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iOS 4.2 Gold Master: Wi-Fi Problem Fixed

We reported to you today that Apple had to delay iOS 4.2 because of an issue with the Wi-Fi on the iPad. Thankfully that problem has now been fixed and an update for Gold Master is now ready for download. We just hope that this problem is solved this time, as we want to see the public download go live on Tuesday.

Coveringweb said that the iOS 4.2 GM update is just for the iPad, try not to get confused when downloading, as it still has the same build date – November 1st. This build is 8C134b, whereas the original build was 8C134.

All developers are asked to get the download from here, we just hope that you do not find any other issues with this build, as I am itching to get my hand on on iOS 4.2 for my wife’s iPad. I do want it for my iPhone as well, but not as much as the iPad.

Do you think that Apple or developers will run into any more issues? If they delay the release again, then this could start to have a long-term effect on Apple as a company, as they have let us down a number of times over the past few months.


  • PRG

    ios 4.2 Gm2 works fine. no wifi issues whatsoever for me.
    Can't see a print option from pages for some reason, nor can I see the airplay icon anywhere?
    But finally have multitasking in the iPad…thank goodness

    • Deb

      Keep looking for printing. Will you let us know if you find something more?


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