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HP DV5-2129wm Pavilion: Special Edition Walmart Laptop

Whenever fall comes my wife gets upset because she knows that the best time of the year is now behind her, she just hates how trees look so sad without their leaves and the flowers in the back yard now look sad and miserable. However, HP believes that they have a laptop that could help lift her spirits and those who also fell the same as her, and that it with the DV5-2129wm Pavilion laptop.

How can a laptop make you fell happier I hear you ask? You only need to see the watercolors of flowers on the lid to know what I mean. HP Pavilion Garden Dreams DV5-2129wm is an exclusive to Walmart, so you know it has been built with their shoppers in mind.

The laptop has a 14.5-inch LED display and comes packed with a host of features, which I found surprising for its price. The idea of mixing technology with art is a nice idea – much better than looking at boring dark plastic.

The DV5-2129wm is powered by a 2.40GHz AMD Turion II P540 CPU, which works in conjunction with 4GB of DDR3 RAM. Both these will be more than enough for all your media needs, and with a 500GB hard drive, you will not have any worries running out of storage space.

Walmart is currently selling the Special Edition HP DV5-2129wm Pavilion for $598. Make certain that you keep an eye on that price, as it could be reduced over the next couple of weeks. Get more details here.



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