CoD Black Ops: Should Multiplayer Unlock Achievements / Trophies?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 13, 2010

It would be fair to say that multiplayer gaming has moved on a lot since the 2006 release of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, however I do sometimes wish that Call of Duty games borrowed an idea from this game (and others), which is giving players achievements/trophies to aim for which have to be unlocked in multiplayer modes.

Obviously when people play online in Black Ops they can prestige, complete challenges and contracts and save up money to buy new weapons, perks and killstreak rewards etc, however I think that most (if not all) Black Ops gamers would love to aim for achievements/trophies as well.

Let’s look at some of GRAW’s achievements (all can be seen here), Get a total of 10,000 kills in multiplayer, Get a career total of 500 head shots in multiplayer and Shoot down 100 helicopters in multiplayer.

By adding these achievements to Black Ops I feel gamers would mix up their styles and perhaps try out different game modes, which will certainly promote different styles of gameplay and perk setups.

What multiplayer-centric achievements would you like to have seen in Black Ops? Below are some that I would like….

– Reach 15th prestige
– Win one of every multiplayer game mode type
– Get a career total of 1000 headshots
– Get a killstreak of 25
– Win 15 matches in a row

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  • Sylis

    My main problem with Achievements in Multiplayer games is that once the online community is gone, it would be close to impossible to get some of those Achievements or Trophies. I think it was Bad Company that has one like get 100,000 kills or something like that, and my brother can't get that trophy because when he got the game as a gift when BC2 came out, so pretty much he won't be getting 100% on that game. So while I like the idea of some achievements in multiplayer, I don't want to see insane ones because if you don't get the game right when it comes out, good chance is that you aren't getting them all.

  • Ezra

    Ok so my CoD Black ops has all unlocks unlocked and not possibility to gain levels how do I fix this?

  • growltiger

    Beyond basic participation achievements (reach level whatever, play one of every game type, etc.), I do not favor skill achievements for multiplayer. Granted, Call of Duty has a huge installation base, but there are a number of games I have purchased well after their release that I do not have a prayer of achieving 100% completion because the multiplayer base has become like appointment only.

    The other side of the coin is skill mismatch. Take a hyper-competitive user base as found in Halo 3 and so the gamer finds the skill based achievements out-of-reach unless that gamer wants to spend an inordinate amount of time playing the game. Achievements should be rewarded for dedication but not surrendering one's life to a game.

    I think the system of offering in game rewards such as found in Modern Warfare 2 a nice accommodation for those who favor the multiplayer experience. I spent hours and hours playing multiplayer. It was fun working the in-game challenges. And I was pleased that I could start my multiplayer experience knowing that 100% accomplishment of the game achievements was done and there was no pressure to game the multiplayer system in order to acquire this achievement or that.

  • derrell

    My favorite level is moonlite! I cnt stop playing this game right now im on it and typing at the same time this is ery hard

  • I agree more highly targeted achievements and trophies would be a definite plus for the game and give the players something to work towards, not sure why they've been so basic on some of the recent video game releases.

  • Jason V

    I’m 50/50 on it. The main reason I think it’s not commonplace in FPS games is that online play is not accessible to everyone. Part of the allure of trophy hunting is the accessibility. Offering Multiplayer trophies puts a player without an Internet connection at a disadvantage. I personally am a completionist with these types of games. I don’t set out to be best…I set out to try to complete games 100%. It wouldn’t be fair to some players that play that way for them not to be able to complete a game completely. It is frustrating for players that do play not to offer it though. I’m currently 8th prestige with 65% if my titles and emblems unlocked in MW2. I’ve played fair and haven’t cheated one second of any game to do it. I’d like to showcase that in some way on my profile other than within the game only. The time and effort put into it is pointless unless MW2 is spinning in the tray.

  • About the "Win 15 Matches in a Row", wouldn't that be easy? I have a win streak of 19 already, but I don't know why, I lost some matches already. :/