COD Black Ops Zombie Survival Guide – What’s Yours?

By Peter Chubb - Nov 12, 2010

Say what you will about Call of Duty: Black Ops, but you cannot fault ‘Zombie Mode’. All three maps have been designed to keep you entertained as you try to keep the undead from killing you. The maps are Dead Ops Arcade, Five and Kino der Toten. Staying alive is much tougher than it was in COD World at War, but where would the fun be if you did not struggle? However, we have located a useful survival guide for you to study.

Strength Gamer said that their guide would increase all the time, as the community has been asked to build on the guide. All three guides for each map offer details on how to turn the power on, as well as turning the teleporter on.

One thing that has been the cause of a number of deaths while playing zombies was not being able to work the teleporter, even though it has been switched on. The thing to remember is that it only lasts for 30 seconds, so you need to act fast.

Other tips that will help you stay alive is knowing when the Hellhounds will show up. Read a complete COD Black Ops Zombie Survival Guide here.

How do you keep alive?

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    Zombies survival guide:

    1- when the random box is going away always shoot the teddy bear(or more zombies will come)
    2-always reload before max ammo.
    3-If you are in Ascension and 2 of your partners are guarding the stairs, use your common sense and guard a door.
    4-If you get a ray gun always shoot the zombies feet.
    5-If there is a fire sale at the lower rounds and your partners are all hogging the box, open a door to the next closest box and use it.
    6-Dont forget to use your black holes
    7-Make a crawler at the end of every round just in case you or your partners need something.
    8- dont hesitate, when you think you need to shoot, shoot.
    9-If you know your about to die and you have monkeys, throw one before going down so your partners can revive you.
    10-If you die around round 20, just buy a gun off the wall instead of going for the box and getting yourself trapped (your partners can take care of most of the zombies and you can make a crawler and try the box at the end of the round).
    11- never rush in for bonuses unless the area is completely clear of zombies.
    12-dont overdo it with flopper. when the zombies are already halfway up the stairs it wont work.

    Using these tips combined with good weapons and a full team you should make it to round 20+ comfortably.
    Hope this helped and good luck. And if anyone wants to friend request me my gamertag is XxGURTAJxX

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  • Chase

    All I have to say is open the two top doors when u hear thunder then buy the stakeout and camp in a corner for that round then stay there until u are overwhelmed then open the nexttwo doors leafing to the theatre. When everyone has 5000 points turn on the power get a crawler at the end if this map and link the teleporter. Then camp in it until overrun with zombies. Unless someone spend money on something everyOne needs to pack a punch and then run in a circle while shooting the trailing zombies. Probably the one if the best ways to finish them off quickly is to use traps if your pack a punched gun isn't as effective at later rounds the traps r those red boxes with the levers on the wall next to the doorways. but it is also smart to only activate them if u know u have enough money and there aren't any zombies right behind u o and all of this is on kino der toten

  • kieran

    remember to let them in for the first 3 rounds too. (they drop bonuses when inside.) i've left the 1st room when the dogs came with myself on 8000 odd points and my 2 companions on 5000+ each.

  • Andrew

    If you want to get to level 23 or higher keep the MP40 and get Jug, Speed reload, and if you want double tap! I got to round 25 with an upgraded MP40 and just speed reload and jug. Any I also get the mystery box to replace the pistol, as long as it's a machine gun Im fine. XD

  • Tyler Moore

    On KDT the best method i have found is, stay in the first room until round 5 try to knife as much as possible, leave that room and have one person unlock each door, buy the MP40 wait in that room for a while, have one person guard the stairs and the other guard the MP40 room, after 6 or 7 go the the theater, wait to turn on the power until everyone has enough for jugernog, get a crawler turn on power buy jugernog, locate mystery box and hope to get lucky with TG or RG, link teleporter, when the next round starts, hold off in the teleporter for as long a possible, then teleport, spam helpless zombies w/ grenades 🙂 then run the same route, occasionaly turning to shoot, for rounds 25-30 do the same things but remember to turn on the traps, these are vital to surviving because you will NOT have enough ammo to survive. rounds 40+ Run Run Run…Teleport, teleport, teleport. just dont stop, remember communication is key. line up zombies and thundergun if in a tight situation throw a MB. Add me on XBL my GT is Tyler Moore

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    In Kino der Toten go up the stares after wav 5 then buy the sub machine gun by the deck and stay there two more waves. Now you should be at wave 7 then buy the stares and go down. Buy the door's to where the power is then turn on the power. Buy a few mystery boxes, if you have a lot of money upgrade your guns.Then what you need to do is wait tell the next level,Wait tell the zombies are just about to get over the the chairs then run to the room you started at and go in the circle you made by buying the door's

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