Undoing Call of Duty Black Ops Cheats and Problems

By Jamie Pert - Nov 15, 2010

We are hearing that some people are experiencing problems with Black Ops after installing cheat codes to unlock things such as all of the zombie maps, therefore we thought we would look into if people can undo the cheat codes.

If you check out this link you can see that one gamer is reporting that he could not play zombies online after entering the cheat, however he claims that before entering the cheat he never had problems.

From what we can see there is no quick and easy way to undo the cheats, therefore if you want to undo the cheats you have to delete all game save data, which will obviously affect any progress you have made in the game’s campaign.

We would love to hear whether entering a cheat code has had a similar affect on any other Black Ops gamers, therefore let us know in the comments section below whether entering the cheat code resulted in you no longer getting in online games of zombies, remember to state what platform you are playing it on.

Do you know of a simple way to unlock the cheat codes?

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  • Real John62

    hi every body iwant all maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapsssssssss in call of duty black ops zombies but icant open all maps  :'(

  • Justaddmilk

    I need help undoing a party on multiplayer i tried everyting i need help

  • shaggyclown221

    i need help my ps3 is squrewd up ii enterd cheats and i cant play zombies or online

    • Justaddmilk

      Listen i cant play up to level 6 on zombies and multiplayer is screwed up im on a playstation3

  • rawand

    i want verrockt and nacht der untoten der riese shi no numa i have tryed on 9 nov omg i was soo tired i dont sleeped on youtube everythinG!

  • derek

    i have black ops for the wii and i put ithe code 3arc unlock in the computer and it said cheat enabled and when i went to go play zombies it didn't work is the code a fake or what

  • Kim

    My sons friends put a cheat into our ps3 to unlock the zombie maps now he can only play multiplayer on line can't play off line except zombie maps

  • kattum02

    i play it and i get to level 23

  • josh

    k is there a way to undo the intel cheat i share an accoutn with my brother and it is now the only achievement im missing because he put it in, if anyone knows how to undo this please send me a message on xbl my gamertag is{ xtophourescence } you'll be rewarded for your help

    • I am in the same boat as Josh, my friend actually used a code, an somehow got all of the intel found, and I WANT to find it all and get the achievement, I don’t care about the stupid zombie maps, because I can always get them later without some crappy cheat code.

  • dakota lococo

    no never perry

  • Peter R

    i have had no problems at all with my game since I put the cheats in, but my friend bought
    the game on the same day, from the same place, and put the same codes in and when he plays kino der toten solo and gets past level 20, the game will freeze if he goes in the teleporter, so he's stuck doing laps, not a good thing to be unable to use the pack a punch after level 20, anyone know how to fix that?

  • Zach

    3arc intel does not let you h
    get a achivment

  • hammy330

    have used it working fine…although i still don't consider this a cheat since you don't really get and thing other than some more playable levels…anyclue when the will release the old maps to the rest of us…

  • tdog527

    if they didnt want them they wouldnt b there

  • RodrigoEnLu

    I never entered any cheat, except for DOA, I was able to get the intel until the last 2 levels, I finished the cmapaign in veteran and after that all the intel was glitched for me, the game is behaving like if I have entered the 3arc intel cheat, when I never used it!! they need to patch this!!! URGENT!
    Also the single player campaign sometimes doesnt follow, after doing something that triggers a follow up, like planting an explosive or killing someone (objective, in example the last part of the 1st level), the game gets stuck, and the playthrough doesnt trigger like it should, getting stuck in the same point.

  • Cody

    I had no problems. Treyarch did well. No hackers. Infinity Ward did also well. ALOT of hackers.

  • thecowsaysmoo

    i used the arc cheat and boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my WHOLE F***ing xbox got erased and my black ops files sooooooooo gay

  • Dennis

    New to the gane. Level 1 in the campain I got thru the city. Had to help Z open a door and now in a black screen with just the direction arrows. how do I get out of this

  • nigel

    why is it so hard to connect to games and game lobbys are always closing its like the connection aint that good why …………

  • hate cheaters

    Seems like most of the people having problems with the game are the one's trying to cheat. Doesn't that tell you dumb***** anything? Stop cheating and earn the rewards.

    • YouAreNotVeryBright

      Wow. It was humorous at first when I noticed comments from people who clearly didn't realize what we're even talking about in this thread, acting all high and mighty about cheating in general, as if we're discussing how to "cheat in life" or something. But YOUR comment is all the way on the 2nd page, showing me that you are even stupider and less observant than the initial morons who made the exact same type of sarcastic, condescending comments about "cheating." You are such an idiot, and from your attempt at trying to sound like you're better than the rest of us, I can tell that you know close to nothing about life. If you did, you wouldn't look down on people you don't know and know nothing about, because that is usually taught through a natural life lesson, like the one I'm trying to give your ignorant ass right now. Pay attention next time you decide to act like you're above the rest of us, when you are not at all.

  • esfsdf

    i put the arc unlock in and now it freezes or goes onto a black screen when i want to load a match.

  • dick wellington

    when i go onto the computer in black ops, i used a 360, there was no R button, so now i can only say 3ac, cos tha r is gone. if u know why then write back

  • woss

    wibble wobble

  • Feebee

    having prob on xbox, friend used a code 'zombier' and now although I progress up the ranks, as soon as I return to main menu I am taken back to level 12 rank. anyone else had similar or know how to fix it, I would be grateful to hear from you.

  • Ghost Tester

    Anyone who has to enter the zork cheat is a moron. Zork is the easiest find in the game.

  • Perry the Imp

    Anyone ever have the launche not fire, but killed you everytime you tried to fire it?

    • Brandon

      take your rapid fire off

  • Ghost Tester

    The waw maps are a bonus. The 3arc “cheats” are put there so that the lazy arse developers can play without having to complete the campaign… That’s what alphas are for. This game is seriously bugged, you can simply crash the campaign by going too fast, and the npc’s are more of a hindrance than anything else.

  • i can help you

    @jojo:i agree and plus i enter the zork,doa,unlock maps,and intel cheat and i am not having any wait make that ANY problems with my 360 online or solo anything,so therfore it is problably a virus that you got during entering the cheats,have you possibly checked your connection, mabye you are just saying that to get attention and help from others because your XBL or PSN account sucks ,or maybe somebody in your town hit the local telephone poles and scratched up the internet along with it.

  • jojo

    Your an idiot seventytwo…….Infinity ward sucks balls. They should never be allowed to come near a game ever again. Only modern warfare and modern warfare 2 i have had numerous problems with. world at war and black ops are 100 times better.

    • dik wellington

      i think that they are equally as good

  • cory

    I got the hardened addition with the code for waw zombie maps and then i did the 3 arc code and the waw maps disappear at times and comes back other times whats the problem

    • dik wellington

      the problem is that you probably got the game of some cheap ass retail saler

  • iKaiowas

    I used the zombie cheat because i'm not interested in the campaign mode at all, just want to multiplayer and wanted the maps ..

    and guess what, no problems at all ..

  • vcb187

    The codes are actually given out in the Black Ops Guide book that comes with the game dependant on if you pre ordered it along with a t-shirt you got, its not a hack its a built in game cheat they obviously want you to know about otherwise they would put it in the book would they. And its more like online issues than not being able to play due to cheat code.

    • darryn

      i cant find my giude book and my cheats squrewed up my ps3 i cant play zombies or multyplayer

  • better then you :)

    perhaps you people with 360's have had this happen, but my ps3 fat and slim work just wonderful when i enter the code, online play 🙂 my 360 sits collecting dust

    • Bush Hogin

      I used it on 360 with no problems

  • handsonfun

    These types of codes are programmed into games and not a “hack”. as far as any problems occuring from entering the codes there are none I can report for the +PS3. I would understand If Treyarch disabled some features when using a code but it should warn you clearly before final entry, as it does with at least one of the codes so far.

    • Freak

      someone should hack treyarc’s servers and delete all savefile’s.

  • ync123

    i used the codes and had no problem

  • brii

    Also, when your in match making with a party. It has a hard time to find one and it kicks you out! That is what bugs me! So bad! They should really fix that!

    • connor m

      just set search priorities or something like that to LOCALE while in the xbox live or online section 🙂

  • connan

    i just used the arc cheat for zombies online for the new maps, since i have used it i can no longer play any form of online zombies, i deleted the game data off my xbox and it still doesnt work, will i have to delete my gamer tag aswell? any help would be appriciated

    • still pissed

      i hear ya , i would like some help to , same problem , seems like there is no fix for a problem the creators of the game made
      shouldent there be a warning , if u use this cheat dont expect to play with ur friends just random people serching , i cant even play with my friends in mulitplayer cause of the ceat 3arc unlock

  • xxSeventyTwoxx

    This is all because treyarch sucks and infinaty ward should be the only developers allowed to create any games under the COD title.

    • The_Planeswalker

      Why because they don't let idiots like you cheat. Earn it and if you can't stop playing.

    • And the only gamers that play modern warfare 2 hack their way to fame. there are absolutely 0 server admins, and what happens when there are 0? it becomes hackers paradise. all games by Treyarch havent been hacked in ages.

      • Sponk

        ummm…..you could hack all the way to presige 15 and get into the level 15 lobbies before the game had even been released. So……..shhhhhhh with your unfounded opinions

    • Blumicide

      Seriously. Where does Treyarch get off with.

    • COD 2: BRO was Treyarch, so was 3, and World At War, and obviously black ops… And seriously… infinity ward SUCKS at keeping hackers at bay… did you know the top online player of MW2 has played for a total of 32 minutes, and 56 seconds and acheived a score of 2147483647 with 10th prestige… the second place, got the same score, played for 17 minutes 52 seconds and was a level six… third place… same score, played for 9 seconds… Fourth place, same score, played for 0.00 seconds… if that is not hacking, I would like to meet the robot they designed to do that. This just goes to show that Infinity Ward (while they developed a FANTASTIC game)… caters to hackers and those who can't win on their own.

    • dhdhd

      Infinity Ward doesnt exist anymore. all the ppl who made it IW are gone

  • Tyler

    My dumb ass nephew couldn’t wait or me to finish the campaign so he entered in any cheat codes he could find, and bam. All my progress I made getting the Intels, GONE. I even deleted my entire save file as well as all black ops related files and they still appeared on the intel list. I really hope there is a way to undoing them, because I spent way too much time looking for them shits.

    • The_Planeswalker

      Maybe your nephew and you should cheat. I hope there isn't a way to fix it…HA HA HA…Deserves you right!!

      • Note: His NEPHEW was impatient, and entered the cheats when he was unaware/in a different room/asleep, therefore, sabotaging any way for him to earn the achievement "Closer Analysis"… Fail Troll is Fail


      man i didnt wanna play the campaign yet so i used the chect 2 get five and now all online zombie games are incompatible , i can only play with random people i cant join no1 and now can join me , even on multiplayer all beacause of the stupid cheat code that came with the game , im pissed , o do i have to make a new account jus because of call of duty black ops ?

  • Keith

    TOU states any cheats or hacks used can result in a ban or issues with online play. ONLINE PLAY, being the key word. If you don't like it, don't use them, or don't play online. If you don't agree to the TOU, cancel your online subscription.

    Its a free world you can have the service or not, HOWEVER, agreeing to microsoft's terms means you forfeit such rights if you use any cheats.

    simple to understand.

    • Me.

      You're an idiot. If you read this thread at all, you'd see that the code was programmed into the game… It's not the kind of cheat that will get you banned.

      • Sponk

        I agree with you. He is and Idiot

  • Roach

    Has anyone else noticed that when you call in a care package in the map ‘Launch’, the package sinks through the ground and you are unable to get it? It’s happened to me loads of times and I hope Treyarch do something about it.

    • TMBL


  • AlexP

    Did anyone write down the code that a lady speaks the very first time you launch the game? Thanks.

    • Sponk

      You can hear it again if you just leave the game run through all it's opening screens when it loads up

    • TaiFood

      i did

    • mahmoed

      what is the code ??

  • Jack

    No I entered the code 4 days ago and have had no problems I have a ps3

  • Rick James

    Mystery Boxes were gone when i entered the ARC3 UNOCK cheat

    • dylan

      there in different places each time not in the same places like in world at war just look around

    • Juan


    • jookl

      stop lying

  • Joelbez

    Simple as this: Play the game and don't cheat. Weird way to avoid issues, I know.

    • NoOneLikesYouJoelBez

      Do you even play video games, let alone have a single clue what we're talking about in this thread? No, is the answer to that question. But my question to you is, if you didn't even really know what we're talking about, why would you be so inclined to condescendingly give us your 2 cents on "cheating"? Why have this sense of sarcasm, as if you're just looking down from your pedestal on all us poor peasants who have to "cheat" in order to get ahead in life. You are a complete tool, and for your nonsense answer to a question you didn't even have the first CLUE what we were actually talking about, you deserve this biting reply from a total stranger. Go learn your lesson and don't speak when you don't even know what you're speaking about.

  • Me Noone

    I don't play this game.

    • junior

      stupid ass

  • outlander

    I've used the cheat codes and have no problems playing zombie mode online.

  • TerryMMA85

    im on the xbox 360,im playing campaign on veteran and im not going to get it complete in a hurry so i used the code 3arc unlock to get the zombie map FIVE.My only concern at first was that because it said cheat enabled i thought that i might not be able to unlock achievements but thank god you still can,i have had no trouble online playing zombies or against other people.turned out to be really handy.

    • Jason

      TerryMMA85, i did the same thing but doing the campaign on hardened but i didn't get the hardened achievments and definatley didn't change the skill at anypoint. Let me know if you get the veteran achievments.


    Serves him right! STOP USING HACKS! And I hope there is not way of reversing it without reinstalling everything.

    • WERD

      THEY AREN’T HACKS! Seriously, they are cheat codes that were put into the game by the developers. Some people simply don’t want to play through the campaign just to get all of the zombie maps, in fact, one of the maps I think can only be unlocked via use of this code.

    • Jon-Paul

      Its not a hack idiot. Its a cheat built into the game so that you can unlock intel and "Five" without playing the campaign.

      • why dont you fuck tards just play the damn campaign and stop always tryna find the easy way out….the problem with gamers is that they are super lazy nowadays…..whatever happened to playing a game and finishing it the honest way for self accomplishment?

        • Surfer

          what do you mean nowadays? Codes have been around for very many years.


        • anonymus

          dead ops arcade needs a cheat to unlock it.

    • dylan

      first of all your fucking stupid its not a hack and the only way to get dao live arcade is by putting the code in and people play the campain anyways you stupid fuck.

      • AnD

        I played all the way through the campaign and unlocked “five” AND D.O.A

    • robbie

      i broke out of the chair and on the campaign with the stealth bomber after the first safe house it gives me an error code

    • grf gth

      whats the point of being an ass ? ^ i hate glitchers that affect others gameplay, but were talking something here, that affects no one else but him

    • What an idiot! Its not a hack, its a CHEAT CODE