COD Black Ops Zombie Mode: Map Cheats and Unlock Code?

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 8, 2011

When you first start playing the COD Black Ops zombie mode you will notice that only one map is available to you at first, if you want to play the other maps then you will need to complete the whole singer player game first, which is a nice reward for doing so.

The point of doing that can be ruined if other players are playing all the zombie maps without even playing the single player campaign, is this fair? I understand both sides of this, some people do not want to play the single player game and want all the zombie maps, and others will feel cheats are only bad for Black Ops.

If you want to know more on Call of Duty Black Ops cheats, and specifically the unlock for all zombie maps then you can get the code and instructions in this post. I have known the unlock code for all zombie maps for a few days but have yet to use it, do you think I should? Let us know in the comments.

Cheats in Call of Duty Black Ops may divide the players, or most gamers may think it’s a good idea. Will you cheat to unlock Black Ops zombie maps?

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  • jboy

    i need help

  • Snuffy778

    Is 3arc unlock actually a code? where do you type the codes in anyways? and what do they do? your suppose to buy maps, so i dont think thay unlock maps

    • Anthonygreer60


      • Anthonygreer60

        how do u turn to a zombie

    • LT Jackson

      you are suppossed to press the righ and left trigger and go to a computer

    • LT Jackson

      when the game starts and gives you options press the righ and left trigger reapedly

  • Snuffy778

    Just buy the maps. My brother and I only spent 15 dollers for 4 maps

  • Mbjunejo

    What’s the unlock code??????

    • Nathaniel

      for what ?

  • fart 54

    you should

  • Jj74

    i want the cheats because all my frends have them but me

    • brandon guerrero

      then your a little girl ill tell u one cheat 3arc

      • Bradphillips

         hey dude if its a real code i owe u one

  • fierygun

    code for zombie map found from freind william it's


    • Scuba9901

      Actually it’s 3arc unlock

      • golokin

        hey how do i us the cheat turminal

        • press the l2 and r2 button repeadtly and a computer is behind the chair

      • Lpearcy

        are you a diver

  • fierygun

    you collect this board in the teleporter but i duno what you do with it collect 3 rocks and it plays cool
    music the best gun is the raygun or the thundergun codes on COM are DOA /3ARCUNLOCK/3ARCINTEL/ZORK

    (CHEATS) ps:codes DOA and 3ARCUNLOCK don't work for the

  • dsesdsr

    u guys are so stupied cheats are awsome thy help people that cant get past a part but i dont need cheats cause IM A BEAST

  • Dillon

    do any of you cheats for Kino Der Toten Zombie ??? offline only?

  • jeremy froman

    cheats are awsome

  • fghuy

    cheats are good because if someone cant beat the game then sure if is boring

  • Jacob

    i think cheats are pretty good to use after beating the game

  • chad budd

    practice…is a virtue.SO USE cheat or code.

  • christian shadden

    you are all messed up because all i wanted was a map cheat to play on zombies, so you all are really dumb.