iOS 4.2 Update: Disappointed with Delay?

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2010

As most of you are probably aware, Apple has seemingly delayed the release of their iOS 4.2 update due to a last minute WiFi connection bug on the iPad. Considering that we all thought it would land on Friday – are you disappointed with the situation?

The good news is, Apple has already released an updated GM build of iOS 4.2 fixing the WiFi problem, meaning that iOS 4.2 is almost certain to release sometime next week. The iOS 4.2 update will add various new functionality to the iPhone and iPod Touch, but the update is more inclined for iPad users, with added features such as Airplay and Airprint.

It’s a shame that Apple didn’t fix up this bug sooner, but at least they have identified and removed the problem already. We still don’t have a solid release date for the update, but reports are suggesting that Tuesday 16th November is the magic date.

What are your thoughts on the iOS 4.2 situation? Are you disappointed that it didn’t come out on Friday?

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  • Kooper

    I'm actually happy it's being delayed – I've got the GM running on my iPad, and trust me, the wifi is infuriating – you have to go to settings every five minutes and turn the wifi on and off!

  • jonathon savill

    im really glad its coming at all. I love my ipad and there is a breakout to let it run android as well. I cant even imagine living without mine.

    its a free upgrade and it will improve the perfomance of something already brilliant.

  • Sarah J

    There’s no delay. If you would stop wasting our time with all your fabricated posts that are completely made up, than nobody would think that there is a delay. All these bullshite posts are just to get page hits. Shame on you. You thirive on the lowest form a Pseudo-Journalism there is.

  • Better to not release an upgrade with problems! JMO

  • docbike

    Better to arrive late than arrive BROKEN! JMO

  • Leonnyc

    Please ask apple to fix battery gate issues in iphones for godsakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    I would rather it be late than broken.

    • Billy

      Totally agree, I am sure it will be well worth the delay. Let those with GM copies hammer out all the wrinkles! 🙂

  • Can't see how its delayed as its still November and thats when they said it would drop. Never got any more concrete than that, just a bunch of rumours floating around the web all quoting each other. Personally, I'm over the whole iPad thing anyway, 1/2 the games that come out don't work properly, Apple's quality control on the apps we pay good money for is crap.

    • bday

      ist better then Verizons app crap