Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombies Commit Suicide – Invincibility

With so many glitches and cheats found, it’s a wonder you have time to play Call of Duty: Black Ops seriously. As we know Treyarch hates the idea of gamers using these glitches, but they are there for a reason – to have fun. The latest glitch is Invincibility; and there is an interesting side effect.

To get the glitch to work all you need to do is get one person to jump on another’s head. This will mean that zombies will not be able to kill you, but do not get too brave, as zombie dogs can still get the job done. Go and give it a go, or watch the video below to see the glitch in action.

There is something else to this glitch, which I found funny. The zombies will just run into you an die – its like they want to commit suicide. I am not sure how long it will take before I get bored, it just takes all the fun out of the game?

Have you tried the glitch, what did you think? What other glitches have you found in Black Ops?



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