COD Black Ops Zombie Maps: Your Wish List

Following on from the release of COD Black Ops zombies, what do you think of the current maps and what is your wish list for zombie map packs? There are currently three maps available, Kino der Toten, Five and Dead Ops Arcade – the latter has to be unlocked – but are these enough?

It is a great idea to want more ‘Zombie’ maps, but we know that they will come at a charge, as they do for maps in the normal multilayer mode, which was discussed in a recent post. There are those of you who only play the game to kill those zombies, and would like more of a choice, and will be prepared to pay the price.

Having extra maps is certainly popular with fans of the franchise, so it makes sense that they should have a say in what maps they would like to see Treyarch release.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to choosing a new map for COD Black Ops, and I am sure that you have some ideas of your own. What is your wish list?



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