COD Black Ops Cheats: Unlock Zombies Song – Der Riese

Like all games, Call of Duty Black Ops has some hidden “Easter eggs”, and we have some information on one for you. This great little cheat will help you unlock the Zombies Song – Der Riese. This little gem can be found in the Kino der Toten map.

In order to play this song you will need to find and interact with three meteorite rocks that have been hidden throughout the map. The moment that you have done so with all three your character will let you know by making some remark.

Strength Gamer has provided you with details on where to locate each rock. The first is near the staircases in the beginning of the map, the second is to the left of the theater after the alley. The final rock can be found in the dressing room.

For more details on this view the video below, you will even get to see and hear what happens once all have been activated. Was this a good ‘Easter Egg’ or an anti climax?



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