COD Black Ops Zombie Maps: Your Wish List

By Peter Chubb - Nov 12, 2010

Following on from the release of COD Black Ops zombies, what do you think of the current maps and what is your wish list for zombie map packs? There are currently three maps available, Kino der Toten, Five and Dead Ops Arcade – the latter has to be unlocked – but are these enough?

It is a great idea to want more ‘Zombie’ maps, but we know that they will come at a charge, as they do for maps in the normal multilayer mode, which was discussed in a recent post. There are those of you who only play the game to kill those zombies, and would like more of a choice, and will be prepared to pay the price.

Having extra maps is certainly popular with fans of the franchise, so it makes sense that they should have a say in what maps they would like to see Treyarch release.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to choosing a new map for COD Black Ops, and I am sure that you have some ideas of your own. What is your wish list?

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  • mikey

    how many maps are there on BO?

  • fish

    i think theyre focus was more on the multiplayer game play rather then the zombies all and all the game is f!#$in sweet

  • sex

    MW2!!!!!!!!!lol it is me the whole time brandon young

  • MW2!!!

    black ops is not as good as MW2. I like the guns, maps could be better. Trychearch sucks….

    • EternalNinja0

      What the fuck is Trychearch… Do you mean Treyarch? Because you should really learn to spell it before you post your MW2 fanboy shit. If you don't like it, then why are you on this page?

  • I am liking COD: BO Zombies. Never played Zombies In WaW. I got BO and had fun fun playing online as week as playing splitscreen with family. I do think some more maps are needed soon. And Zombies does seem kinda hard. 2 hits and your down. But yeah, I am liking it. I still LOVE Horde though.

  • Carson

    well treyarch has just released news sayin there biggest download pack will come out soon ( maybe after christmas when everyone has money ) so lets all cross are fingers and hope its a big ass zombie map pack. And i also agree with djipko something on the water like maybe a island with a lighthouse would add to the feel of zombies but thats just my opinion comment back if you agree.

  • djipko

    they should make a zombie map that is on the water or something like that. I think that would be sick


    when will we be able to buy maps

  • James 12

    Will they come out with map pack maps for zombies do you think?

  • James 12

    Will they come out with map pack maps for zombies do you think?

  • Guy yupp

    i made it to round 18 last night on five and bout three days ago i made it to 26 on kino der toten it was cool!!!!!!!

  • Howard Sterling

    Brandon, you should learn how to fucking spell, you illiterate piece of shit!!!! Also, looking up words on google does not broaden your level of intelligence. Does your computer come equipped with spell check? Mine does. 8)

  • Sahnd

    How much is the hardened edition? Cause I was in love with Der Reise. The Cinema of the Dead (Kino Der Toten) just isn't the same. I like the way they made it more Challenging but jesus christ once you get in the cinema hall… It's near enough impossible!

    • allen

      the hardened is overpriced in my op. if you have the reg edition already you get on ebay and buy a promo code off someone to get all the maps.

    • Tip of the Day

      Bowie knife and jugger-nog, it'll get you to level 11 easy. 1 stab kills.

  • Josh

    I think they need to make a brighter map with more room to run around and dodge. And i agree with you brandon ^.

  • Brandon

    I feel like some things need to be updated in these new zombie maps, like more perks-a-cola and a better pack-a-punch. Maybe like a quiker run perk, higher jump/ longer dive/not get hurt perk, along with choosable coolers that your upgraded gun shoots, and many diffrent styles of upgrade packeges, like more ammo, or higher fire power, or faster shooting ability, and maybe some diffrent stuff your charactor wears after each upgrade of a weapon. Just some food for thought.

    • zombier

      hhaha a lot of those came tru

  • Riley Houston

    I reckon they should make a map between the size of verruckt and der riese. shi no numa is massive. fiv is awesome it is just really big. and single player can be a pain in the butt on small maps, there is nowhere to run between medium and large is good. shi no numa is way big.

    • Mitch Lord

      I actually liked shi no numa, apart from insanely hard achievement that came with it “Big Baller”.

      Der riese was by far the best map considering it introduced “Pack-a-Punch” which gave a whole new challenge to the game… overall it’s a very challenging but a fun way to play CoD.

      Shi no numa could have some improvements such as new weapons which they will introduce for Black ops.

  • ashley

    i think if you've aready bought the maps you should be able to access them in black ops, even if you have the old weapons are there, i don't want to switch games when you can just go down on the menu and play them from the old game if they make that accessable, by the way treyarch you made it shit with the weapons you shoot and none of the bullets hit for a while and then you die, it just sucks

  • david

    these maps are too big, i would like to see smaller ones.

  • Brandon Robb

    i think that treyarch should have included all the maps from their previous game mainly to the fact that some people dont have online. it would of made a lot of people happy is they did that but they didn't. by the way these maps are getting way to big i mean how is one persons soppose to take on hundreds of zombies from a bounch of angels by themselves. i think with the next map pack that they come out with, they should make a map a size in between the first map and the scound map of nazi zombies, but this would anger some people because with a smaller map they can,t put as much stuff in them. that is the only down side of a smaller map. but whatever they do when they make these maps is always cool, so i say good job for treyarch and screw MW2.

    • Tone

      How about you find friends and play with them so you don't have to play alone……..small maps for zombies suck there's nowhere to run, sorry you can't just camp in one spot and it's actually a challenge to get far in these new maps.

    • Tom

      its almost 2011.. you dont have online?? bahahah

    • Mcaddie7

      idk…i find a way make it to 20+ everytime on kino…easiest map there is

  • adam taylor

    how do u unlock the other 2 zombie maps on ps3 game ? thanks

    • Tone

      When in the Main Menu, and the screen says "Campain, Multiplayer, Etc."….press the LT and RT triggers rapidly so you're standing up. Walk over to the computer and use it…then type in the code 3ARC UNLOCK to unlock everything…if that doesn't unlock Dead Ops try DOA.

  • Noah

    I would like for Treyarch, too make a Zombie Hospital. Not like Verruckt!

  • Daniel

    my room mate and i have been playing Zombies on black ops since the game was released. i love the new maps. FIVE is really fun, while still able to make me yell at the top of my lungs at the Zombies! i would like to see the old 4 maps with some of the new tweaks they have given us in the new maps. i do have few problems, why the hell will the last zombie die after 2-3 min of being kited? and wtf is up with the crawlers i make dieing after 10 sec? that was an important part of the old four maps. and finally why in the hell is there never enouf ammo in the guns you buy off the wall i never before had to buy it off the wall.

    Now i know alot of ppl will say that "treyarc is trying to make the maps more challanging!" but what the hell it takes away from the stratgey of the game and makes trying to explore the map next to impossable.

    • you suck

      dude seriously the "hardened" edition of the game came with the old 4 maps and treyarch is trying to make zombies balanced no more walking aroud for 2 hours while theres a slow crawler

      second they made the mystery box spawn randomly becuase to understate the sitiuation it was being overused

      Overall these maps require MUCH more strategy than the old ones you cant just go to the mystery box and be like "Woop de doo Im a Firin Mah Ray-Gun Bhew"

  • ElvisDavies

    To be fair to Treyarch, they have already provided 3 maps for Zombies. I read one reviewer moaning that additional maps would come at a cost, but I can't see the problem. We paid for these maps with World at War and there was only one already included.

    Personally, I'd like to see a slightly smaller map come out for Black Ops, more the size of Nacht Der Untoten, but I'm happy with the ones they've already provided. They're all really good.

  • noah giddings

    MW2 is wayyyyy better Than BOPS

    • ya right

      u are so wrong

      • richard

        No YOU are so wrong!!!

        • gangsta

          You are even more wrong

        • So right

          NO YOU

        • joseph

          your all gay

    • Jenni

      No it isn't
      Modern Gayshit 2 jk jk lol but modern warfare is the same as the multiplayer mode in black ops
      and black ops comes with storyline and zombies which makes it even better

      • Texas_20

        I so agree, but would be the cherry on top if all of us who purchased the 3 zombie map packs that were prior to the current storyline could get them back so we can quit switching disk between Black Ops and World at War every time we feel the need to drop sum “Zombags”. lol

    • Stormland

      That's only becuse you don't have it, lol.

      I've played all COD for loooong time. I thought MW2 was great. Then it became extremely repedetive and then I realized how one-sided all of the guns were. Now you can gamble, all of the guns are evened out. They got rid of the nuke. Big woopie. More importantly, now you can add your friends into a live game without needing another console.

  • Stevo

    Speaking for the PC version, 2 zombie maps and dead ops arcade while fun, is not really adequate for co-op. the 4 WAW maps should have been included free… or in the first major patch perhaps… *nudge*

    • Jeff Pops

      Im a zombie fan an made it to round 39 last night! We played in a private match since the xbox live always migrates host an can take an hour to play a damn game!! So we rolled with private match an damn treyarch just cant get it right. It didnt record my level 39 score on the leaderboard but did recore my 2450 kills an my score!!!! I dont get it, does private match not record score or do u have to be live for it to record?!?!?!? Also I an my firends have been to 40, 36, & 28 an timed out an no score recored. wtf treyarch get it right or pass the COD to a company that can do it right!! Pist off player- Bowhunter0121