COD Black Ops Vs Gran Turismo 5: Christmas Sales

I cannot believe how quick Christmas has come around yet again, although we do have the small matter of Black Friday 2010 to get out of the way first. There are so many things that will be popular this year, such as toys, and video games. There is one game already out and selling well, and another due out in just over a weeks time – I’m talking about Call of Duty: Black Ops and Gran Turismo 5.

Black Ops has already been selling well, in the UK it has had the best day one sales, and this looks to be following the same pattern in other parts of Europe and the U.S. as well. There are high expectations for GT5, but can it follow the success of the latest FPS?

However, you cannot underestimate the importance of Gran Turismo 5, as PS3 users have been waiting since the console was first released to get their hands on what is described as the ultimate racing sim. I recently purchased F1 2010, and although I am a huge fan of the sport – I cannot wait to get my hands on GT5.

I have never been a huge fan of games like COD Black Ops, as I cannot get to grips with it. My head tells me that Black Ops will win out in sales over Christmas 2010, but my heart tells me that it will be the latest incarnation of Gran Turismo. View the full car listing here.

Which will be the more poplar of the two over Christmas – Call of Duty: Black Ops or Gran Turismo 5?



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