COD Black Ops Zombies Glitch: Kino Der Toten Map

By Jamie Pert - Nov 13, 2010

If you have been struggling with the Kino Der Toten Zombie map on Black Ops we have come across a glitch which will make things a lot easier, however, personally I wouldn’t do it as I feel once you cheat it ruins the game.

We have embedded a video at the end of this post, as you can see it requires you and your teammates to stand in certain positions, if you get it right it seems as if it confuses the zombies and they don’t know which route to take.

The glitch allows you to pick off zombies easily and collect the money to buy all of the weapons, however be warned it does not work against dog waves.

To be honest it is pretty hard to explain where you should stand, so watch the video below and all should become clear.

We would love to hear if this glitch worked for you, therefore give it a try and come back to let us know if it worked.

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  • reana

    it a awsome glitch

  • roey

    @BELOW i did this it works and got to round 50 lol

  • harrison

    and it doesnt work..

    • reana

      yeah it does

  • harrison

    round 200 no glicht

  • BOBYretardedgoitches


  • alex such

    new glitch invincible buy top door and go to the barrier nearest to the next door then throw a grenade, but have zombie near you you must get hit from the grenade and a zombies should go through you. 18/10/12

  • Theawesomeguy

    For dogs, the door to the right of the room you start in, go there, and the room with the green glow, that’s were I go for dog waves, it’s pretty damn intense to get there when you realise a dog round is coming, my only advice for that, is to keep track of the round number, but, it’s PERFECT for Dog Waves.

  • Jasoncribb

    everyone thats posting glitches onto websites need to stop and just spread it a way that it wont get patched!  Maybe use the PRIVATE CHAT FEATURE!!!!

  • Bossshit21

    im da best zombies player in da world numbers say it all.(no cheats) check it out MuRdErFaFuN.sorry ppl will get delete.PS3

  • zombiesmaster

    And the yellow tubes bring u back to life cuz no one was around me and I just stood up

  • zombiesmaster

    I got to round 47 not glitching

  • sniper_man_567

    any one know about glowing yellow tubes i saw someone pic them up well i was spectating

  • sniper_man_567

    any one know about glowing yellow tubes i saw someone pic them up well i was spectating

  • Mikegoines

    i got to level 31 without using any glitches and/or cheats. just me and another badass zombie killer. gamer tag : Tombzter on xbox 360. i play all the time , hit me up with a message or something if u want to get down. its all in the strategy u use.

    • reece

      can u send me a frend request if so my name for xbox is reecedogwhite like that

  • beep


  • ethan

    well i got up 2 level 22 online kino der toten online pretty simply. first stay in the main area and build up ur money till u get at least over 5000 points. make sure ur not still there in the dog round. so then open the top door. NEVER OPEN THE BOTTEM TILL LEVEL 13 AT LEAST. then go open the other door in that room. go to the bottom of the stairs on the right an get the mp40. open the other two doors turn the power on and ur in the theatre. make sure u have over 5000 points before u use the teleporter. so then u use the teleporter than packer punch the mp40 and it is good from then.(u also should packer punch the ray gun and the thunder gun).

  • god

    first off, black ops is not whack, second why not just play without cheats?

    • 1335

      if you dont have x boxs live its harder to survive the rounds

  • tork

    is there somewhere else where i can watch the video for this glitch?

  • On kino buy two guns (no pistols or it wont work) then get enough points to unlock all the doors until the theater room. leave one zombie and let it hit you then buy the bowie knife and get hit again while you are twriling it around and when you get revived you will not be holding anything. buy another gun and you will have 3 =)

    • so is that tru that glitch wher eu get 3 guns cuz me trying it after me done eating!



  • Chance

    Personaly i love black ops, but they need to make the multiplayer like WaW they need to add all the blood and gore!! Like blowing peoples legs off.

  • MEH


  • Wyatt Ross

    Zombies needs a campaign badly. i understand the story fine but its so complicated friends don't believe me.

    • revanant 123

      Me and my brother were thinking that it would be sweet if right when you click zombies on the main menu, you can break out of the chair, grab a gun, and go on some sort of campaign.

    • nohbody

      the idea of zombies tha started in world at war was the theory that the nazi party tried, and they did actaully try, to make super soldiers, zombies, psychic spies, things of that nature. Thatmade a fun little extra at the end of world at war when your in the house of the damn. now in black ops they take zombies to different locations that have no place in germany where these zombieswould come from. except the cinema, that could make since, but all zombies is, is a way to just get friends together and shoot off heads in a co-op fight for your life scenerio. now the nova gas zombies are overkill and not worth it but thats pretty mutch the history behind zombies

  • conor

    dude i totally agree with you. the story line behind the whole zombies game is just crazy. for starters you have to find cheats to get the story and when you do its still crazy as heel to understand it. they should just make a zombies campaign cut out all the extra little crap they keep adding.

  • NavyChick10

    Dude! This has happened to me like 3 times and I didn’t know what was going on!

    There is another glich, though. If you haven’t heard, get one of your teammates

    to go into prone it the right corner behind the bar. Get another teammate to run

    and jump on top of him. It may take a couple of tries but if you jump right, both

    of them should die so revive them. Do it again in the corner beside the window that

    is completely black to the left of you when you first start. If you

    do this you will get so many extra power ups then you would normally

    get during the game. It really helps a lot! I would like to know more

    if ya’ll know anymore! ; )

    • udontgottaknow

      okay its not the corner behind the bar its the power box. go prone under it and it opens. then the prone persons head has to be right under da box. dive unto their head and do the rest of what he said

    • xXPureXx

      You don't get a single extra power up from this… I'm sick of hearing about this bull crap. You get 1 on the first round, around 3 on the second, and from then on, it's pretty random. Reason that most people even try doing this is because they just started and haven't played past round 5 to being with, so they would think they're getting more. Stop spreading this, please.

    • Z0mb13Slay3r

      hehe you should try it next to the mystery box ;D

    • Z0mb13Slay3r

      wait, i was thinking of a different glitch, jumping onto your teammate while he is prone, jump on him and you should be inside eachother and then the zombies will not hit you at all.

    • this does work pat round 2 and damnit would you quit posting glitches to websites that is how they patch stuff activision is already watching these sites they took down the video just let it spread by word of mouth thataway trearch and activision cant patch

    • Mikegoines

      yeah and the zombies get hardcore and faster too

  • vipmaster

    ok and this is to the black ops and mw2 debate, blakc osp looks just like world at war, they took away quickscoping to, they went overboard with the buying perks not only three challenges to get pro u have to buy pro to, world at war had hacks and evrything give black ops some time, also the black ops damge system is crazy tell me how you can fire a whole ak74 clip into someone and it not kill them i asked for black ops not halo, yea you got theater mode so what i had no problem recording my games when i wanted to, wager matches big whoop thts for people who cant get money by playin the game i already see people with aimbots already, see mw2 was more secure about aimbots and modders they had lots of patches they banned jtags and accounts more than 1 mill players got banned this year form xbox due to hacks, see they monitor it treyarchs puts zombies in it and they have a hugeee story along wif it but the game is still endlesss??? u cnt win why not make a zombie story mode for all the maps since the old maps are in it to, sorry but black ops needs alot more updating before you can even say its better than mw2, i like black ops but its not as good as mw2, mw2 is more realistic

    • udontgottaknow

      if i wanted to be realistic i would go outside but when i play games i dont care if i can crush a tank with my bare hands or die from one pistol bullet.

    • guest

      Yeah, i love modern warfare 2 but i really like the zombies, i hate glitching, but i love the kool jump where you just… fly in the air when you hold down B. MW2 is epic, but im more of a Black Ops guy, wager matches are fun, i dont give a s**t about the money, i just love gun game and i love 1 in the chamber. I dont give a rats @$$ if you say im dumb, im just saying…

    • ok first off the only reason it takes you a entire clip of an ak74 is because you probably have no aim and you spray like a *****  second nobody plays wager match for the money they play them because theyre a fun twist than just continuosly blowing people away with the same gun over and over again 75% of BO players only play player matches is to get enough money to play wager matches the only time i for real played team deathmatch was the first day i got it  so i could play gun game all the other times i played was to get my guests enough points to play with me and while their racking up points i just run around knifing everybody the only time i have ever bee noobtubed is in a gun game on the china lake i play team deathmatch so my friends can play gungame a lot and there is never a nuoobtube kill on the killfeed and as far as the aim bots that is only in private matches in player matches theyre banned plus aimbot on bo is nothing like mw2 mw2 aim bot youcan shoot anywhere and it will hit somebody bo just makes the crosshairs smaller the only reason you like mw2 more is because u suck b@lls at black ops and it is harder that is why all the noobs play mw2….. when i used to play mw2 i got noobtubed at least 5 times a match…..

  • jim

    Why use a glitch to get far on zombies?? the fun of the game is killing as many as you can and surviving as long as you can.. I can hit round 40 by myself no glitches, no help, just me..All these people who get to round 70 or more they wouldnt last 20 rounds playing the game the way it should be pleayed..

    • vipmaster

      dude you cant survive round 70 glitching cause you wouldint have enough time to stadn in those postitions being chased and thered be too many chasin one person theyd get you when yous topped, and the peoplp tht reach 99 are hacks casue treyarch even said that by round 55-up itll take at least 5 hits wif the ray gun to kill them, somtimes 4 and the zombies just absorb them, also oyu have to get lucky weapons to last round 40 zombies is all about luck man mostly

      • deuth

        if you know what to do getting to round 40 is nothing all it takes is knowing how many hits u can take with jugger nog and by then you should have pack a punched both weapons and got everything you need to survive that many rounds

    • James

      Because some of us can't get that far alone and would like to see how crazy it is on the farther levels.

    • dylan

      i only got to round 32 not glitching, good for you!

  • daniel

    wow i got to wave 70 using the whole jump on turret thing

    • .jc

      o your a hard ass dude because you cheaat an dont play the game right

  • EZ1E

    how bout you just play the game you don need cheats im ranked in the 4000 level 38 its not that hard

  • ethan

    Black ops kino der toten infinite gun glitch for full tutorial check out my channel and if you like subscribe and like my videos this is not patched so hurry
    Black ops kino der toten infinite gun glitch for full tutorial check out my channel and if you like subscribe and like my videos this is not patched so hurry

    • ibbstar

      hey geezz
      so tell me about the infinite gun clitch please


      • shoota

        tell me bout the ammo glitch

    • daniel

      whats your channel

    • Tom

      What channel are you on and how do you get infinite gun on kino der toten?

  • Mr.Black ops13

    Yea I know of that one but im looking for one where u can be untouchable and can rack up serious points

    • udontgottaknow

      i know one on ive. go to middle level top floor and make a crawler. go next to the computer desk that has 2 levels jump up right before the crawler hits you and you should land up there. climb onto the higher part and keep off the edge……buy juggernog before you atttempt this

  • Yo mama

    you all are pretty retarded, black ops is way better advanced, you got theater mode, and you can wage, and you can create your own emblem, yeah you really dont need to EARN camo for your gun or titles and what not but some things about black ops is better and some arnt, if mod war 3 had zombies it would be kick @$$, from my views black ops had more time spent into it then mod war 2.

    • Midge

      They stole the Theater mode, screenshots, fileshare, community videos, etc. from Halo. =/

      • Dan

        they might of but wouldnt u agree it makes it better? so why not steal it

    • -M.

      All the things spoken are unavailable unless youre online.

  • YouDontNeedToKnow

    lol bass27 and i heard there was a gltch in Five which allows u to be invinsible if u jump on the window than the table

    • ryan

      not invisible just invincible… can stay up there forever

      • dan

        Is it really possible then, i can only get 1 board up then it pushes away when i jump a second time

        • hillary

          They fixed it, you can't do it anymore.

  • haslflo

    I really dont snap joe messega why you post;)

    • MIKE


  • bass27

    MW2 is way better than Black Ops. Come out with a MW3 and ill play that im selling my copy of black ops any takers ill start the bidding at 1 dollor

    • dollorbill

      shows how intelligent you are, 1 dollor. Fucking pathetic

    • oh yeah

      spell dollar rite and ill buy it

    • -M.

      ill 2nd that n sell my own copy of black ops!
      Were it not for zombies, i would break this POS game!
      To hell w.treyarch

    • 979 627 7161

      hell yeah finnaly someone with some sense mw2 all the way if only they had nazi zombies but i like the museum level

    • spencer

      bull black ops is the best

  • xxLynch92xx

    black ops is so wack



  • zombi3 kill3r 32

    black ops is one of the most awesome games i have ever played

  • jhon


    • Cpl. Curbstomp

      Skeet indeed

  • codboz

    jamie pert is there a way you could tell me a hint on how many poimts i should get on "five" before i unlock the elevator and what guns

    • neilmc2

      4250 to get the power on, knife for 2 rounds then open dor and use mpl for 2-3 rounds aim for head with mpl or 3 body shots then knife
      if you want to save points, buy m14, fire one less shot that the round number is then knife (if it is round 4, fire 3 shots to chest then knife) do this to round 5, but it will be hard

    • Buda1

      i say yu shudd stay in tha first room for about 5 rounds and rack up easy pionts… i knifed all zombies for 4 rounds bout a rifle on tha 5th round shot a few and still knifing them also then after tha 5th round headed all the way down to turn on the power… also picking up the pumpaction shotgun along the way…. BEWARE!!! after round 5 the Mad Scientist guy will start appearing…. So yur best bet is to turn on the power and get all defcons on and head to tha PAP ROOM rack up pionts tuh putt yur gun in tha PAP yu will need 5000 pionts to put a weapon in…(without Glitches) there is a glitch to kill the Mad Scientist with 1 shot and to be able to put a weapon in tha PAP for just 1000 pionts…

  • TapeDeckChris


  • blueberrypie=)

    im really anoying haha

  • blueberrypie=)

    holy chesee and craker jacks

  • blueberrypie=)

    holy chesse and craker jacks

  • wesley

    video no longer active

  • What video?

    • Jamie Pert

      can u not see the embedded video?

    • lee

      better glitch is in the theater where the turret gun is, stand with your back to the turrent up the few steps, get a crawler to attack you and jump up, it will allow you to get onto the turrent similar to shotgun jump and once up there you cant be killed

      • blag

        how do u do tht ??