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Robert Louis Stevenson Quotes: Shocking App

I can understand that fans of Robert Louis Stevenson would want to download an app with his complete works; such as the one we mentioned this morning for Android. However, I was completely surprised with the app available on iTunes that is full of the writer’s quotes.

This application has a large number of quotes from Stevenson, so whenever you want to make yourself happy, just open the app and pull out a quote at random. I hope you can sense the sarcasms there?

You have to love how Brighthouse Labs describes the app on iTunes, by saying that you can enjoy “Robert Louis Stevenson quotes while you’re on the go.” I just cannot seem to get my head around this one, there seems to be no purpose to it.

That’s not the worst part, they want $1.99 for this, and there have not been any updates in 11 months. I am all for celebrating the life of Robert like Google has done – as it would have been his 160th birthday today – so choose the Android app that we previously mentioned instead.


  • too funny

    lol, I can think of more "shocking apps" as you put it! I can also think of ones with far less "purpose" and usefulness. Really, a bit on the dramatic side don't you think?

  • iqra

    hey happy birth day hope you have fun goo bye


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