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Undoing Call of Duty Black Ops Cheats and Problems

We are hearing that some people are experiencing problems with Black Ops after installing cheat codes to unlock things such as all of the zombie maps, therefore we thought we would look into if people can undo the cheat codes.

If you check out this link you can see that one gamer is reporting that he could not play zombies online after entering the cheat, however he claims that before entering the cheat he never had problems.

From what we can see there is no quick and easy way to undo the cheats, therefore if you want to undo the cheats you have to delete all game save data, which will obviously affect any progress you have made in the game’s campaign.

We would love to hear whether entering a cheat code has had a similar affect on any other Black Ops gamers, therefore let us know in the comments section below whether entering the cheat code resulted in you no longer getting in online games of zombies, remember to state what platform you are playing it on.

Do you know of a simple way to unlock the cheat codes?



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