Call of Duty Black Ops: PC Patch Update Live – Problems Fixed?

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2010

We have some good news for those of you with the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, as we can confirm that Treyarch has just put out a new patch update for the game, aiming to fix up some of the problems which some of you are facing.

Treyarch’s community manager Josh Olin has posted a new message on the official Call of Duty boards, detailing some of the areas that have been improved in the game.

The patch update will increase the server sv_maxrate to 25000 to improve lag problems, while Treyarch state that the overall performance has been improved for dual core and quad core users.

Aside from a few other fixes, Treyarch also list a few fixes which will be included in the next patch update, these include things like improvements to quickmatch joining and a fix to stop the ‘game session’ error message in Zombie mode.

You’ll find a full list of the changes in the patch notes here. Let us know if your experience has improved as a result of the PC patch, or if you are still having problems.

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    can anybody give me a link of patch for multiplayer of cod black ops?

  • Mohammasgh30

    a1 month ago

  • Wexley84

    I cant bring up my console for black ops. Downloaded the new update and still no luck? Any suggestions?

  • ian spencer

    you say the patch will download from steam automatically but it dosent seem to work as my game still crashes

  • Radio

    Im throwing my copy of Black Ops in the bin. Its all way too much trouble.

  • Patrick Norris

    This game is total crap…it doesn't run properly on a pc…why in gods name don't they get a patch that freezes at startup…black screen with fatal error and even if it gets past the first scene in the bar (once in about 15 tries) it just crashes. No way would I EVER buy a load of rubbish from this company again!!!!

  • pohan khalil

    i have problem , when i start the game its takes time , n when game starts it stucks , also the mouse,

  • Greg

    Dumb question. Where can I download the patches?

  • jenuwine

    where do i download???

  • ™joe™


  • sgt_nator

    Can anyone tell me how to find out what version (patch) I am running on black ops?

  • Ahmadreza


    Where can i dl the latest patch for call of duty black ops pc version plz ?

    Am i need to dl all the patch or just the new ?

  • michou


  • sgt_nator

    I have had my PC on nearly 24/7 since 7th Feb. I restart Steam constantly and start balck ops constantly. Not to play but to start the patch download.
    I still have th eproblem that I cannot buy anything since I prestiged and the patch is supposed to fix that. I still have the problem but have no way of knowing if the patch is installed, downloading or what. I just need a frigging clue as to the version (patch) I have and if not 1.06 how the hell to get it.

    Once upoin a time steam let you see updates, pause them and restart them. I can find anywhere in my current steam client that give me the same control or insight.
    Add to this B ops does not seem to display anywhere what version I have.

    I am clueless any advice is welcome.

  • kyle

    i love black ops it's so cool it's like my bestst game EVER i just whant to play it all dat so YA

  • kevin

    i think the best thing that can happen is we all got our money back and compo for us playing this shitty game and fucking off and smashing shit up, telling the misses to fuck off im trying to kill some 1, ( lagging) i have fixed the game on every patch that comes out and posted on my youtube. now i face somthing new. i have gtx 280 i was getting 270+ fps looking into the sky now i get 160 max looking into the sky. i have the new nvidia drive the same time the patch i was thinking its the card drive. i ran tests and got the same shit. i load black ops again and still shitty fps. i have set the com_maxfps to 0 . for true fps. and still nothing and sv_maxrate is 25000. there saying now in there next patch there adding it . i say fu trearch. fix the game not make map packs for us to wast more money on u cunts. thumbs up if u think im rite. i no i am

  • MW2fans

    F**k this game….i still having random freeze and crashes everytime i played multiplayer…. >=( MW2vis way better than BO…who agrees?

  • Justin

    I would like my $65.97 back, I have other things to spend my money on. Install was a pain, forgot to tell the newbies they need to register with steam first (download would crash, error out before registering). During Campaigning I have reached the boat, jumped in and then I get a white screen, cannot proceed forward, it locks up my computer!. I am going to take whatever legal action to get my money back!

  • milad

    Call of Duty Black Ops: PC Patch Update Live – Problems Fixed?

  • Cdulleb

    This is so funny… There have been like 10 people asking where they can get the patch (besides directly from steam) and everyone is so self absorbed they can't take the two minutes to give the information. I see this on a lot of posts. It just cracks me up. I apologize to those of you who are seeking an external dl for this cause i don't know either and actually took about 20 min of my time to find it for ya's. I just can't believe the "me, me, me" attitude of these people who want to bitch about the same thing that 10 other people bitched about before them instead of answering questions that are actully relevant and could be helpful to others. Amazing…

  • v8dren

    Run the update today after a fresh reload, totally useless, can't get beyond start up screen, waste of my money, and just causes pc to crash each time i attempt to play the game

  • youssef

    I report these fraud people treyarch and activision to fedral custom protection beureau
    All of u do the same like me and these Idioits will never do it again.
    they made us buy it, though knowing it's not working and doesn't allow refund
    am not going to buy anything has activision on it anymore.
    Seriously guys as long as u just send them begging for fixing the game they wil do nothing, u already bought the game dear !!!!!!!!!
    but that's how they'll fix it.

  • Y adebe

    Fot Intel core i7 still the same problem, game freeze after some time i played +/- 15 min :S

  • Jay

    i would love to return the game and buy one that works without crashing all the time, specially when you're on a roll…

  • Wooozy

    i dont think they really care that some people have lag/choppy game play, they got the money already. They will just take their time to fix this problem.

    • tui_trooper

      exactly i think that was there main goal to get paid cheeky buggers i got deranked from prestige 5 back to the start and all i got from them is ask some one else and i did but never got a reply

  • Sniper0317

    Maybe you guys at trearch should talk to the people at infinity ward to find out how TRUE professionals make games…. Why would you release a game with so may untied ends? I'd much rather wait longer for the game than to be frustrated by it's lack of attention to detail. The patch helped a little, but again ya shouldn't need a patch of this magnitude for a freshly released game! Good game (in concept), But Major fail in the timing of an unfinished game release!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  • Marc

    The patch SUCKS HARD man.

    Since te new patch i have only errors and BlackOps.exe doesn't respond.

    Hope they fix it fast witch a new patch. because now, Black Ops is the biggest FLOP of 2010

  • Gomerz

    Where the hell is the patch?

  • Bl1zz4rd

    Does anyone have the "Server disconnected – Steam connect failed" error after a few seconds of being in any servers?????

  • HELP!

    where can u download the pc patch?

  • Sean

    I bought Call of Duty Black Ops the day after it came out for PC. I have downloaded the patches through steam and have done everything others posted online to get this game to play half way decently. Single-player is so bad it is unplayable. My CPU is running at 100 percent during multi-player mode and even that does not work for me. The lag and constant freeze ups during game play makes shooting virtually impossible. My system has over the system requirements for the game, so I know that is not the issue. I even turned all my resolution down to 800 X 600, the lowest it can go for a 1680 X 1050 native monitor running a 2GB MSI N275 GTX Lighting Video Card. Yes, that is what I said. One card 2 GB of ram on my video card and 4 GB on my motherboard. My CPU is a Dual Core and there is no reason your game should be using more than 2 cores. These issues are not acceptable. What the heck is going on?

    Please fix these issues. There are people that are waiting who have not even had an opportunity to play the game because of all the glitches.


  • irvet

    At the end of the redenzione mission i cant procced: The game does not go haed and remain stopped in the level. i have e pc quad core

  • Lordcowman

    What you guys don't realize is that they WANT the pc version to be bad. They want pc gaming to die for FPS so that everybody will want to say screw it and get a PS3. They purposely wrote bad coding so that pc gamers would have a hard time. They did have most of the kinks worked out, but then screwed it up because they don't like the fact that we have as much freedom as we do. They don't like spending some time to work out the pc, yet they will work overtime to make the consoles a FLAWLESS experience. Tell me why they had 5-6 patches our for the consoles before the pc even had one? By Xmas, most of this will be sorted out, but it will still have slight problems compared to the consoles…


    In MP (multi-player) COD still freezes up, alot of people have the same complaint. Its not your computer, its COD. I really hope they'll put out a patch to fix this.. Im gettin really annoyed

  • Hizzy

    Nope, it is still absolutely awful!

  • Jay

    LOL you all just need better pc's ….

  • Ron

    Played this game 2 times since release day, and is still as bad with the patch. Bloody unplayable. SUX. Mouse stutters even at loadup. Putting it in the cupboard till a new patch comes out.

  • Fart Man

    This game needs some serious patching, game runs like a bag of shit, constantly crashes & load time are totally f%^ked up…

  • avante

    I have set my graphics back to '96, and in the best of cases it doesnt stutter every time i twist my mouse around. Best of cases I can aim for a head, and make one headshot, if by any luck the guaranteerd lag isn;t there for that millisecond.

    Great job Treyarch! I kinda thought this game would be good, with the dedicated servers announcement, I kinda expected some work put in for the pc-community…but hell no.

    It's quite ironic: I was desperatly awaiting BO, to escape MW2 with all the noob cheaters (which ruined that game), only to find myself playing combat training (since it has the least lag), to play once again wallhackers, aimbots…oww what a great dissapointement this is so far.

    One of these days people will realise not to pre-order, since nowadays games come out full of bugs, errors and whatnot; oww yeah, and maybe a litte test on the PC would be nice, before you sell a game to thousands of pc users??? Goddamn!

  • ScUMBaG

    if i could take this game back and get a refund total shit unistalled and wont be loading it again totaly unplayable treyarch and activision should be ashamed …..

  • stone2

    Game is unplayable for me because of lag. Single player and multi. Even after patch and tweaking the config file.
    Goddam you Treyarch, you theiving piece of shit.

  • PeaceKeeper

    The game works fine for me. The killcam is lagging a bit tho. The game seems to have some problem to run with W7. Most of my friends that are running it on 7 have those lag problems. I have none with vista. After the MW2 fiasco, BO couldnt have been worst anyway.

  • fak


  • crux93

    The quality on the theatermode uploads…

  • seb

    The respawn issue needs attention. Constantly re-spawning infront of oposition.

  • Adro

    "Treyarch state that the overall performance has been improved for dual core and quad core users


  • hey :D

    I want to know where i can get the patch from and how? If it is from steam, do i have to activate the game with steam tog et the update? because i downloaded the game bcoz i heard it was bad and laggy from friends, and do i need to be logged in and activate the game to play online?

  • Nathan

    does anybody know how to patch black ops [PC] or is it automatically done? Also any news on the patch has it fixed problems, many thanks!

  • gunnerdog

    Patch worked for me, no lag, no freeze, perfect play.

    My only problem is that i cannot "follow a friend into a match", the box is greyed out… and when i try to make a server a "favorite" it does not end up in my favorites list, but if i try to re-favorite it, it says it is already a favorite… I have all the filters off…

    Intel i7 920@4.0GHz
    GTX280 SLI

  • fusion

    PC version runs fine for me… try changing your max packets

  • BigNutHoncho

    Before the patch the game was barely playable, after the patch all the microstuttering was gone and my lag went down from a constant 200 ping on every server i played to mostly 100 (60-150), great work, but it's a bit sad that they didn't iron this out before releasing the game, since it looks like it was pretty damn easy to fix.

  • manuel

    where can u get the patch? that was the main topic…. answer that!!!!! who cares about your lame ass personal experiences

    • purrferd

      Uhm: Call of Duty Black Ops: PC Patch Update Live – Problems Fixed?

      The update installs automatically by steam. This topic is about whether the patch worked for you or not.

      Server related lag is gone most of the times, have been in games with still the same problem. Hope they fix the GPU related problems soon.

  • manuel

    patch doesnt work samsung r580 i3 intel

  • Thillion51

    I was running fine out of the box, except for a little laggy. Then the "patch" came out. It was installed, and seemed to fix alot of the lag issue. However, NOW, since the patch, I now have the game just shutting down to a black screen, and I get the "fatal error" message.
    What is up and how do I fix it?

  • unknown

    just like to say i installed the game with no patch iv had no problem at all the only prob i hav is if i minimize the game it stutters for 10/15 secs when i load it back up ,must b lucky ,also i hated MWF2 it looked awlfull this game rocks n has got my respect back for the COD series

  • K3M3R5

    this game has just got my respect back for the COD series i hated MWF2 it looked and played crap 1 of the worst games i played this is a serious game it got so much goin 4 it ,
    ive been lucky and havnt had any problems at all even without the patch no problems ata all (been very luck by the sounds of it)

    4G RAM
    Q6600 @2.4

  • guest

    where can i download?

  • dr_bongzilla

    patched , not as laggy and choppy as before , but now im having trouble connecting and im also getting "fatal error" and crashing to win 7….. BIG WTF !! Ill never buy anything that involves 'try'arch. Sys ~ Win 7 ultimate , duel core amd 4gh , gts 250 , 4gb ram bla bla
    Battle field bad company 2 ftw!!

  • joe

    were can i get the patch

  • EL Asesino

    They must appologize to the community.
    This cannot and wil not be accepted.
    Again they have raped all there "loyal' customers so someone must pay for this huge failure

    What an assholes to deliver this crappy work!
    I will never buy any game from them

  • john

    Still Horrible lag and random crashes.. fix this crap already!!

  • purrferd

    They make a beta, run out of money, start to sell it to get money, then finish the game. /cheer for tryarch making a game fail again (cod5 for example)

    Patch only solved the server related lag for me, random game freezes still here, running x64 Windows 7 with a GTX260.

  • Steve

    teras ..I agree as well…There is going to be no trust anymore with this latest released pile of shit ..It is worse than the last pile of shit they released…WTF WTF WTF

  • bill

    the patch reduced the lag,but the lag is still their to some degree..more fixing is required

    • August

      Yes, the have a severe memory leak that is eating up resources like nobody's business…lack of beta testing has once again proven to be the Achilles heel for so many games coming out for the pc…what a shame…

  • steveo

    I play the game for 15 to 20 min or so and then I get the bluescreen of death.I
    end up needing to recover to a earlier restore point just to get windows back!
    All drivers and sound cards are up to date and this dont make sence.
    Windows 7 64 bit 563 gm of ram Nvidia 9800gt graphics card with a 800 power supply
    quad core. Any one else have this problem?

    • Bilal

      i do man..

    • xvsxv

      bkue screen as well

    • alan

      560gm of ram?? i assume you mean 560mb…. if that is your system ram then it is no wonder you get BSOD. the minimum ram to run game is more than that

  • tommy

    got patch and still is horrible …

  • teras

    this is bullshit! how can a game of this magnitude and multimillion dollar cost be released and then not work for pc. Dont they test thier games before release? it is ridiculous to expect consumers to buy something they know is defective!! who agrees?

    • Someone

      I think it was on purpose. It seems to me like a pretty effective way to iritate pirates.

      • Devin

        Actually people turn to the pirated version when the retail version doesn't work.
        Especially those who don't have internet.
        You forget that the people cracking the games also offer patches.
        There are also developers who turned to the crackers to get their own games to function properly.
        So basically your just a troll.

    • Austin

      as this game system requirements reports unless you have purchased a computer in the last year this game will not run. This cannot be true as I am running an AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual core processor 4200+. Impossible that this game cannot run with my processor.

  • Heri Zeledon

    Where do you get the patch?

  • TheKing

    Can you download the patch? (outside steam)
    – If you not are totally sure about it…

  • Abue

    I'm on a dualcore laptop, ATI 4670 4gb ram, i was having a horrible time pre patch… as of now, at least trying it for 20 minutes i no longer had random screen freeze ups when someone was shooting at me, and I could actually look around without small lag spikes and fps jumping from 50 to 5… Seems like the problems are gone, more testing is required though.

  • Waza

    Get a PS3, Problem Solved

    • Daahj

      All of these are computers… Get a brain…

    • Maalik

      PS3 has save issues and crashes after I play multiplayer, and no its not my console because It is the same with other people as well.

    • DAVE


      • john getman

        hell yea pc all the f*%&^(# way screw console

    • Mix

      Consoles are for those that cant build a gaming machine, or for those that choose the easy way, and only learn to play the game. Or for those that would rather not deal with the headache. Console players dont have to deal with the issues that pc gamers deal with. The PS3 was the answer for online multimedia, gameplay, and web browsing. But there will always be "us" builder/gamers out there. Wife wouldn't let me get a console if my face was on fire(Dora,Wonder Pets,and Jacks Big Music Show on the Touch of Color 46" all day). I envy console players, but also take pride in the building of a machine that alienware would be proud of. Out Here.

      • john getman

        ireally feel bad for you you have no idea how much power a pc can weild i am a pc tech masters grad and ill tell you i wont touch a consol they are the stupidist things ever built

    • kyle

      you mean problem? i think you added an extra word in there for some reason :/

  • John P

    It was alright when i played it earlier this evening, however im trying to play it now and i cant seem to play the game at all… i keep getting "Fatal Errors" or it stops responding on me. This game is pissing me off… not really happy with this game.

    • joeswift

      have you found out what the problem is?? i am having the same problem and can't even play it.i get to the menu's on the game then it just stops responding let me know if you have sorted it and how you did it. cheers ears

  • Bee

    mines still teh same….im running vista 64 bit Amd quad core 2.20Ghz with ATI 5660 graphic card, 550 powersuppy. any help or how to update let me know. by the way i play on pc so please let or tell me how to update it. i've tried updating it on steam but nothing seem to changes.

    • gamerNgamer

      wow…550 PSU…you need more power. you will not have much headroom with that psu. it may cause your pc to heat up excessively. it will put more stress on your gpu and cpu.

      under heavy loads the graphic card and processor will pull on the power supply. since black ops is cpu hungry it may be cause symptoms of an underpowered system.

      i would recommend @ least 800 watts of clean power.

  • Daniel Andersson

    The patch worked wonders, all of my problems are gone, and on most servers people have been cheering. They did a great job.

    • Hii

      how did you download the patch?

    • Reb

      Im having problems finding the download for the patch. I only find reviews can you help?

    • breezeyy

      Where can i find to down load the patch plzz

    • Konstantinos Ns

      who i found to download this update to black ops?

  • Yay

    Yay can’t wait to turn it on and get the patch now!

  • Ken

    tried after patch and still got choppy gameplay,high cpu usage very little gpu usage,this game does not seem to use the graphics card very much….Crazy !

  • Guest

    Patch has not fixed the choppy gameplay issue.

    • B.Costa

      For me did not work at all. C2D E6750@3.58 HyperX4gb ddr 2 1066 GTS450 XFX. If the fucking lag in Single and Multiplayer dont get fixed , im returning this fucking game

      • for those with really scrwed up graphics….just update ur graphic card..nd it works perfectly for me till now…

    • leoaguiar

      before the game was running smoothly on my Platform, ( AMD64 X2 6000+ BE 6Gb and a 9600 Nvidia) and now i experience the choppy gameplay users were talking about, still its not a very powerfull gamer PC but it can run anything without frame skipping, lower defs but no problem until i spare money for this it stays like that, i Wonder how can this game run in Consoles? with only a 7300 Nvidia Card? the quality takes some beating perhaps. looking forward to put the game as it was before the patch, no freezing in mp, this time they messed up, take care treyarc

  • Saucy

    is it available to download externally (not from steam).

    • theman

      not yet

      • Saucy

        hmm.. any ideas when? I can't even play Single Player.
        High cpu and low gpu usage = horrible performance.

        • Andy McAdam

          just download it through steam, why not? Not a dirty little pirate are you?

        • Saucy

          As of right now I am, I was planning on buying it until I heard all the problems, glad I downloaded it first before I wasted my money.

        • frodo B

          The Pirates shal always rule the word, so FU mcboy

        • ghst

          how do u dowload it where is it i have tried auto update so many times and i dont knw where it is

    • asd

      no, becouse this "bug" is a copy protection. if you wanna play you NEED to connect to STEAM.