COD Black Ops: RCXD killstreak, bugs and glitches

By Jamie Pert - Nov 15, 2010

One of my favorite new killstreak rewards in Call of Duty: Black Ops is the RCXD, this killstreak allows you to direct a remote control car strapped up with explosives and detonate it when you are near the opposition, however we are hearing reports of some glitches.

We have embedded a video at the end of this post, it shows the RCXD going through the map into areas where it shouldn’t be, at one point it seems to fall endlessly.

Since using the RCXD remote control car I have only notice one glitch/imperfection, I tried to jump the car of the rope bridge on Jungle, however it couldn’t and acted as if there was a glass barrier there, which resulted in me ruining my killstreak.

Hopefully a patch from Treyarch will fix these problems, we would love to hear if you have experienced any glitches with the RCXD killstreak reward, let us know in the comments section below.

Source: NextGenUpdate

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  • Wood

    Guest 25…have you even played the game? There is already a mode with all perks and killstreaks removed.

  • Guest25

    I think all killstreaks and perks should be removed from the game or then set as an option to disable from all, I mean do the soldiers have killstreaks and perks in ex .Afghanistan?

    • baba

      its called barebones


    I've had so many of my RC XD kill streaks completely ruined because they somehow manage to go UNDERNEATH THE MAP. FIX THISSSSSSS!

  • dadid

    and this is xbox am i correct?

  • Black Ops Fan

    There are a number of Glitches in the just released Black Ops. Here is a whole page of them…

  • Kmach

    4.) The overly complicated menus: Seriously, I just want to create a class and see what challenges I need to complete. Two Primary Weapon menus, challenges are seen under your player card? Seriously?!
    5.) Finally the spawning system is absolutely garbage! With enemies spawning everywhere strategy gets thrown out the window. It may be a team deathmatch but with everyone spawning behind everyone in the same corner of the map there is absolutely no way to hold a position or watch a flank…you know, actual military tactics on a military shooter? Treyarch might think this prevents spawn camping but people still figure out the spawn points (like me). Also, I can't think of anything less fun than killing an enemy only to have them spawn 5ft behind you 2sec later 10x a match!

    My connection: Wired, NAT open, 15Mbps

  • Kmach

    My issues:

    1.) Matchmaking takes too long and drops members of your party way too often.
    2.) Damage detection: Explosives, bullets, knives, etc., all seem to be too generous or not present at all.
    3.) Lag and internet fluctuations: Game usually gives a nice advantage to the host team making it appear they have super human speed, aiming, and health. One minute the game is running ok and the next not a single bullet will register on enemy.

  • Exigos Mortis

    I can deal with the occasional RCXD glitch. I think TreyArch really needs to give focus and effort toward fixing the audio in this game, particularly the fact that the Ninja Pro perk does not work.

  • Jason

    Sometimes when I get a valkayrie rocket it just blows up in my face for no reason over and over again.

    • Rod

      you have to hold down LT to guide the rocket, I just tapped LT and the rocket just blew right up

    • Jordan

      Thats because you are aiming it at your face.
      Try aiming at the enemy it helps quite a bit!

    • Brian

      this has happened to me also right as you launch it, it explodes and even after I kill myself with it it still happens. It only has happened to me when I got it from a care package though.

  • Biff Tannen

    The animation when I die whilst using slight of hand is ridiculously fast sometimes.

  • IZZI

    Well, one time my RCXD was outside the map.
    I was playing Shooting Range map and called it but it showed up outside the map behind teh fence and I could not get back into the map. I could see enemies running around but no way in…. it was rather funny…. 🙂

  • Rob

    I found this glitch, you get the killstreak nd hold down "B" when driving it, and you can explode it and keep going, without loosig the car, it carries on a never dies!!

  • Stu

    I find that the RCXD is crap for my kill streaks, by the time I've hidden my body and driven round the map looking for someone I could of got 5 more kills

  • Jasen

    during a match i was playing the final kill was with the RCXD on Nuketown…looked like the player was in the bedroom upstairs with 2 enemies downstairs. the player went prone and as the RCXD was placed on the floor…if just kinda fell through the floor and landed by the front door/stairs where the 2 enemies were…then boom…game over.

    Although there are still some problems with this game…I'm enjoying it more and more as i play. 2 things I have noticed with a few hours under my belt…1) I was never a big claymore user…but I've been using it a lot playing capture the flag and I'm 99% sure that after you plant your claymore you can move faster. Again, this could be something that was there during the last few CoD games and I just never noticed or I'm just crazy…but it seems to help if you shed some weight! 2) aim for the feet…sounds stupid, but I get more kills aiming at a players legs or feet than for center mass and a head shot.

  • RCXD Sux

    Stupid kill streak…. annoying!!
    Just use your gun for F's sakes.

    • luy

      so play barebones genius

  • Iain

    There are much bigger game-breaking issues on the PC version including random losses os levesl due to connection issues and the ridiclious stuttering many users are still experiencing after last weeks patch.

  • Pieta Romanus

    or you if you get killed while driving can still drive it for a redemtion kill…SECOND CAHNCES RULE!

  • iPixel

    Here's a glitch, the occasional RCXD eplodes under the "oppositions" nose and does not kill them.

    • Doctor Doom

      Yeah I get that one quite a bite

    • tony

      This is because they have a flak jacket on that protects against explosions.

    • Easybee

      It’s called a flack jacket. Say it with me now.

      • Davic

        Sorry but Tony is right. Its called a flak jacket!

      • blah

        yep its defo FLAK jacket. Mong!

      • KINGHEB

        say it with me now…FLAK JACKET