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Verizon Wireless – iPhone and This Weeks Rumors

This has certainly been a busy week when it comes to news on the Verizon Wireless iPhone. The first thing we need to get straight is that we have no idea if it will be an iPhone 5 or 5, but personally I would go for the latter. Also, do not expect it to launch in January.

The reason I say this is simple, Apple will not offer an iPhone to another network when the handset only has another 5 or so months before a new model is released. Once Big Red does get its hands on the iPhone, we can expect a huge percentage of the advertising budget to go on this one device, which we discussed in more detail in a recent post.

We also touched on the subject about who would be the big winners of a Verizon iPhone; The obvious answer would be the network, Apple and also Qualcomn, who is said to be the manufacturer of the CDMA version of Apple’s smartphone.

Alan Ng had something interesting to bring to the table during the past week, where he looked at possible data plan prices. This looks to be a new $70 plan, but CNN did not offer any details on what you get for that price.

Finally we discussed how those waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon had moved to Android, and they have now decided to stick with the Android OS, as they feel it has more to offer.

So we know that the Verizon iPhone is coming, we just do not know when and what version it will be.



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