Call of Duty: Black Ops Nuketown Map: 9 Secrets Revealed

By Peter Chubb - Nov 14, 2010

A couple of days ago Jamie Pert reported that Nuketown was the worst Call of Duty: Black Ops map, but with 9 new secrets revealed fans of the game have now started to enjoy it. Dan from One of Swords said that this is now his best map, and has shared some of the secrets that he has found.

Those of you who have played the game will know that the map is like a 1950’s town that has been designed for nuclear tests. So lets look at some of the secrets that makes Nuketown cool.

When you walk up to the jeep you will see that it has the same SOG logo as the 2011 Jeep Wrangler Black Ops Edition, which we discussed in a recent post. The funniest thing has to be the two mailboxes, the names says Mason and Woods. Dan warns to knock first, you have to laugh.

Another cool one is the town sign, if you look at the population it changes by how many people are in the map at the time. When you visit the backyard of Mason and Woods you will see a hole in each fence, these are just large enough to send your RC-XD through.

These are just a handful of the secrets; visit One of Sword for more, unless you have anything to add?

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  • i want my cheese burger

    well that suck i just blew my self up NOOOO MY XBOX360

  • froggyfrog109

    camp in the green house behind the dresser thing. I got dogs there

  • Laura

    Actually this is my favorite map, you get mad kills there.

  • Michael

    If you use the crossbow and shoot a manequin in the head, the head will fall off, but the arrow will stay like the head is still there.

  • Danny

    Here are some:
    1) Look at the side of the school bus. You will see "Treyarch Unified School" or something like that. I don't remember.
    2) Look at the mailboxes of the houses outsied of the map. There's only one box that you can see has a visible name, but when you see it watch out for it in the story 🙂
    3) Notice where the manequins in the map are standing. They change almost everytime you go to the map. For instance, there's a swing set in the back of one of the houses. Sometimes you'll see a man standing behind the swing, but other times you'll see his "wife" sitting on the swing infront of him. I wonder why they're always being moved.
    4) I've heard that if you use a flame thrower at a manequin it'll melt. I don't know if it's true but if you wanna know try it yourself.

    • Ray

      One time my friend and I was playing against eachother and i called a napalm strike and it hit a manequin. Its head mealted and came back and it kept doing this then it had two flaming heads.

  • it's a good map if your team stays in their own spawn….if your team mates run into the spawn the other team has no where else to respawn but in your spawn….reason for that is they wanted to minimize spawn killing so if you get those one or two spawn kills, it's at the expense of your teammates getting shot in the back

  • saz

    And when you do get this map, everyone votes it in over and over forcing you to leave the lobby

  • Eric

    I don’t know how this redeems it as a map. nifty, but still a terrible map where u spawn right in front of ur enemies guns lol

  • zach

    dont taze me bro

    • Guest

      haha 😉

  • Guest