Emerson LC320EM1 32-inch HDTV: Specs and Review

By Peter Chubb - Nov 14, 2010

When it comes to choosing a new TV there are a couple of things that you need to ask yourself first; what is your price range and what is your intended use? Once you have those two figured out you are ready to look for new television. Take the Emerson LC320EM1 32-inc LCD HDTV, this is ideal as a second TV or those on a tighter budget.

The reason I say this is simple, you only have to look and the price and specs to understand just what I mean. The TV has a dynamic contrast ratio of 2500:1 – do not expect the same quality as you would from a Sony BRAVIA TV. However, this model is not all about that.

This TV can still be used in the living room, but just try not to expect too much. However, if you are looking for a new TV to put in a bedroom, then the Emerson LC320EM1 could be just what you are looking for. So let us look at some of the main specs to see just what you will be getting for your $330 price tag.

This TV has technology such as 3D-Y/C digital and Clear Pix Engine Plus. Having 3 HDMI ports certainly makes life much easier when connecting other devices. Do you think that this TV is something that you would want in your home? This TV could even make an appearance as a Walmart Black Friday doorbuster, which we recently discussed; more details on the TV here.

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  • Brostraid

    Don’t listen to “DoNOTbuyanyEMERSONTV”! This guy wants to mudsling because was unlucky enough to have gotten a faulty unit…ya know what? IT HAPPENS WITH ANY BRAND AND MODEL! I purchased this tv over a year ago and I LOVE it! Never had a lick of trouble. It even fell off the wall and hit a marble floor…she just kept on tickin. I still have this tv and I can say this…very much worth the money, I recommend it to anybody that wants HD at an affordable price. It sucks that sometimes we pick up a bad unit, but there are lemons in all brands and models. I think that is the case with this fellow. Buy it, you will be glad you did.


    Do NOT under any curcumstances PURCHASE AN EMERSON TV. I bought one just under a year ago-Emerson LC320EM1 32-inch HDTV- and bearly ever used it. I was out of the country a good part of the year of the year and nobody was in my house to use it. Plus when home i use internet rather than TV.

    Lo and behod the other day it turned on by itself. Strange. So I turned it off and then later when trying to turn it on it wouldnt work. I thought it was the remote so changed the batteries. It came on for a few seconds then crapped out. I tried usung the power button, it came on a few seconsd and crapped out again. I tried a different wall extension etc.

    Then searched the internet and found a site with a bunch of consumer complaints about Emerson TVs. Many had the smae problem as me, among others, and stated that since the warranty was only 90 days labor and 1 yr parts the repairs would cost in some cases almost as much as the TV and on others more than the TV.

    When I first purchased TV i did find some negative reviews but also some good so decided for the price to take the chance. I REGRET that decision. It was a loss of money and I refuse to repair it becasue I may end up with the same problem again.

    Most costomers said they will never buy another Emerson product. As a note, I have purchased other emerson products and have been disappointed.

  • Jesus

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  • maddi

    wont work with my dish?

  • Gary

    the usb port is used for input service instructions and not display from your computer.

  • Ta2dJesusFreak

    Trying to connect USB from my laptop to 32" Emerson TV through USB. trying to find remote button to go to USB intake but Menu I have found so far only allows HDMI 1 – 3.

    • I love this TV. Got it for Xmas and it looks great. I agree that it's best for the bedroom since it looks a bit white from wide angles, but I have it in my room so that's not a problem.

      You can connect a computer via VGA to HDMI cable using HDMI port 1 on the TV.

      The USB is just a "service terminal". It's for future updates.

    • ChadwickT

      That usb port is for updating the tv software.

  • john

    that make 2 of us now, I bought 2 of these sets , one sony . andone panasonic for the alarms (bedroom) – one of the Emersons is in my home office and don't use offen the other I do. I am having the problem with this set — the green light just blinks for 4-5 secs anf then turns back to red. took me 5 times tonight. I just e-mailed Emerson – I'll see what they say. dissapointed in wyoming

  • Jim

    I bought 3 of them for Christmas and so far they all work great. Got a 3 year warranty for $20 each. Heard that was a good idea because this TV wont make it that long. Fine with me because I will get a new one when it goes out, if it goes out. As of right now….very happy with this T.V.

  • Dan

    I just bought this Emerson 32" TV and I am having problems turning on the tv. It sometimes takes me 15 times to get it to turn on. I am very dissapointed with this tv.Also You cannot connect your computer to it. I called walmart to try and get it replaced and they don't have anymore. I wonder why?

    • ChadwickT

      Get ahold of emerson. Did you send you warranty card in when you bought it?