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Samsung Epic 4G: Android 2.2 Froyo – Download Unofficial Update

We have some good news for Samsung Epic 4G owners who don’t want to wait for Samsung to push out their Android 2.2 Froyo update officially, as it has been confirmed that a new Froyo build has been released for the device and it’s available to download now.

As reported from Engadget, the new update has been labelled as the ‘Froyo DJ29’ build, and has already been pre-rooted thanks to the guys over at the XDA Developers Forums.

However, those of you who browse the internet regularly on your Epic 4G may want to hold off from updating to Froyo DJ29 for a while, as one of the known problems detailed on the XDA Forums is slower browsing speed. Hopefully this will be fixed up though with a swift patch.

Judging by the feedback on the XDA Forums, this looks like a perfectly good, and working Froyo update for the Epic 4G. If you’re interested in downloading this, head to the links above to get it. As always, let us know your feedback afterwards so others can try it out.


  • Jessie Dechico

    If I downloaded the froyo update from xda, will I still be able to get the officail update from sprint on my epic?

  • Marcus O.

    Installed the "unofficial" update on my Epic and it simply works. I also installed the Opera Mini browser and have not noticed any significant speed issues. The only quirk is that the applications are not sorted alphabetically when using the icon view. The application list view sorts alphabetically. Still testing…

    • milton

      hello, when you are in the app drawer hit the menu key to select edit then hit the menu key again..

  • Chad

    Do we have a CONFIRMED date for the offical release date yet? I need to be able to use on my phone and i get the Flash 9 error on my screen when i do. just want to jam out harder than pandora allows me to!!

  • belovedson

    i think most are awaiting the official. that is due sometime in the next…………

  • Any Samsung tablets compatible with a Torch9800 until a playbook arrives ?


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