HP G56-129wm Laptop: Specs And Additional Features

By Peter Chubb - Nov 14, 2010

Walmart and HP has a very good relationship with each other, which is why they have laptops exclusive to them. The HP G56-129WM Laptop is a fine example of this, and this is just one model, others include the HP DV5-2129wm Pavilion and the HP dv7-4169wm.

The HP G56-129WM does not offer the same performance as the other two models above, but it will serve its purpose well. This has a 15.6-inch display and has been finished in black. I do find it funny how Walmart says that it will go with the décor in your home, but it just looks like another big lump of plastic to me.

Looking at the specs, the HP G56-129WM Laptop PC is not going to set any benchtest records, but it is more than up to the job of everyday use. You get a 2.2GHz Intel Celeron 900 processor, 3GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive. There’s also a DVD burner and a 10/100 Ethernet; 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi card.

Additional features include 3 USM ports, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, and a 6-cell lithium-ion battery. As you can see from those specs above this is a entry-level laptop by today’s standards. Walmart currently has no price details, but we can be sure that they will update this soon.

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  • Henny

    I HAVE THE ANSWER FOR EVERYONE REGARDING THE WEBCAM ON THIS MODEL!!!!!!! I just spoke with Tech Support at Hp an here is the deal…. IF you purchased this model on the HP website then you have the option to specify if you'd like to add the webcam…. Or you have the option to not get it…… NOW IF YOU PURCHASED THIS MODEL FROM WALMART OR ANY OTHER RETAILER….. IT DOES NOT I REPEAT DOES NOT COME WITH WEBCAM… YOU HAVE TO PURCHASE A SEPERATE WEBCAM TO CONNECT TO YOUR LAPTOP……. I hope that this helps everyone on here an stops all of the confusion!!!!

  • henny


  • muls

    it does have a web cam, am using it right now on skype

  • pow

    misleading ad from HP

  • murphy

    How much is the price and how can the webcam be activated

  • Brooke

    I own this laptop and all it does is make the loudest fan noise. Im returning it. FAST

  • Emily

    Im on my HP riqht now , && Ive been tryinq to fiqure this thinq out since Black Friday .. && I still cant seem to fiqure out tha Webcam part .. Looks like there is one there , but how to work it is what im wonderinq .

  • caleb

    Alright im on laptop right now and can see a speaker hole and glass where a webccam could possibly be. All i want to know is if there is a webcam and if i can turn it on or not.
    Thanks! If i find this answer i will totally post it.

    • Brenda

      no, there's no webcam.i called the Hp company & they said it didn't have one;/

      • Spencer

        Can one be installed? Why is there a spot for one and the manual says there is..?

  • bob

    so does it have a webcam or not?

    • Jay

      it does not have a webcam

  • erin

    I'm normally a mac person, but bought this because of the price as a second computer. I loaded my kodak disc fine. But itunes does not recognize any cd I try to import. I can feel the computer running it, but it doesn't show up anywhere. Does this machine play cds? Any idea how to get them to itunes? Thank you so much. I've spent hours on it.

  • dracomastr

    it has a dvd r/rw with double layer support and it is a supermulti but no blueray support

    • erin

      Does it having a dvd r/rw mean that it should also play and write cds?



    • annon

      If this model does indeed have a webcam, you don't just "switch" it on. You need a program such as Skype or MS Messenger to run it. Once you download and begin communicating with someone using one of these programs, then you have the option to connect to them via your webcam. Trust me, it's very simple.

      • Shovon

        I got this model for christmas and I created a skype account but it still says its not connected. What should I do?

      • OxACEoX

        … it just gives a loading scree for us

  • confused on webcam

    so confused over whether this has a webcam or not, it either does it doesn't right?? Did someone indicate that it has a dvd player?

    • srs

      it has a built in web cam with light in the lid. it also has a 8x DVD-+R/RW



  • bob wb8dgk@yahoo.com

    becca how do you turn on the web cam

  • RMJ

    Does it play blu rays? And can it chrge a mp3 player?

  • Gerith

    yes it has expandable ram up to 8 gigs I believe. I think it has two slots that will each take up to a four gig ram. Not sure as I haven't cracked mine open yet.

  • Becca

    Yes it has a webcam! It doesn't show on the picture on the box, but I took it out and there's definitely a webcam.

    • thaonguyen

      what do you mean you took it out?

    • Angela

      if there's a webcam, how did u enable it??

    • Taylor

      It looks like it has a webcam but there is really no webcam installed. In order to use a webcam with this computer you have to buy a seperate one.

  • Matt

    Im on it right now and it doesn't have a webcam

    • Jeff

      How do you trun the webcam on

  • liz

    how do u use the built-in webcam??


    It has a webcam guys, I am typing on it now

    • Tim

      You wrong my friend.
      HP G56 129WM is only model does not a webcam.
      Look up again.

  • hp man

    The hp g56-129wm does not have a webcam

  • vonti

    i wouldnt have bout it iff i knew it didnt have a webcam….thats the reason for me getting it….but its ok walmart has webcams on sail for 18.88 im going to get me 1.

  • peter

    would this computer be good for a college student??

  • joe

    What motherboard does this model have, anyone know?

  • speed

    whould this computer be good for a college student

    • halofreak22322

      I bought one on black friday, and as a college student, am finding it very useful.

  • Charlie V

    Does this laptop have expandable ram?

  • Santa Mama

    Does it have a memory card reader?

    • John


    • Shannon

      No. You have to use the USB cable that goes to your camera.

  • Santa

    Would this be a good starter computer for kids ages 5 & 8 who play online games and upload photos?

    • Travis

      For $299 definitely

  • Jenny

    5 hours 🙂

  • danny

    how long on the battery before charging?

    • jay

      about 2 and a half hours

  • Victor

    Will this model have a webcam and hdmi?

    • Bob

      no webcam and pretty sure it does not have a hdmi port

      • Jim

        get real!

      • Janelle

        This is incorrect, it does have a webcam…I amnot sure about the hdmi…

        • Angela

          if there is a webcam, how to enable it??

        • You cannot enable HP G56 129WM does not have a web cam.
          There is 9 difference model except HP G56 129WM.
          Try look up search engine.
          You,ll see it.

      • steve

        I bought one (black friday) no web cam & no hdmi

        • martin

          i’m not sure if it has web cam, i brought one of this in black friday, right now i’m using it, and i can see a little glass rectangle at the top of the screen next to the microphone, but i can’t use it. I try it with youcam, but it says that no webcam is detected, and that i need to enable it but i don’t know how.

        • thaonguyen

          im not sure because its unable.

          but in the guide book,it says this laptop has webcame.


    • angela

      yes to the web cam. i have one. so the onw who told you no….?

      • techfrreak

        please some one tell me how to enable it thanks

        • How Do You Use The Webcam????

        • vincent

          it doesnt have a webcam or hdmi cord…my friend works with hp and he confirmed it for me cos i also bought the laptop too.

      • Krystal

        Actually. There is no web cam. I would know. I'm using the laptop right now. Other laptops in the series have a came, but this one does not. It looks like it should, however, because it has the same glass rectangle on the top, but it is empty. It does have a microphone and you can use any other webcam with a USB.

  • jojo

    pricewill be $298 black friday

    • Darius

      at mine.. I got it for 198 dollars due to mix ups.

      • guest

        me too knoxviile tn

      • guest

        same here