COD Black Ops Cheats: The Cheaters Story

By Peter Chubb - Nov 12, 2010

As with all games, it does not take long for cheats to start appearing on websites, and Call of Duty: Black Ops was no different. It was the ‘Zombies Mode’ that has been getting the most attention when it comes to cheats, and for good reason.

One such code was to help you unlock all of the Zombies maps, which was quickly followed by the cheat to give you an unlimited Death Machine weapon, which we discussed in detail in a recent post. One of the most recent cheat codes was to give you a complete Intel list; this was for the single-player campaign mode only.

I for one would agree that using cheats to make it through a game easier is a good thing; I say this, as I am not good at these kinds of games – just look for the guy who is always getting shot. Having said that, I will never use a cheat while playing games that I am better at, such as Gran Turismo.

I am sure that there are a lot of you cheaters out there that have progressed through a game easier, but does this make it right? We would like to know what cheat you have tried, and do you feel guilty that you are taking the easy way out?

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    Can i know a cheat, i want fun

  • Lefty

    Is there any other codes to unlock money or extra walls of guns. What are the other codes to unlocking more zombie maps.

  • noonecares

    who fckin cares its a cheat code why does anyone have to listen to anyone else if they want to use a cheat code its there choice if they want 2 or not

  • HAMMY330


  • youwillneverknow

    Cheating just shows how much of an amateur you are.

    • ur dad

      um….thats just hardline pro… it looks like your the one without any skills

  • ur mum

    fucccccccck alll u fuccken cuntts i cunt fuck find one fucken modd fucken waste my fucken time

  • FT13 VeNoM

    it happens always on black ops the other day i saw a guy get a care package and he got a spy plane a second later he cycled through the care package and change it to the best killstreak you can get. its sad as hell cheaters to me are just disabled gamers who cant play online cuz they havnt got the skills to play fact!

    • jkp

      yo its a perk that allows you to do that

    • vistor

      Actually the hardline pro gives you a second chance to change your crate. He could of been playing legit.

  • Goose

    Omg it’s just video games. If cheating in video games is so wrong there wouldn’t be codes programmer for the game. I’m pretty sure there are more important things to worry about besides cheating in a video game. I don’t think cheating in video games was one of the main things our parents tried to instill in us as a moralistic value

    • FT13 VeNoM

      no cheating online is whats sad. cheating in the campain is ok. if you pay ur xbox live fee per month you expect to get fair play all round but if someone is modded its just not fair they should stop it all.

    • George Rodriguez

      Being a parent(and gamer) myself, catching my son(or daughter)cheating would be instant multiplayer ban. Any illegal activity would be a personal failure as a parent.

  • Minusai

    What can i say, I do cheat when I can, and especially when it gives you a better/faster opportunity to get what you need, trophies/weapons/mounts. But sometimes doing a glitch right is f***ing harder than to aim and shoot!! Especially snipers!!! 2.3 ratio yeah right, ok we know your screen name but what perks do you have on your weapon? And what weapon do you use more often? That's what i thaught, you living kaktus, just runing around being invisible with your straight aim, not even trying to aim… plain old aim and shoot!!!! That is the worst glitch ever!

  • someHaveNoMorals

    It all comes down to morals…. today its cheating someone while playing online games, next it will be in real life. There is not much difference either way it is the fact that some people in the world feel no remorse taking advantage of others illegally. However some of the fault lies with the developers of the game. Being a software developer myself I know that you can create better code that is harder to hack. And don't forget they are getting $60 a pop for people to play the game so they have an obligation to create a better product. I guess they did not learn from their past games that have the same issues.

  • truehanuman

    I HATE Lag Switchers! I feel sorry for players so scared to lose or die cause there abilities suck! Turbo Controllers are about the same. Codes too, unless it only screws up your game. I have too much self respect and dignity to use any form of cheating, and i am an average player. I learn how to do better. Players that think it's perfectly fine to cheat, make the world a uglier place, because they belive it's fine to back stab and cheat to get ahead in the world! I was taught from my parents it is wrong to cheat. Grow up and face the world like an adult! 2.30 killdeath ratio and growing daily, NO TURBOLAG! PS3 profile; truehanuman or xXNOBODIEXx

    • cnx2022

      WoW, if more believed what you said, the world REALLY would be a better place. In this world, it seems people take the principle of evolution too seriously, you know, the survial of the fittest. People want to go on in life stepping ove who ever whenever. cheats in a campaign, what ever. But NOT in an online community where it SHOULD be ALL about the skills of each player.

  • zombiefan

    Depending on the cheat…then I dont think it is wrong at all! For instance I want to savor the campaign and to do so I also am a huge and I mean huge zombie fan. Having said that I do not think it is wrong to use the zombie unlock code to get all the zombie maps. I like zombies a lot and prefer it over multiplayer sometimes and I didnt wanna burn through the campaign in order to unlock it. So is being a cheater in that sense..making the game easier?

  • Cheater

    Being a cheater myself, I honestly believe that I should just crawl into a hole and die. All of my fellow cheater friends should, also. It's all the rage these days.