Call of Duty Black Ops: XP and CoD Points – How to Rank Up Quickly

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2010

For those of you who are new to the Call of Duty franchise and are looking for tips on how to rank up quickly in Black Ops, we have found a very useful article for you to check out, which will help you on this.

The article comes courtesy of GamerCrave, as they have provided their tips for gaining XP as well as Call of Duty Points (CP) more quickly than usual.

Firstly, players should head to a previous tutorial they set up for ranking up quick in Modern Warfare 2, as they say the basic system for leveling up in Black Ops also applies. You can find that tutorial here.

After you’ve read that, they advise players to take out as many contracts as possible, but avoid taking challenges as they don’t pay out CP, only XP. Their best tip probably lies in the part about Headquarters mode, as they suggest players should just play this to rack up as many kills as possible, rather than complete the objectives in this mode. Doing this will gain a large amount of CP and XP in one swoop and you’ll find yourself ranking up much more quickly.

To read their full guide and to hear further tips on Wager Match betting, head to their article above. If you have any tips of your own on how to get XP and CP quickly, leave us a comment below.

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  • ID NightTempler

    I like to run and shoot as much as the next guy. But all that runing makes me tired after a while. So I just camp for a while and shoot the runers when they come by. It's not easy. It takes some skill. You have to lead them just right. Some of those bugers are fast. You know what I mean? 🙂 See you on the battle field.

    ID NightTempler

  • KipSiam

    @vuilnisbak all weapons u named that are overpowered really aren't it still takes some skill just like your peeshooter to master. I mean u van even run around with a WA2000 and get a shitload of kills. Its just a matter of adepting to certain playstyles and weapons once u know how to adept … U will hunt everone down.


  • Cock


  • vuilnisbak

    camping is the only way to get alot of kills with a weapon like the dragnunov (my favourite weapon = dragunov silenced –> k/d: 2.36 ).__I like to use the hardly visible spots as it makes me totally invisible with the ghillie suit.__effective sniping is harder to learn than running around with a f*cking famas or AK47u, cuz sniping/ hiding doesn't ensure that you don't get killed. __It's important, 'to leave your spot after killing someone, cuz he'll watch the killcam, comes back and rapes you!____my opinion: guys who hate campers/ snipers are jealous cuz they can't play like a real soldier!
    run n' gun isn't hard with a overpowered weapon like the fames, commando, ak74u, aug, galil or such weapons! try m14, fn fal, g11, dragunov, pm63, uzi, RPk or something!
    It makes the game more enjoyable!

    (sorry for my bad English, im dutch)

  • russell

    how do i get ranked on leader boards?

    • giggity

      by touching yourself

  • russell

    how do i get ranked on the leader boards?

  • billy

    i will poop on ur chest

  • Devon

    claymores are not invisible you retards if you have hacker you can see them almost across the map through walls. by the way props for me for actually spelling all my words correctly noobs

  • simon

    Campeing is good 4 sniping and nothing else

  • mattjones

    camping is awesome

  • devon is retarded

    props isnt a word fuckwit

  • Deep Throat Receiver

    Skorpion powns

    Undeniably the best low level smg

    Camera spike is great for campers

    Killing with the tomahawk takes pure skill

    M1911 is in my opinion the best pistol

    You boosters can suck it, no tac insert in free-for-all

    Drop shotting sucks without tactical

    I love the ballistic knife

    Claymores are now overpowered


  • DarkInsp

    I dont hate campers. I love killing them

    Camping is a defensive move, so dont hate if your used to offence.

  • cock huge


  • Matt


  • Captain Objective

    Great, they are advising more punks to camp in corners racking up kills and ignoring an objective based game.

  • Poon