COD Black Ops Zombies: Tips For Weapons

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 12, 2010

It’s been an interesting few days for Call of Duty Black Ops, even with countries getting involved and calling the game “Offensive”. The release has been followed up with both complaints and love, but there is something for everyone if you like the zombie mode.

Those new to COD Black Ops may want to read our posts on a survival guide, and cheats for unlimited death machine, although cheating will create upset for the hardcore gamer. Do you cheat in Black Ops?

We wanted to post some tips for getting weapons in the zombie mode of Black Ops, and also get some feedback from gamers that know the mode well. I was quick to jump on the zombie mode after release, and on hearing some players surprised at what a “teddy bear” was, it shows that not everyone played zombies in World at War.

The best way to get weapons in zombies is to find the box, and then spend 950 opening it to get a random gun. It could be a basic pistol or some amazing weapon not found on the walls. After a few tries a teddy will appear and the box will move.

What are your tips for weapons in Black Ops zombies?

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  • CR7

    do any of you guys
    know how to
    take out your gun while reviving

  • codboz fan

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  • codboz fan

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  • Sherkhn8

    the ray gun and the thunder gun is not the best combination the rpk and the hk21 are the best okay maybe the ray gun and the rpk are good but not ray gun and thunder gun

    • codboz fan add me

      ye the ray gun is easy to get  and thunder gun when your high level and kinertoten if anyone has a ps3 blog ur name i will add u im no idiot im 13 years old

      • Coolkieran10

        add me am badmanki666

      • CR7

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      • John

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