COD Black Ops Review: Good Ratings Continue

By Peter Chubb - Nov 14, 2010

Since the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops the game has been getting mixed reactions. It has been well received by gaming journalists, but a small number of fans of the franchise do not share in that view. The good ratings continue with another two reviews, one from PlayStation Lifestyle and the other from Gaming Union.

The former points out that there is a weakness to the single-player mode- not all of it, just some. However, the game overall needs to be in any FPS fans collection. Ray Conley from PlayStation Life believes that playing multiplayer is an addiction, and the huge amount of content will keep you engrossed in all the action.

Adam Ma from Gaming Union also agrees that COD Black Ops is a good game, although he doesn’t mind pointing out that it does disappoint in a few areas. However, Ma does say that Treyarch has managed to redeem themselves, as they have put their stamp on Multiplayer and Zombies; well they needed to with the poor story in campaign mode.

PlayStation Lifestyle has given Black Ops 9 out of 10, whereas Gaming Union has given the latest FPS an 8. Do you believe that the game deserves all the criticism?

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  • wayne

    People just rember that IW have the final say in how the game looks and plays. Treyarch are just IW monkeys who do what they are told at the end of the day. IW have shafted us all yet again just churning out over hyped and over priced crap. Yet like slaves to the grind we keep on buying this tat in the vien hope that it will be as good as the ones that came before. I rember cod1 was the benchmark, then cod 3 then mw. IW hasent produced a good game since MW and they wont as long as we keep buying them as soon as they are released. Next time they relase a game hold off for a month and read the only revies that count (gamers) The so called gaming reviewers and mags are all in the pocket of IW swaning around at IW meets being put up in hotels and drinking IWs booz. They are not going to say anything out of hand at the fear of loseing there perks.


    Rant over happy gaming

  • John

    ALL this hype ALL for not. VERY, VERY disappointing. I am a Hardcore "only" player. I find it more realistic. Playing Hardcore in BO you might as well be playing regular Team Death Match and make sure you have Scavenger Perk because you need a whole magazine for each kill. I am exagerating, but it feels that way sometimes. I wish the next COD that comes out would let you decide which Perks you want. For example: I like Cold Blooded AND Ninja. You can't have both in Black OPS. I do however like the idea of "purchasing" Killstreaks and Equipment. I do NOT have to wait for Level whatever.. to get Claymores. Unfortunately this is the ONLY positive aspect of this game. It would be nice to able to purchase Killstreaks, Equipment and Perks and be able to use them in any combination you choose in the next COD, same for some guns. Do I need to mention the fact that you get kicked 3 out of 10 games it seems.



  • mindegap

    I think the only way people are going to get a good game is if infinity ward and tryarch join together! then maybe only maybe we will get something good !

  • Stormtrooper

    CoD Black Ops is ok… The new MOH is way better. I have both games and definitely COD is far less realistic then MOH. Much better for young kids. Men, if youre looking for a real fight get MOH.

  • mark

    wow this game sucks i didnt know bullets curve the lag is crazy i am selling this game

  • Treyarch Sucks

    Can't wait for Infinity Ward's next game, because this one sucked. Treyarch fails once again.
    WAW and BO both sucked.

  • Ademon

    Reasons why COD BO (Body Odor) stinks:
    Very bad spawning. Spawn right in front of enemys.
    Poor weapon accuracy.
    Poor weapon strength (unrealistic)
    Removed drop shots. Drop shooting is a tactical maneuver. Soldiers and LEOs are taught to drop down and make themselves a smaller target. Removing the ability to shoot while going prone reduces the realism.
    Audio quality is very bad.
    Stupid C4 RC car killstreak is too easy to get and cheap.

  • redmonkeyjunki

    this game sucks dont buy this bullshit can i get refund

  • Shane

    The online gaming sites that reviewed this game highly should be boycotted. They have proven they are completely not credible.

  • Dog

    Highly dissapointed! Sucks Sicks Sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • jonred

    AWW MAN no more over powered gun. no more infinite noob tubes, how will i ever get kills.

  • Guest

    Wow.. lots of unhappy people.. I remember when Wingcommander 2 came out.. it was given a 10 by computer gaming world at the time. But it made all of us pc gamers go out and get new hard ware. Once we did.. it was beautiful. Some times games need to push the envelope. I really really like the single player..

    I remember the bay of pigs.. I remember the 3 days the Russians had to get the rockets off of cuba, I remember the duck and cover stuff we did in elementary school.
    For many of you, this is ancient history, to me this is a great way to relive a very scary past before detent.


    treyarch sucks thats all never buy from them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Didi

    I AGREE WITH U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GARBAGE
    treyarch sucks

  • Nick

    another bit. MW3 is going to be made by infinity ward not treyarch so prob no worries about it failing as bad as BO.

    • Biff Tannen

      Infinity Ward with 40% of their original staff? I'm holding my breath on that one especially now that Treyarch have tainted the franchise for me.

  • Risquee

    Yep I haven't been this disappointed in a game EVER. This one totally failed to deliver.

  • mindegap

    What i think about black ops? hummmm!!
    A COMPLETE RIP OFF, multiplayer section its probably the worst game of 2010, the connection u will problably get 10 good games out of 100 no kiddin ! If you thinking about giving this game as a christmas present DONT or biggest disapointment ever, and for the people that do have it well to late now !!!!!

  • Vudu-Mojo

    This is the worst COD title ever….Last one I ever buy! Treyarch! What were you thinking?

  • Nick

    totally agree dude epic fail all the way. also you peeps must remember that treyarch did not make MW2. that was infinity ward that made MW2

  • TheThing

    This game is crap. Ive broken two controllers in twenty two hours of playing.. The Multiplayer mechanics are wrose than that of CoDMWF2, I played the campaign on veteran and beat it in one day.. should not happen. I fell they were to concentrated on the Zombie aspect of the game more than that of the actualy game.. I mean why put a mini game of zombies on the game. A mini game in which you break out of your chair at the main menu and then go to a computer in the room and type DOA. Dont get me wrong concept is cool but they should of worked on the aspects in which most people will be playing.. The multiplayer aspect. The levels are decent, nothin great and nothin poor about them. All in all I think treyarch did a EPIC FAIL! Ive already sold the game to someone else after 4 days of gamming(n ot gamming time).. Ive never had a game do that to me.. again EEEEEEEPPPPIIIIICCCCC FFFFAAAAIIIILLLLL

  • mridul

    a big dissapointment………..i feel its a waste of 40 pounds…..on a cartoonish game like black ops……….d sound effects r so unreal….we can hardly hear ourself firing….d aiming of opponents has no accuracy wat so ever…….i wonder y d hell every one is regarding black ops as a gud game……….i wud rate 2 out of 5

  • Jbone

    Keep playing MW2 BOs sucks.What a waste of money! So disappointed!

  • Niall23

    Feel very let down by this game, nowhere near as good a game as MW2. Am really trying to give it a fair go but should i have to try? will give it a week to try and get hooked if not its going to ebay

  • Nick

    I am not a computer game guy. I started playing it with CoD MW1 and then could not wait to get MW2. I was so impressed with the Special Ops section. Me and my friend love playing the Special Ops Missions together online. Besides the weapons of MW1 and MW2 are great. And in the process, I have developed this attachment to Captain Price and Soap.

    Now I have this Black Ops. I was already a little cynical about the fact that it has a different story line with different characters. So there was going to be no continuity. Now that it is out, here is what I really think: Black Ops totally and absolutely failed me. The campaign is frankly dull. It is the old story of Vietnam and Kennedy and Cuba and blah blah blah. It is no longer interesting. The weapons suck, the hand grenades suck. And what the hell are those zombies anyway? This is supposed to be a serious game not something for kids. A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. I hope MW3 will be better or I am done with this series.

    • JHVH

      "This is supposed to be a serious game not something for kids." You say…
      I somehow thought video games were meant for kids… When you're reaching 20, you should start thinking bout what to do with your life, not play games. Get A Life.

  • monty

    i traded mine in a few days after i got it.

    It was an ok/average game. Which is far less than what I was expecting given MW2.

    If i want to play ok/average FPS, i'll put MoH back into the tray.

    thumbs down from me.

  • Nick

    i think this game failed to deliver on the hype they stirred coming out. from what ive seen its a decent game but for a number of the multiplayer maps its way too easy to spawn trap. disappointed with the way it turned out. fun enough but i prefer MW2 over this

  • Cheese

    I have every cod game ever made and this is the worst of the lot. Bad company beats this hands down. I Have allways been CODs biggest fan, but with all the mutlyplayer problems of mw2 and the total dissregard for pc players this is just another big dissapointment for the gaming world. Over hyped Over priced

  • Peter

    Sorry the Graphics are crap they belong in a 1960's cartoon. The game has taken all the same problems from MOD2 multiplayer, server problems, the lag is worse, i hardley ever finish a game before the connection is lost. The sound is terrible 2 out of 10. MOD2 would have been the perfect game if they sorted these problems out. black ops 6 out of 10. All my friends have sold the game on ebay. I think the people reviewing the game only care about there bank balances or they don,t have a clue and should find another career!

  • Sal

    I am a MW2 dedicated fan. Love it. I was VERY hesitant about buying Black Ops because of the Treyarch and World at War nonsense I heard about. My MW2 friends kept telling me that it was good and I should get it. ALL of my MW2 friends now play Black Ops, ALL of them. Do I think Black Ops is better than MW2… no. It is, however, very, very addicting. I have only played it for 2 days now and I'm liking it more and more. In comparison, MW2 does have a much smoother feel when firing weapons and the sound effects are better in MW2. Also, the lunge with the knife attack (even without commando perk) you experience in MW2 is gone in Black Ops. You have to be right on the enemy to knife him. Kill streak kills don't count toward kill streaks. 2 people can play online from the same console, however, you give up smooth camera motions which hurts my game play. I gotta say, though, Black Ops is a very fun, addicting, and ever so surely growing on me and I'm liking it more and more. I haven't touched the campaign yet, only online gameplay and I'm hooked. Don't buy it expecting MW2, because it's not. Personally would prefer a MW3 instead, but I am impressed with Treyarch's Black Ops. Overall I do not regret buying it and it's better than I though it would be.

  • mumconfused

    my son is desparate for the black opps game as all his friends have it . he is only 13 pls advise what do you think, i am not a gamer but he does have other .cod games

    • Tanis-RainbowNoodle

      The game is very likely to the last modern warfare 2 it just isn't the same war. I think you should let him buy it. If its because you're thinking that he shouldn't be allowed to buy it because of the violence then all i can say is that the violence in first person shooters isn't very strong because you nearly don't notice it. And there are some scenes in the single player story that is a bit violent but just a bit and thats what keeps the game alive.


    • redmonkeyjunki

      tell your son this games suks please dont buy it rent first

  • c13clb

    terrible ,glad i only rented it,back to mw2 and mw

  • Miles

    I like black ops. if you say it has bad graphics, prolly because ur using a freaking composite cable. HDMI runs in full 1080p. beautiful. love the map where it shows whos playing in the world. great game, thought it wouldnt be good, but good buy I think. MW2 is a litle better, but black ops is a great change of pace.

  • zach f

    i would have to disagree

  • Vince

    Its alright, but it has a World at War feel to it. Darker and less origional than Modern Warfare games. Treyarch also did a pretty good job of copying the credit system from Halo: Reach, and they screwed up the sniping as well. Its still a pretty fun game to play though, so i give it a 7 out of 10.

  • vince d

    bao sucks tri sucks and alex sucks vince is the best at this game

  • zach f

    bao is horrible

  • David

    Decent game, but I can see myself going back to BFBC2 by 2011 as the multiplayer is just too much like MW2 (repetitive, predictable, rambo style) with the only main differences being (unnecessarily) brighter colours, infact when trying to hide that lil grey box it was still fully visible with the slider all the way at zero.

    Personally I liked the campaign mode but I felt it could have been expanded upon and maybe some more details/memories added in some places, but developers in this day know that people will pay top money for half finished products, e.g. practically all Windows OS's for the last 10+ years.

  • kribban

    Got Black Ops few day a go not great at all modern warfare 2 much better

  • No it doesn't deserve all the criticism.

    Its not perfect but its still and awesome game which blows all other FPS out of the water

  • Steve C.

    Got Black Ops today and played it tonight. Very good looking, but very hard to take due to serious lag and odd game play aspects. You unlock a weapon and there is no way to get it except to quit playing and go to the first splash screen. No pauses between rounds to allow customization, so the only way to get ahead is to quit playing. Brilliant. For me, there was no happy medium on the mouse controls… either too slow, or twitchy. The levels look good, but , there is so much particle activity and crap floating around that my video card can't keep up when I move outside. You can't turn it off, either. My system is "pretty good" and plays Warhammer and CoD MW2 perfectly, so don't blame my box. This game does not run well, no matter how much I dumb it down. I don't think I'm getting any value and will go back to CoD MW2. Very disapointing.