Westinghouse 42″ Class LED HDTV LD-4255VX: Best Buy Ad

By Gary Johnson - Nov 13, 2010

We are now seeing the Best Buy Black Friday 2010 ad scans leaking onto the internet, with some great deals being shown. If a new HDTV is on your shopping list this holiday season look no further than the Westinghouse 42” Class LED HDTV LD-4255VX.

The current selling price for this neat looking TV is $999, but will be available on Black Friday for the great price of $649.99. For your money you get a 1080p TV with a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, SRS TruSurround system which provides a virtual sound experience. With the TV you get a stand, remote, power cord, and manual.

It has an ultra slim design measuring 1-3/4” deep making it ideal for wall mounting. Inputs include 2 HDMI, 1 PC, 1 component video, 1 RF antenna, and 1 composite. There is also a USB port for quick connection of a digital camera or other USB devices.

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  • Judy Hardeman

    We just purchased a westinghouse ld4255 42 ich tv. Want to know if it is a good product or should we take it back. We purchased it at Menards. There have been a number of complaints online about certain models I hope they were not ours.

  • Bob O

    I bought the 42 inch LD-4255 and love the picture quality, and it was easy to set up.
    Paid $558.00 at CostCo
    Only down-side in my view is that when changing channels, there is a 2.5 second lag from pressing the "next channel" button, to its actually showing up on the screen. Bad news for a channel hopper like me. Otherwise, a good-looking picture. Internal speaker sound is marginal, but I plugged it into my home stereo and that is taken care of.

  • Matt

    I think one would be surprised at the difference in the two tv's. 60hz is going to very disappointing to those of you who do not know the difference, especially if you are planning on watching anything with any action, like sports or movies. The picture will seem lag. To me if I am going to be spending 300 dollars why not get the 2in and double the refresh rate along with the newer technology in the LED that will be more efficient and last longer.

  • black friday

    on top of the 2 more inches and 120hz, led's use 40% less energy and last longer than normal lcd tvs, you also get a better contrast ratio and better picture. so if you pay 10 dollars a month for an lcd it would be 6 for an led leading to a savings of 48 dollars a year. so if you have the tv for more than 7 years you get your money back and the bigger screen 120 hz etc…

  • guest

    There is some market confusion! Both the Target and Best Buy TVs discussed in this articles have LCD screens. The Best Buy 'LED' TV is still LCD!!! It just has a lot of white LEDs to provide the needed backlight instead of a long white florescent tube. White LED backlight is said to provide richer and truer color rendering than a white florescent backlight.
    When large-screen Organic LED (OLED) TVs come out, they WILL be TRUE LED TVs – not LCD at all. But don't look at one though, or you will want to throw rocks at anything else.

  • Bryan

    Not completely a fail, this BB TV is 120Hz, LED and Larger. Where as Targets is 60Hz, LCD, and slightly smaller, but it does have more inputs, an extra HDMI and component. I got to agree with you though I really don't think it's worth the $350 difference, especially for a "budget" brand like Westinghouse.

  • TattoozNTech

    FAIL!! the Westinghose 40" from Target will be just under $300! is 2 inches worth $350??! um, i think not! way to try to be relevant Best Buy! LMAO! someone in the marketing dept of BB dropped the ball on this one! oops…

    • Mike

      The difference is the Westinghouse 40" from Target is 60Hz and the 42" from Best Best Buy is 120 Hz. You are paying for 2 more inches and double the refresh rate.