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Google / Samsung Nexus S: Multi-carrier Importance

Over the past few weeks we have seen a number of rumors regarding the Google Nexus Two, we now know that this will be called the Samsung Nexus S. We had assumed that this would have been announced at the recent Android event, but it did not come. It seems that Best Buy has the scoop on this handset, which you can see unboxing photos of by visiting Engadget.

This phone has a number of things going for it, Android updates direct from Google being the biggest advantage. However, there are so many other factors that we need to consider when talking about how popular this handset will become, and knowing if it will be a multi-carrier handset is important.

Most phones that are launched today are only available on one network, the Samsung Galaxy S changed all this by offering it to all major U.S. carriers, and a couple of small ones as well.

Mashable has a poll running at the moment asking if you would like to see the Google / Samsung Nexus S handset, and most people said that this would depend on what features it has, the price and which carrier. If Google and Samsung want to have any success with this handset, then multicarrier is the way forward.



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