World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Quest Rewards – Better Looking Gear Sets

By Jamie Pert - Nov 12, 2010

As you all know, the release date for WoW Cataclysm is slowly creeping up on us, and I bet some of you are dying to know what the new gear looks like during the levelling process. So here we are, no more stupid looking frocks, gowns and miscolored chest pieces. Say hello to the new quest rewards for gear.

The idea behind the new gear sets is divided into several zones that you level up in Cataclysm, meaning that we get gear that does not look out of place when going from one zone to the next. The only way that it changes is when we reach new leveling milstones, e.g. from 20-30, we will have one gear set, then from 30-40 we will have another.

Thank god for WoW Joystiq, who have gone to the liberty of providing us with images of every set you can expect to see from 1-60. You can see these below.

Just a shame they haven’t changed the gear sets from Outland and upwards yet…

Source: WoW Joystiq

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    OMG blizzard siding with the majority of their paying customer base.. Who could of fathomed?!

  • Chris

    What is the point of having the set when you’ll replace is immediately. God every patch blizzard just sides more and more with the casuals and rpers when they should be focusing on gameplay and balancing pvp and pve so I don’t have to reroll every patch.