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Apple iTunes 10.1 Download LIVE: iOS 4.2 Release?

Waiting for iOS 4.2 on the Apple iPhone will have annoyed some people, but nowhere near as much as iPad owners who have had the same iOS version for a long time. Hearing that the iOS 4.2 release was yesterday had people clicking the update button several times, only to find out that it’s been delayed.

Last hopes were with the iTunes 10.1 download that did go live that same day, and some users thought an update for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch could show after they had the latest iTunes, this was not to be.

The latest iTunes update includes AirPlay support, performance and stability improvements, and will work with iOS 4.2 when it’s released. You can read full details on for what’s new in iTunes. If you have not updated to iTunes 10.1 yet or wonder what’s new, check out this article on 5 things to know about the latest release.

The rumored “new” release date for iOS 4.2 has been questioned, and we may not have any solid release date for iOS 4.2 at the time of writing. So where does this leave those wanting the latest iOS? You could give in to the Gold Master version, which has had the Wi-Fi problem fixed that caused a delay, or hold out even longer until Apple give the official word.

For iOS 4.2, the release remains a mystery.


  • evilbeast3

    yeah it is finally released…now waiting for ios 4.2…..gotta unlock by 3g baseband 5.14.02

  • Dilan

    no its not

  • nick

    its released now yay!!!

    • joshua

      what is?


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