iOS 4.2: Update Delayed? – New Release Date for Download

We have some disappointing news to bring you now, as it has been reported that Apple has delayed the release of their iOS 4.2 update for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad due to a last minute issue related to WiFi.

According to this report from MacRumors, information has surfaced from Greek website iPhoneHellas, who have claimed that the update is delayed until Tuesday, November 16th.

Further information from AppAdvice, suggest that the problem is due to a last minute WiFi connection issue which is holding up the delay. This apparently is an issue which was discovered in the GM version of iOS 4.2 and has since led to numerous complaints on the Apple boards.

What are your thoughts on this? We were obviously expecting the update to drop today at some point, but it looks like that it isn’t going to happen. We’ll bring you more on this story later.


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  1. Guys think about it. You call then crap while complaining about them taking a few more days to get it right. Do you and it stable and tested, or just rolled out with the bugs. Stop complaining about everything! You're boring!

  2. Give Steve a break.
    The man is running a tech company without knowing how to write one line of code, hell, the man doesn't even know what a diode is.

    He depends on gut instinct and the advice of others.
    Its a very random process.

  3. I believe the now ipdate is going to be: Tuesday 16th! It is Tuesday and not last Monday because the apple developers found a glitch with the software.

  4. I Have a iPhone 3GS 16GB
    And the new bootroom on 4.1
    I only have T-Mobile and i am waiting eagerly for this update…please ultrasn0w hurry up!

  5. A bit offtopic but anyway:

    This site sucks if u arent on very fast network… 3.6 mbit 3G connection (tested on speedtest app) with iPhone 4 took like 35 seconds to load this page, because it’s full of hyperlinks and rubbish.. U should really clean this site, I wont read it ever again if it’s full of shit like now, honestly.

  6. Actually, Apple never told an exact release date, only told that's going to be in November. As so many iPad owner, I can't wait for the release. Come on Apple! Show me the money!

  7. get your facts straight, apple never released a date, everyone assumed it. get a life the lot of you, even an apple product with a few minor issues is better than a fully tested Microsoft release.

    • Obviously you haven't worked in a Software company before or even built your own software. Apple still has the most stable OS and phone/tablet ever built. Name another that holds a candle to them. The fact they're delaying the release due to an intermittent bug shows they're still holding up to the apple standard. Kudos to them.

  8. Id much rather a delayed working release than a release with a bug. We all remember that annoying month when iOS 3.1.1 ( or which ever it was) which kept randomly turning the phone off without warning. Don’t Want stuff like that happening again. Took them a month to fix that.

  9. As you will be aware I'm sure, Beta is pre-release software specifically aimed at, not only allowing the developer to advance his own product, but to iron out remaining bugs through a professional community who will generally identify issues quicker than the average user. Complaining about sorting issues before it gets passed to us seems absolutely illogical to me – I mean we'd all complain bitterly if the OS was sub-standard when we got it.

    Patience. Its just software.

  10. But releasing it to the developers is part of the testing….. They can get several thousand tests done in 1 day by releasing it to devs. As apposed to 6 guys in a room. At least the issue was released to the wider public – don’t think they could take much more stick around signal issues!

  11. When are Apple going to learn to test their OS functionality BEFORE releasing to developers etc. Apple obviously felt this update was ready as this released it to developers, but as usual some 3rd party had to find the problem.

    Maybe Apple should stop 'Designing In California USA' and let the Chinese both Design and Assemble, then things may actually work!

  12. Are apple facing quality issues? Problems found apparently with the mac air and now with iOS 4.2. Have they changed their testing team?

      • You will have to wait until 4.2 is available then after that a new version of ultrasnow will be released and unlock that baseband.( dont upgrade to 4.2 though)
        I am waiting as well.

        • the unlock will be available for both 4.1 and 4.2 so might as well
          upgrade to 4.2 if your already stuck at 5.14.02 BB

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