COD Black Ops Vs Gran Turismo 5: Christmas Sales

By Peter Chubb - Nov 15, 2010

I cannot believe how quick Christmas has come around yet again, although we do have the small matter of Black Friday 2010 to get out of the way first. There are so many things that will be popular this year, such as toys, and video games. There is one game already out and selling well, and another due out in just over a weeks time – I’m talking about Call of Duty: Black Ops and Gran Turismo 5.

Black Ops has already been selling well, in the UK it has had the best day one sales, and this looks to be following the same pattern in other parts of Europe and the U.S. as well. There are high expectations for GT5, but can it follow the success of the latest FPS?

However, you cannot underestimate the importance of Gran Turismo 5, as PS3 users have been waiting since the console was first released to get their hands on what is described as the ultimate racing sim. I recently purchased F1 2010, and although I am a huge fan of the sport – I cannot wait to get my hands on GT5.

I have never been a huge fan of games like COD Black Ops, as I cannot get to grips with it. My head tells me that Black Ops will win out in sales over Christmas 2010, but my heart tells me that it will be the latest incarnation of Gran Turismo. View the full car listing here.

Which will be the more poplar of the two over Christmas – Call of Duty: Black Ops or Gran Turismo 5?

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  • jack

    forza is way down,,nd gt 5 i exchanged it for tha beast black ops

  • jack

    gt 5 kix ass both forza 3 motor sports nd its side kic black ops

  • Mark

    GT5 is 10x the game Forza3 is

  • Liquid

    Lol@the guy who mentioned Forza. You do realise that a demo of GT5 outsold Forza 3? And the last Gran Turismo outsold the ENTIRE Forza franchise put together. Forza is pathetic.

  • ?uess

    Halo Reach + Forza 3 = GT5 Black-Ops killer.

    • Martin

      you have to be retarded to even compare Forza to GT. GT is the original even the name is original, i been playing a lot of GT5 lately and i gotta tell its the best game i ever played and by far my favorite. so i agree with u 😉

    • Martn

      you have to be retarded to even compare Forza to GT. GT is the original even the name is original, i been playing a lot of GT5 lately and i gotta tell its the best game i ever played and by far my favorite.

  • marhorn

    Forza is the racing king now! and who cares about cod? its just another brainless, souless fps! Now go get Halo Reach and theres a game!

    • Harry

      Forza?…lol…what is Forza? Oh yeah, that arcade style racing game for Xbox. I almost forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder!

  • James

    GT5 is a far superior game but like others have mentioned i'm not sure it can compete with cross platform.

  • Klanok

    Yeah or maybe he's referring to ps3 only sales, as would be logical. Also alot of people are disappointed with black ops, personally i'm loving it but it's no secret lots don't.

  • seo

    clearly just trying to drive traffic with this pointless article.

  • tosss

    How are you comparing a multiplatform release to a single platform game?

  • Brettz

    Black Ops will easily beat GT5 –
    COD is on 4 consoles where GT5 is just on one.
    Im sure GT5 will beat any other PS3 game day 1 launch but I doubt it will beat COD outright.

  • Flynn

    Is this article a joke?! Sure if you're talking about what game is better then this would be better for a discussion, but a discussion on which is going to sell better?! I think you're OVERestimating the significance of the Gran Turismo series.

  • Sam

    Call of duty is on PC, PS3, XBOX, while GT5 is a PS3 only game. So there is no way that GT5 will beat COD. The sales figure should be pretty good though.

  • Nfinity

    unfrotunately GT5 won’t be out this Christmas because they delayed it once again for January or even as late as February 2011. So COD black ops wins this Christmas as nobody really wants to compete with Activision and it’s billion dollar maker.

    • Joe

      No they didn't. Liar!

  • ac2

    Black Ops- On 4 different systems (wii, ps3, xbox360, and pc).

    GT5- Ps3

    Don't expect it to compete with the sales.

    • PS3 fan

      GT5—Its purely developed to have the best graphics and most realistic driving sim EVER. Its whole purpose is to show the capabilities of the PS3 graphics. It will clown any game on any of this generations consoles.

  • Andrew

    These guys just post too many useless GT5 articles…. oh well, fun to read when bored!

  • Ali

    Purchased Black Ops on release night and now its back on there shelf as a pre owned copy. Was disappointed as where a lot of other people.

    Really looking forward to GT5 but due to the cross platform selling of COD it's obvious that it will be Christmas number one. Sooner the 24th is here the better 🙂

    • Ali

      The reviews can say whatever they like but at the end of the day its the opinions of the millions of people that purchased the game that counts…. so no, it's not just me and my mates.
      There are those who will like the game and there are those won't… personally I preferred MW2. The storyline in Black Ops was good but the Graphics, Sound Effects, Respawn Positions and other glitches greatly let it down.

      If your going to make a stupid blanket statement about GT5 driving around and around then what makes it any different to running around and around shooting people in a COD Map doing the same thing day after day?

    • Harry

      Round and round? What are you talking about? This isn't just a NASCAR sim "mate". If GT5 was a multi-platform game it would outsell Black Ops twice over.