COD Black Ops Zombie Survival Guide – What’s Yours?

Say what you will about Call of Duty: Black Ops, but you cannot fault ‘Zombie Mode’. All three maps have been designed to keep you entertained as you try to keep the undead from killing you. The maps are Dead Ops Arcade, Five and Kino der Toten. Staying alive is much tougher than it was in COD World at War, but where would the fun be if you did not struggle? However, we have located a useful survival guide for you to study.

Strength Gamer said that their guide would increase all the time, as the community has been asked to build on the guide. All three guides for each map offer details on how to turn the power on, as well as turning the teleporter on.

One thing that has been the cause of a number of deaths while playing zombies was not being able to work the teleporter, even though it has been switched on. The thing to remember is that it only lasts for 30 seconds, so you need to act fast.

Other tips that will help you stay alive is knowing when the Hellhounds will show up. Read a complete COD Black Ops Zombie Survival Guide here.

How do you keep alive?



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