Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies Commit Suicide – Invincibility

By Peter Chubb - Nov 15, 2010

With so many glitches and cheats found, it’s a wonder you have time to play Call of Duty: Black Ops seriously. As we know Treyarch hates the idea of gamers using these glitches, but they are there for a reason – to have fun. The latest glitch is Invincibility; and there is an interesting side effect.

To get the glitch to work all you need to do is get one person to jump on another’s head. This will mean that zombies will not be able to kill you, but do not get too brave, as zombie dogs can still get the job done. Go and give it a go, or watch the video below to see the glitch in action.

There is something else to this glitch, which I found funny. The zombies will just run into you an die – its like they want to commit suicide. I am not sure how long it will take before I get bored, it just takes all the fun out of the game?

Have you tried the glitch, what did you think? What other glitches have you found in Black Ops?

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  • Tank Dempsey

    The only glitch I know of is someone lies prone in a corner and someone else dives to prone on top of them. The result is that both players are downed and you hear Samantha’s laugh (the same one as when the mystery box oproduces a teddy bear). If you do this glitch, the game will extract drops such as insta-kill, max ammo etc from later rounds and put them in early rounds meaning that zombies will drop more rewards during rounds 1-10 but will drop very few in the later rounds. Obviously, the glitch only works if 3-4 people are playing, otherwise the game will end.

  • Gore

    idk BLACK OPS =awesome

  • Jordan

    who knows the ray gun glitch ? u go to the mystery box nd shoot the box 3 times with your hand gun then lay on the floor fast nd get back up fast then shoot the box 3 times agen fast it works if u do it right

    • jordan


    • jodand

      that dos not work

      • kaeatane

        it does

  • Pwn3r4Life

    It does work fools
    If you do it right you will survive and the zombies can't get to you

  • Faik

    Loser this doesn't work. I just died and I tried 10 times and same result

    • Duderon

      That's pretty funny that it took you 10 deaths to figure out that he was messing with everyone

  • george

    get somone to hold a bomb in your hands for 5 sec and open the dore and you wont loose any money

  • nick

    what do you mean i know one were u jump on a head but you go down and just get more icons

  • el_kangri1

    ok guys last time i was playing narch of de toten and accidently i did this glitch is just lik the invicibility when i guy jupms on top of the other player but as yall can see thet two players cant move but the one i did i could move around and they nevre kill until one of ma friends lost connections..if some one knows how to doit plz tell me how cuz i all remember was that i jupmd over a crawler

  • Kouper666

    It’s not invincible it just gives you more power ups more often

  • dork

    yeahh… same thing happened to me. i just die and so does the other player… and the weird teddy bear laugh… didnt make me invinvible

  • dnees

    i have tried it and all it done was put me and my brother into second chance mode and i was never invincible….am i doing something wrong if so wat????

  • andrew

    have some1 stand in front of a door in pronne and the other person dive on their head then u will both need to be revived.

  • max

    I think you lie down and get up

    • Ray

      you have someone stand in the corner and the other one on top of the stairs then you sprint and dive (circle) onto their head. the person who was standing in the corner lies down then stands back up.

  • Trinity

    how do you get someone to jump ontop of your head? the video is now disabled so please explain

    • Dannyon

      one person lays down in a corner, make sure that they are facing the corner then another person jumps ontop of them trying to land on their head. dont get discouraged if you dont get it on your first few tries, keep going and youll eventually get it. this needs at least 3 people to do and i advise you to do it on the firts 1-3 rounds.

      • el_kangri1

        that glitch realy dont work it juts helps a lil bit…i kno this one where u can get unlimeted monkey bombs…if u got some let me kno