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Xbox Kinect: Waiting On Black Friday Deals?

The Microsoft Kinect has been out for a couple of days now, and the device has got mixed reviews from some quarters. We have even seen the device hacked with an open source driver now available. There have even been some people questioning how young children will manage when using the device.

We are now seeing the holiday shopping season beginning in earnest, with some amazing deals surfacing so far. Microsoft has released the Kinect at a good time of year as it will surely be on a lot of gamers’ wish lists.

Currently the Kinect is available for $149 and comes with Kinect Adventures bundled with it. So far we have not seen any Black Friday deals for the Kinect but that could change at any time. A lot of Xbox 360 owners may be waiting for such deals to surface before taking the plunge with the motion controller.

Are you waiting for Black Friday deals before you purchase the Kinect?



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