CoD Black Ops: Campaign, Zombies or Multiplayer?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 12, 2010

Now that people have had a few days to play all of the different game modes in Black Ops we thought we would see which mode people preferred, either the campaign, zombies, multiplayer, Dead Ops or Zork.

It seems as if the zombie modes are getting the most attention at the moment, however a lot of people are also playing multiplayer modes and let’s not forget that the campaign has been well-received.

For me it is a tough choice between zombies and multiplayer, the teamwork in zombies makes it great fun in my opinion, whereas completing challenges, prestiging and beating your friends on multiplayer is also great fun.

To be honest with you I very much doubt anyone will prefer Dead Ops or Zork compared to the other three modes, however I have included them in the poll at the end of this post because you never know exactly what takes people’s fancy.

So which game mode do you prefer? Answer our poll question below and expand on your answer in the comments section.

[poll id=”277″]

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  • jon

    yah but i like the complications with zombies better than beeting your noobish friends also i have no idea what zork is

  • Irish Bhoy

    Tough choice…Went with multiplayer because there is so much to keep you going..Zombies is good craic but you really need to be playing it with friends for the teamwork..the amount of times iv joined a random lobby and the players just open doors and only worry about themselves..P.S. what is ZORK??