Nissan Leaf EV: Preparing for Customer Complaints

Nissan has seen what happens when an issue with a vehicle is left to get worse without any help from the automaker – something that Toyota owners will know all about. Nissan has a solution to stop glitches getting out of control with their Leaf EV by introducing a rapid-reaction task force.

The Japanese car maker believes that this is the perfect solution for customer complaints, something that will be needed once the Nissan Leaf comes to the market next month. According to Autoweek, there is to be a team technicians, ten of which will be engineers who has experience with the batteries in the Leaf.

The idea behind this is simple, if a Nissan Leaf customer has an issue, an engineer will visit them to try and solve the problem, as to not get out of hand. This will first be implemented in Los Angeles, and then throughout parts of Europe and Japan.

There will be 30 technicians to begin with and will no doubt increase in size as Nissan shifts more units. The Japanese automaker knows how important the leaf is to them, so they want everything to go right – but we know that never happens.

Do you think that this rapid-reaction task force is something that other automakers should have?



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