CoD Black Ops: Funny Single Player Zombie Round

By Jamie Pert - Nov 12, 2010

I recently thought I would look around for some nice Black Ops zombie action for you guys to watch, however I managed to go one better and find some impressive and pretty hilarious single-player action, which I must admit made me laugh quite a bit.

The action is from the Xbox 360 version of the game and takes place on the Kino der Toten map, here you see a player called Cr1TiKaL take on the zombies single handedly, not only this but he gives your running commentary throughout.

We have embedded the video at the end of this post, we have to advise you that Cr1TiKaL uses pretty strong language throughout the video, so it’s not one to show the kids.

Aside from Cr1TiKaL’s pretty impressive gameplay he also does a bit of showing off, my favorite moment is when he tried a 360 spin into the running dive combo, also his jump shots are quite cool.

The video comes to an end after six rounds, he becomes surrounded by perhaps a dozen zombies, he then sees an insta-kill power-up and a nuke power-up, he decides to take a gamble and run through the zombies attempting to hit the nuke, however accidently hits the insta-kill instead, this results in him getting caught by the zombies and his game comes to an end.

I hope you enjoy the video (embedded below), I certainly did, check out Cr1TiKaL YouTube channel here.

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  • nathann

    i made it to round 30 by myself yall suckk



  • Louiz

    It's posible play with zombies in a Singleplayer?

  • ryan 54

    ok wow u r gay i made it to round 20 in zombies wow and only with the M14 why the hell did u not get the M14 u could of went places man get it next time

  • david

    vato loco,"shamoo eating up all my ammo"classic, love to play along with this dude so i can laugh my buns off!

  • Steven

    weird but OK i could be better and this is the first time i have played cod ever and zombies.

  • TheTron

    Had no idea when playing solo getting quick revive doe that.. cheers

  • Comex

    This is lame and stupid

  • blmablam

    u said this guy was good…you dont have to be good to get to level 6!

  • Deathray

    I want to kill game kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill killkillkillkillkillkillkillKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILL

  • Pieta Romanus

    lmfao…that last cursing bit was genious…tit milk lmfao

  • Steve


  • thugz4life

    this guy is funny as fck