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Verizon iPhone 5 or iPad 2 – Apple Gift Cards

What do you buy the person who has everything? This is a question that will enter the minds of people that need to buy a gift for than person that has both money, and every gadget you can imagine. If that person is also an Apple fan, there will not be many Apple products they do not own, which only makes the situation worse.

This is where Apple gift cards can come in, they give the receiver the choice to buy one of the latest products on Apple at their time of choosing, and even wait for the next edition if they are due soon or will want to upgrade when released. This goes for the Verizon iPhone that can be due in January (unlikely) or June 2011, and even an iPad 2 that could be here within 5 months.

You may want to read about iPhone 5 and iPad 2 display enhancements, and the rumor of data plan prices for a possible Verizon iPhone. Rumors are just that, and gift cards are perfect for the thousands of people that said they would wait for a Verizon iPhone.

Do you think this idea is a bit wild or are Apple Gift Cards the answer for some people who want the next iPad or iPhone?



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