Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Cheats: How to Kill Pentagon Thief – Five Map

By Alan Ng - Nov 14, 2010

We have some good news for those of you who have been getting increasingly frustrated with the rather annoying zombie scientist which steals your guns during Zombie Mode on Black Ops.

As you are probably aware, the zombie scientist, or ‘Pentagon Thief’ as he is more commonly known appears after five rounds (approx.) of play on the second zombie map, called ‘Five’.

If you have already experienced this, you’ll know that it is incredibly hard to kill him before he steals your guns, so you’ll be pleased to know that a new glitch has been discovered which will make the process a lot more easier for you.

First of all, let us point out that you MUST have the Quick Revive perk to get this to work. After that, players will need to wait until the change in music starts for the pentagon thief, and then run up to the elevator on the middle floor, waiting for the scientist to arrive. Once he does appear, you need to cook a grenade and kill yourself. After you go down, shoot him and he should die in one shot – if done correctly.

It seems a bit crazy doesnt it? There is a video which we’ve found which proves that this method works (skip to 3.45). Once you have killed him without him stealing your guns, you’ll get the ‘Hands off the Merchandise’ trophy, and also a unique powerup which will allow you to transport to the Pack-A-Punch room and upgrade a gun for only $1000 – pretty sweet.

Try this little trick out for yourself and let us know if it works for you. If you have any problems getting this to work, leave us a comment below.

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  • can thisacheivementbecomeyourn #multiplayer

  • killer:)

    it is good but does he come back i dont know

  • Jon

    or u could just upgrade the pistols



  • jackass

    lol noobs- you get the mustang and sally when you die with a revive, and the packapunch is $1000 because you get the "sale" powerup

  • ryry


  • rene

    because he has mustang and sally

  • pokemon

    lol i was about to do what u told us to in this video but i randomly got a death machine few sec before he came and i killed him with that

  • Tom

    to get pack a punch you have to switch the death con switches on the middle floor 5 times then get in the elevator which will take you to pack a punch!!

  • There's an easy way in multi-player. Hit the box before the thief comes. If someone gets winter's fury, you can freeze the thief and he'll never get the chance to steal your guns. Me and a few buddies unlocked that trophy doing it that way.

  • stepehen

    what hack were u using you werent running out of bullets

  • dakota lococo

    mustang and sally is the colt pistol upgrade geniuses

  • chuck norris

    u get mustang and sally if you use quick revive it automaticly gives you it you can just do that the song is called 115

  • jake

    to get the old 4 maps you have to have prestige edition or hardend edition m8

  • bigtrav425

    When you kill the pentagon thief what is it that you get? i killed him but not sure what i got or how to use it?

  • urmomwasawesome

    First its not a glitch! when you go down with the quick revive you get mustang & sally. the pack a punch m1911. with quick revive you wont die. its a smarter way of killing him so you dont lose ur load out! duh get a clue

  • ass


  • i have a wii

    is there "five" 4 wii

  • omg3picw1n

    kino der totenz eazy 2 all u need 2 do is open door on bottom floor and bi mpl then open other door there then bi ak then open fence then open another door o w8 b4 u open fence w8 4 hellhoundz and b4 u open any doors knife 4 the first 4 rounds anyway… After u open fence open another door then go down stairs the power switch is rite there… Then bi klaymorz and put them in all windows then stay in that room… U kan also bi q.r. Trust me it works i did it w/ mah 14 yr. Old kuzin dezmond langs and we made it 2 round 12 we also made it 2 round 23 on d.o.a.

  • omg3picw1n

    its simple u jst do multiplayer and u bi q.r. (quick revive) and w8 4 thief then kook grenade and kill urself thatz wen u get mustang + sally (upgraded pistols) then u usually shoot him w/ that and hez dead but watch out he may kum bak later! and i met 2 spell all this rong so dont giv meh any krap bout it

  • tonydevo1

    idk i think the kin Der Toten { which stands 4 cinema of the dead in german } is better , but that may be just me cuz i memorized inch by inch of the map ~ i kno were every meteor every gun and every glich is in kin der toten ~ i hav no life ~ i kno all the rooms on five and all the glitches 2 but i perfer kin der toten . btw samantha is dr. max's daughter ~ dr. max is the one who found element 115 which is wat creates zombies ~ fluffy is samantha's dog , her pups slipped into the test chamber and got mutated into hell hounds ~ i wud tell u bout the 5 stages and wat they represent and how the sixth stage is an unknown boss { not hell hounds nor crawlers nor p.t } and how wen u respawn at kin der toten u hav 2 turn 180 degrees and right under th ceiling ull see a warning saying , beware of the 6th cuz i dnt hav any more time but i can send u a messge ~ tonydevo1

    • i have a wii

      what is the 6th

  • Sniper

    When you buy your first weapon switch to your pistol and buy a sub-machingun then when you get your weapons taken it gives you the sub-machine-gun and then you can kill him easier

  • ???

    need online xbox 360

  • GIR is Win

    All right, I tried doing this on solo, and failed miserably (yes, yes, I fail I know). But then I had an idea. What you do is you get your friends to play with you, and don't spend any money. Save up as much as you can. As soon as you have over 5000 points, turn on the power and upgrade your pistol immediately. It rapes the thief (as seen above) and also gives you the protection of team mates. Just make sure that if the thief is going after your friend, that your friend is running like hell.

  • Marcus Soh

    can u play 2 player splitscreen co op online with another 2 players?

  • keiran woods

    how do i get outside on nazi zombies for w.a..w..allso can i get outside on black ops fighting the nazi zombies.

  • Ryan H

    does ani one know ani cheats

  • trey

    do u have to bye the mp60

  • anthony

    its hard to pass i tried but i cant wat do you have to do to pass it i just dont get it

  • Marion

    The Pentogon thief looks like a normal guy, he does not look like a zombie. Weird huh.

  • Marion

    I have not tried it yet but in know its goung to work!

  • Jonnah

    For me this didnt work



  • jose

    no you got to get prestige adittion ok

  • jose

    got ps3 i play 2 player online hot

  • bob

    OMG activition and trayarch are noobs cos they have made an amazing zombie map ruined cos of its all complicated and that it should go as the thief and little harder to kill than zombies but not so that u need certain stratagys to kill him a box same price a range of zombies but not stuff like monsters i mean like different looking zombies rooms to open a range of frazes for non zombies o and ALOT MORE FUN


    The thief doesn’t come after round 5, it comes on any round after you have turned the power on so it can use the teleporters.

    • tonydevo1

      yea all its tryn to do is borrow some change for the pay phone BD

  • carlos

    lame in better

  • anthony

    the cheat code for the new map on cod black ops is 3RC SPACE then type UNLOCK

    • Marion

      That is the code for five smart one!

      • tonydevo1

        u mis spelled it its 3arc unlock ~ must put space btween C and U

  • carlos

    pretty cool but better online with more people and its kind of dumb because you are just waysting your money

  • Michael Fogarty Sucks

    Call of Duty is sooo crap… 🙁

  • hii


  • fuck


    • fuck

      i love you

  • chap chigels

    i killed the thief with a pistal and going up and down the elivator

  • jumbo kabab

    what reatards
    just let hil take a bad gun

    • tonydevo1

      u spelled retards wrong and u spelled him wrong 2

  • oIEvolutionZIo

    When you go down with quick revive you automatically have mustang and sally *headdesks*

    That's the first thing I noticed in single player…

  • IESniper

    hey its me again whats your psn account mine is IESniper we can totally rock on zombies piease add me

    • IESniper


  • IESniper

    hey kevin awesome video invite to be friend please im IESniper whats yours

  • chris

    it was gay he stole my upgraded thunder gun and upgraded ray gun


      If this was in the same round then u are full of crap

  • u can also turn on all the phones and the song wont back down by eminem will play. Pretty awesome.

  • just stay on the middle floor and wen hes chasing someone shoot him and the person needs to keep running. after u kill him. he will drop alot of stuff. i made it to round 25 by unlocking the secret room with pack a punch. 2 people cover windows and the other 2 cover the door.

  • dfbfdb

    its because of mustang ans sally, the guns on the cover of the game
    they are dual wielded rocked M1911s

  • Martin Kent

    Me and my mate killed him on split screen, we activated all the defcons and when we heard the sound letting us know he was cuming we jumped in the teleporter to the packapunch room, then we let him steal my mates gun, i was running round the table in circle while my mate was chasing after him shooting him and eventually he died, can kill him quicker if u got the freeze gun or raygun

  • Amirul

    whats your psn acc? mine amirulzulkifli add yerhhh

  • The w@w maps are worth the money! You can use Black Ops weapons in all four.(You can only get the BO weapons from the Random Box).

  • Ian

    Mustang and sally is what you go down with anymore…..

  • guest

    how can you unlock london terror

  • The w@w maps are worth the money! You can use Black Ops weapons in all four.(You can only get the BO weapons from the Random Box.

  • darraghg

    is der a pack a punch on d 1st one

  • jdowdy

    To Ryaaan87 to get the old zombie maps you have to buy the prestige edition of call of duty black ops it comes with a code for the maps

  • joi

    you have to get the security to level 5 then the teleport takes you to the pack-a-punch machine

  • CokkMunchher

    He is not a hacker or anything.. He was playing on Solo so the power is on at Level 1 and on Solo when you go down you have upgraded Dual Wield pistols. This is what's likely to kill the Thief.

  • Alex

    Does the thief come back in later rounds after you kill him or is he dead forever?

    • tonydevo1

      dead 4 ever

      • tonydevo1

        i mean he cumz bak :O

  • Ryaaan87

    I have got all the maps i bought the ones on world at war and modern warfare and have uncloked the ones on this game how do i go about playin on the four old maps is there something i need to do like prestidge in order to play them??

    • Kees

      maybe you should insert your Cod WAW disk maybe it helps you to play the 4 old maps 😉

      • Ryaaan87

        well i know that but what i want to know is can you play the old zombie maps on the new black ops since it comes up with leaderboards for the games but i cant play them

        • iceman_x5

          Go download it from PSN. Now I'm able to play the old maps on Black Ops, BUT the three gun glitch can't be done anymore. 🙁

    • Jordan

      type in the computer 3arc maps

    • dennis

      you have to have the hardened and prestige edition game in order to unlock the old ones

  • piff

    What the name of that kick ass song??

    • IESniper

      hey its called 115 (kino der toten) by elena siegman

    • 123

      you have to find all the hidden meteors on kinto der toten

  • craig

    dont waste your time after hes got your gun i hit him with neally a full ray gun clip and he was still running and a lot faster then i could

  • that one dude

    i’ve passed level 5 on “Five”. the Thief never came after me before. Also, can someone post the fucking codes to the old zombie maps so I can get them on this game? i don’t want to keep changing my discs out.

    • you have to buy the old maps

    • valco


      • liam

        the pentagon thief doesn't come untill you've turned the power on 🙂

  • willy

    gday willie here again and just wondering how ya go about getting that pack a punch thing on the zombie game because me and me nephew are playing and its just too hard for us those zombies are pretty crafty

    • Esteves

      hey willy im just scroling through the forum and i found your comment, its actually quite easy,once you believe you have enough dough to pack a punch your gun('s) $5000, you must head to the centre of the map, the location where there is one sole teleporter, the stairs and where you buy the mp5k. in tha room you will have to turn on all the defcon switches, they are east to find as they will light up greenin order one after the other. After this is done run through the teleporter (make sure at the same time). you will both be teleported to kennedy's private office area place and the pack a punch will be on the wall. but after one round in this room the pack a punch will dissappear and you will have to leave and repeat the process.

  • wild willy

    how the bloody hell do ya get packapunch weapens is it a cheat u have to type in no barstard tells ya

    • xX Costanzo Xz

      you have to get the power on first then you have to change the DEFCON levels, then jump in to the teleporters until u get into the room werw it is lol iv only done it once and thats how i done it lol hope it works for you

    • idiot

      on solo powers on and when you get revive when your down you got upgraded pistols i got this from this startgy

  • Michael

    I haven’t experienced any of that yet I can’t seem to find that light switch or the mystery box does anyone know where those things are? And how to get to them?

    • tyler

      the mystery box starts on the third floor but can also switch to first and second. and the light swith is on the third floor. as u come out of the elevator take a left in the first hallway then right in the first door and its right there.

  • ryan

    do ur pistols have to be upgraded first?

    • bob

      no when you get down you automatically gives you the pistols

      • mroberts

        no, but you cant keep the pistols after you are revived 🙁

    • kye

      hello can u tell me any cheats? for black ops zomibies ?

      • ur motha

        3ARC type it in after u escape the chair on the menu and go to the computer

    • ZAK


    • PAPmaster


  • MOE


    • nghdu

      there r a lot o glitches

  • qlimax8555475

    he took my virginity

    • AlyGirl

      no that was me 😉

      • IESniper

        thats funny

  • jim

    he took our jobs!!!!

    • Mike

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      • Danny

        He TOOK uR JOB! O_o

  • lilmark01

    he took my upgraded pistol

    • corey

      now that sucks

  • Ryan

    I dont know how you had them cause you had a colt and a mp5 then when you went down you had mustang and sally, whats mustang and sally?, i think they would have to be upgraded guns which is the only reason you killed him, i think your a hacker

    • Daniel

      No, in solo mode when you have quick revive and go down you will auto revive yourself and pull out the mustang and sally. the upgraded pistols. it's just the way it works. try it for yourself if you don't believe me.

    • cory

      because when you get quick revive on 1player when you go down it automatically gives you upgraded pistols which are mustangs and sallys

    • lgt

      thats the pistols you get when you have quick revive unless you have ray gun or winters how

    • PAPmaster

      If u go down on solo zombies, then your guy pulls out sally and mustang, and they are upgraded guns, the're the pack a punched 1911.

  • Ryan

    How is the power on at level 1?

    • vic

      the pentagon isnt a rundown old place. its obviously kept and serviced. thus only the quik revive is available at the first level

      • Ashton

        if you do it solo the quick revive is always there for you

    • me!!

      it wasnt on though.

    • steve

      you can only get the power on solo zombies crap on solo

  • curlybob

    haha i hate that guy he took my upgraded water gun >:(

  • Ethan

    Or u can use death machine that’s how I did it

    • Bobshadow

      How long did it take with a death machine?

  • andy

    or you can just kill him with a upgraded gun, its not hard noobs

    • Tomas

      no duh sherlock

  • sunnie

    Wants you kill the theif it gives you a i forgot what its called and you have a sale for the weapon box and the weapon box is only $10 intill it goes out.

    • mroberts

      when the mystery box is only 10 points its called a fire sale. When the PaP is only 1000 points and the tele's link to it thats called a bonfire sale, you get a bonfire sale by killing the Pentagon Thief before he steals any guns

  • Ppk907

    After the theif is dead does it open up the mystery box? If not how do you use the box for better weapons?

    • bob

      mystery box is always open

      • ppk907

        never found the box yet. havent killed the scientist either

        • 123

          its at the bottom floor in ore of the three rooms look through the windows

    • rachel

      you just keep moving to different rooms until u find it. its in almost every room, but its only unlocked in one room. if u try the mystery box and you get a teddy bear (or maybe its something different in five, but its a teddy bear in kin der toten). the teddy bear makes it move to a different room. it then locks in the room that it was in, but unlocks in another room.

  • Geo

    wow!!!! did not expect that! but why does he die soo fast when your down??

    • alex

      probably because he has no guns 2 take

      • Caleb

        No cause in single player you get two guns that shoot rockets

        • thatguy

          no its because he bought the revive perk which gives you two pistols with exploding rounds when you go down and you get back up in 2 or three seconds.

        • mroberts

          its because you got the quick revive, when ur downed you get Mustang and Sally, dual handguns that shoot grenades, and you get revived afterwards (quick REVIVE, go figure)

  • niggabecool

    does that work on xbobx360

  • pentagon thief

    now i can have my good weps YES

  • katie

    There's an easier way. If the scientist is after someone, that person needs to run and keep running. Don't stop for a second. Everyone else should stay out of the runner's way and stay away from the thief. The thief will give up and go poof, where you then grab the max ammo.

    • conor

      That would work but the thief is 1.5 times faster than any player whilst sprinting, and without the use of teleporters or lift it is impossible to escape by just running away.

      • toxic

        ok for one the thief does not go away you can run for a hour and he will not go and maybe he dose run faster you can still out run by miles if you play it smart the first thing you need to do is if you are the second floor you need to get on the catwalk on the other side of the stairs and if you see him you wait for him to walk up the stair and run in the the other way he came at and your team will shot the red smoke to kill him

        • sniper

          Toxic is right, this tactic has worked for me and my friends every game, just make sure your friends stand next to the walls so the runner doesnt run into them and they just shoot the red numbers or “dust” of the scientist they cant see until he dies

    • he runs fast as shit

  • Quinn

    First !!!!!

    • not first


    • Enlightened

      no… epic fail!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    Would have been awesome if it worked in 4 player does it?

    • lasoo

      it does 4 player

    • ryan

      do ur pistols have to be upgraded?

      • joe

        no your pistols shoot rockets on single player when you have a quick revive

    • stanley

      how did the guy in the video revive him self?? i am confused with that

      • chris

        he had quick revive

      • super bob

        on 2-4 player fast revive makes it so u can get other guys up faster. wats the point of getting it on 1 player than if theres no one to revieve, thats why the changed it, so it will revieve you.

    • Geoff

      it does its amazing but hard no buddy listens

    • kgtg

      dude ok if oon 4 player have 1 person with the pistol dont buy any other gun then when he takes ur pitol u have nothin so u run up to him and punch him thats how ya do it

    • super bob

      yes it dose