med chopper och dogs men om non har något annat förslag är jag öpen för att jag börjar tröttna på mina KS 😀
    MVH LudvigWoW

  • black bird, chopper gunner, attack dogs

  • Billy

    I always use spy plane and blackbird (best killstreak in the game in my opinion), but the other changes around (mostly dogs cus i like to be on the ground

  • Jacob king

    Mine are spy plane (definitly) Sam turret and cobra I like to mix things up so that’s only temporary but works with hardline pro

  • Special-ed

    baal no one wanted to hear what you thought of the game they wanted to know your killstreaks

  • Shyo Baba

    J.E.T.S Fool (Just Enjoy This S*** Fool) and stop comlaining.Everybody got they own killsreak they prefer. Mine is RC-XD, Care Package (with Hardline Pro you can change the contents) and Attack Helicopter. Im lovin the huge scale of unlockables and options available…And to think im not even on the 1st prestige yet lol LOVE #blackops add me on PSN: Barackobaba.

  • Mike Jordan

    Im very upset with the multiplayer on Black ops, the killstreaks and gameplay is not to my standards! The chopper gunner or gunship is a garanteed 20+ Kills when spawn killing on a small map such as Nuke Town? The Rc-Xd is a impressive idea for a killstreak, but this shouldnt be a 3 kill streak? Its guaranteed 1 or 2 kills every time because its very unlikely to be destroyed! Not impressed with multiplayer tbh! Regret selling Modern Warfare 2! WriteBack if you agree?

  • Michael

    i use pretty much alot but, the ones i am currently using are rc-xd, mortar team, dogs.. but i play domination alot so they are very helpful, but my favorite set-up is spy plane, blackbird, dogs.

  • baal

    very annoyed with COD black Ops , Slow servers, Steam disconnections, and a server list that takes for ever to finish loading and you cant join a game until it finishes by the time it does the game is full, yea there's a whole lot of really bad programming in COD black ops i am very disappointed in my purchase. They need to fix a few things.

  • Jon-Paul

    I use a lot but I like to use RC then care package then valkyrie rockets or heli.

  • richard

    i kike to use the napalm artilery and chopper gunner

  • dem91 xbox

    attack helicopter chopper gunner n gun ship

  • Manny Fresh

    RC-XD, care package and attack helicopter

  • gamersfan ftw

    i like 2 use the spy plane ,the black bird and the dogs

  • Jasen

    I've been playing a lot of CTF…been using the Care Package (nice note is you can switch it one time if your not happy with what you get)…Mortar Team which helps a lot in CTF for the guy that has you flag but is waiting for theirs to be returned so he's hiding in the corner or sometimes I'll use the Blackbird to see where everyone is at…then I use Chopper Gunner which just kills on the smaller CTF maps…went 20ish-0 both rounds on Hanoi with this set up. CTF is a nice way to rack up the XP and rank up quick. Claymores are a LOT hard to spot and I believe they have a great kill radius…after ever respawn I plant one near the flag and it's a guarantee kill…and most of the time they pick the flag up for a split second so you get between 300-400ish points…then run back and return the flag so some extra points. Also CTF gives you a good chance to learn the maps and the shortcuts from one end to another.