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iPad 2 and iPhone 5: Display Enhancements

The iPad 2 and the iPhone has been the topic of conversation for weeks if not months now, as we try to surmise what Apple can do to improve on their current models. Talking about increased performance is too obvious, but display enhancements are not.

Improving on display technology is something that most smartphone makers have started to make a priority now; this is due to the fact that we do so much more on these devices now. So having a good quality display is very important – you only have to look at the Super-AMLOED displays from Samsung to know just what I am talking about.

According to an article on Patently Apple, Jack Purcher explains that Apple is now working on the next generation of display called ‘Next Gen Projection-Type Displays’ and could be used on iOS devices in 2011.

This new design is unique in the way that it could be operated even when wearing thick gloves, the tip of a finger nail or even a stylus if you wish too – not sure why? According to Nikkei Business Publications, display sizes will range from 3 to 10 inches, which is in iPhone and iPad territory.

Do you think that this new display technology will be on the new iPad 2 and iPhone 5, and would it matter to you?



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