Black Ops Cheats: Using COD Zombie Computer Codes?

There are many different types of COD Black Ops cheats, some that help you kill “Pentagon Thief”, others will unlock all Intel or all the zombie maps using an unlock code – not those with Prestige Edition – and in-game cheats that give you more than two weapons in Black Ops zombie mode.

It’s interesting that many players did not know you could look around while at the main menu, although doing so is how you get to the computer for entering unlock codes, which is done after breaking out of your restraints (see image below).

We wanted to run a quick poll to see how many of our readers are using the computer codes to unlock certain features, for those that will answer no to the poll, you can see an image of the computer in the screenshot below.

The poll is just below, so give us a quick answer with a yes or no. Using the computer may be seen as cheating, but its not the same as certain in-game glitches that help you do some pretty amazing cheats (feel free to comment on these).

[poll id=”279″]



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