COD Black Ops: Zombie Mode Quitters, Kids and More

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 14, 2010

With Call of Duty Black Ops well and truly out there, its fair to say that not everyone is as enthralled with the latest edition of the game. With cheats already circulating and certain disappointments found, Mark Fujii of Examiner has listed 10 things that he dislikes about the game.

By his own admission even though he enjoys COD, his ability doesn’t match his enthusiasm. He vents his frustrations at various aspects going into amusing detail at what parts of the game could drive you to murder.

Firstly is the unrealistic results of knife attack, where even though you can unload your mag into an occupant they finish you off with a deft blow of their bladed weapon. Another gripe comes from the actions of “Campers”. These devious players secure themselves into a hiding hole only to appear suddenly release a couple of deadly shots and disappear again. If this isn’t annoying enough, you will forget where it was they finished you off until you pass over the same path where it happens again.

The quitters within the Zombie mode cause frustration, where after waiting for ages to find other players to ‘ready up’ you are left with team members dropping out leaving you short handed, Zombies sets a four player team for a reason. Talking of the team play mode Mark shows his dislike of using headsets unless accompanied by your own friends. It leaves you open to as he puts it “armchair commanders”, or simply people that drone on with unhelpful underage chat that just interferes with your game enjoyment.

We have only brushed the surface of Fujii’s rant so head over to Examiner to read the full story, and tell us if you agree with his comments.

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  • p3mode

    I would rather Camp and support my squad by going 10 and ,2 then Run and Gun and go 20 and 10. Either style of game play is a choice – not a requirement. My advice to MJ is this; adapt or die on the battlefield. Campers and Runners all die with one well placed bullet. The best players don't make excuses… they make victims.

  • TerryMMA85

    camping is a tactic that works the fact he killed you and he is still alive means he is doing somthing right.zombies upsets me when you play for 5 mins and the host not a camper i prefer to run and gun using the enviroment to my advantage.the only reason camping can suck is if your playing say hardcore team deathmatch and there is only 12 players 6 a side and 2 people on the enemys team is camping your find yourself running around finding little action.i dont know why they only have 18 players on one game mode every game mode should be atleast 18 players i prefer 32 or the 64 common in the old days of online gaming or how about 150 players like joint operations 🙂

  • cpt. Ahab

    Camping is realistic, Who the hell would run out into firefights in modernized warfare your going to be fried, call of duty needs some kind of peak or cover system because i feel the game is basically run at each other with guns and someone dies. In real warfare, you take cover shoot, I honestly don't see how people can camp in these games, me and my brother play each other and there is no way of completely be safe in any area with the advancement of grenades, tactical grenades weapons with wall piercing bullets… if you can fish a guy out of there then maybe you just need to get better… adapt to their fighting style.

    • hatenoobs

      if your not satified with the game then why don't you live through that warfare and join the military you prick

  • jjjjjj