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America Recycles Day (ARD): Cell Phone Recycling

Today is November 15th, which means that it is America Recycles Day or ARD. This is the only national day that people recognize as the day they should recycle their old products. One devcie that just gets thrown in the bin is the cell phone, so why not give them away to charity?

More often than not people do not even bother trading their old phones in, they just leave them lying around or as I said above, just get rid of them. Giving them away to people whom would really benefit would certainly fall into the idea of America Recycles Day; so start today.

It has been reported that over 65,000 tons of toxic waste is caused by discarded cell phones, this is because the average life of a cell phone now is just 18 months, as new models are released more frequently than ever before. A number of mobile phone manufactures understand this issue, and for that reason build their new handsets so that most parts can be recycled.

There are a number of charities that will welcome your discarded cell phones, these include: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Phones For Life and Donate A Phone. For more details on this visit Charity Guide.

What do you do with your old cell phones?



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