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Call of Duty Black Ops: Is It Your Full Time Job?

Now the dust has settled a little since Call of Duty Black Ops was first released, how long are people spending playing the game? For some it is for many hours like a TSA security guard at Reagan National Airport, Will Durren who said “I’ve been playing about five hours, maybe six.”

After clearing his throat he added “Honestly, yesterday I played from 2 p.m. until 11 at night.” This won’t be uncommon amongst players of the seventh installment of the franchise. The game has the voices of stars such as Gary Oldman, Ed Harris, and Sam Worthington, and you can even be President Kennedy.

All over the country people have gone missing while they enjoy Black Ops, maybe this was the reason the term ‘man cave’ was dreamt up, even though many women play too. An e-mail discussion group at Montgomery County high school had parents worried about children missing classes to play the game.

Source: The Washington Post.

Are you playing Black Ops for hours at a time?



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