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Another Robert Louis Stevenson App

You will know by now that today is the 160th birthday of Robert Louis Stevenson, as he is today’s Google Doodle, which we discussed in a recent post. We have already looked at one app, but as this was for iOS with thought we would take a look at one for Android.

The ‘Works of Robert Louis Stevenson’ was originally created for use on the Kindle, but is perfect for Google Android devices. You can sort through Stevenson’s works with ease, as they are all in chronologically order and have been indexed alphabetically, this makes it so easy to find what book you want to read.

Looking at the novels we can see that there are 11 in total, with 4 Short story collections, 6 short stories, 5 travel writings, 13 non-fiction works, 7 poems and finally 4 plays written by Stevenson and W. E. Henley.

After looking through some of the other apps available for Android and iOS, this looks to be the most complete of them all; what better way to celebrate the life of this Scottish writer? For more details visit Android Handster.


  • Happy Birthday Robert Louis Stevenson! Just in time for Robert Louis Stevenson's birthday we launched a completely different type of iPad/iPhone version of Treasure Island with historic significance. The app represents the first ever 3D Audiobook (of any book) and the pictures were all restored from antique copies of Treasure Island with permission from the University of MN Children's Literature Archives, which are now viewed through a completely modern 3D Pop-up that kids can control. You can see the app here:


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