Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Ballistic Knife Upgraded – Revive Team

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2010

We have some exciting news to bring you now, as we’re guessing not everyone is aware of this. In Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie mode, upgrading the Ballistic Knife with the pack-a-punch machine offers more than just enhanced damage.

We can tell you that upgrading that knife will produce a weapon called the Krause Refibrillator, which will allow you to revive your team mates from distance! As you know, the standard Ballistic Knife allows you to shoot darts from a distance, but the upgraded version will turn those darts into revive darts! – a very nice idea from Treyarch.

Of course, you’ll still have to have the skill to aim the upgraded dart towards your ally, but doing it correctly will bring him/her back to life instantly. We’ve found a video below which shows you how the process works, you’ll also get a secret trophy/achievement called ‘See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me’.

Try and revive your team mates with the Krause Refibrillator and let us know you get on with it. Do you find it easy to use? Don’t forget about our tips to kill the Pentagon Thief on the Five map.

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  • Robbo905

    It's actually much easier to aim than online – when you're aiming correctly your reticle turns blue. Saved me and my team mates several times. With a Bowie knife you can stab them twice to kill zombies up to and including round 20. Haven't got further with it yet though.

  • jake

    it is very hard to get balistic knifes and its hard to pack a punch it and to aim to hit the person who is down but i will be good if he is like on kino der untoten and is in the stage bit on the other side of it than u

  • Yeeeeeaaa

    That awsome I never new that

    • jim

      You also never “new” how to spell.

      • Pkwarhero

        Or he could of just missed the k you asshole…

  • Angels Araura

    after u shoot someone with the knife to revive them, do can u get it back and also how much ammo do u get with it on zombies???

    • Livid

      1 loaded and 9 spare this achievement dont work in the new zombie map ascension

  • sammy

    I wish you can save

  • marvin the martian

    fifteen damage score? what does that mean?

    • guest


  • Bludcurdler

    Is there any reason to get quick revive if you have an upgraded ballistic knife?

    • pyromaniac2323

      not at all, not only can u shoot the knife at them to revive them, if u have the bowie knife with the ballistic knife u can also so run up to them and knife them to revive them. so in other words, the person with the upgraded bowie ballistic knife is the team medic

  • Sandra Chapa

    you sound like a hot ass

    • Julio

      haha yeah but you dont

  • yomama

    so effin bad ass