Call of Duty Black Ops: Patch Update for Party Matchmaking Coming

By Alan Ng - Nov 12, 2010

We have just informed you about a new patch going live for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, but now we have confirmation that Treyarch will also be working on getting the party matchmaking problems sorted.

When answering a collection of user questions related to problems within the game, Treyarch’s Design Director David Vonderhaar responded via Twitter with some important information in terms of the obvious matchmaking issues that some of you have been experiencing.

Here is what he had to say on the matter when asked if matchmaking was going to be sorted for various multiplayer game types: ”Yes. We already made some tweaks and more will be coming for party based matchmaking.”

We’ve seen the issues ourselves and thy seem to occur the most when you are attempting to join a multiplayer game with a large group of friends in our party. Obviously it is very frustrating having to keep inviting friends over and over when some get shut out of games, and games are started without your full party.

Hopefully it won’t be too long till this separate patch goes live – we’ll keep you updated as always.

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  • Chris

    Iam also scottish, got no problems with the englsh people but would still like to be able to have the scottish flag, you cant tell me that you wouldnt prefere an english flag?

  • YourMother

    Jambo you mean Union Flag…it's not the Union Jack unless it is being flown at sea.

  • Jambo

    Your right of course genesis,but it is it’s own country as well,so come on, flags for the home nations not just a generalised union jack

    • Duke of Cumberland

      Mate i am proud English however i am also proud British. This is Scotlands main problem, wanting to be seperate from everybody else. Make do with the Union Jack flag and stop complaining.

  • Jambo

    Get a Scottish flag on as a background, there is loads of other countries recognised but no Scotland flag ,why ?

    • genesis

      because scotland is part of UK … and there is a UK flag

    • Alan Ng

      Because Mel Gibson dies in Braveheart.

  • gtiman

    Lag has gone good news Still getting terrible fps though even though im running a bfg gtx 285 overclocked and all the graphics on the game turned right down hope this gets sorted soon otherwise good job treyarch oh and it would be nice to change the map with rcon on my own server 🙁

  • Darrin

    Black ops has too many hip markers wen you kill someone they need to make a patch on that takes like 5 or 6 bullets to kill someone

    • Dright

      actually, the damage is fine. all guns kill in 6 shots if they all hit before health starts to regen. If you hit two to the body and one to the head with an m16 you can kill at any range in one burst.

      • Lol

        Are you serious? The M16’s spread makes it impossible to get a headshot and two body shots past it’s one burst kill range. Face it, without Stopping Power the burst weapons have been severely nerfed to close quarters weapons. Even at medium range you almost always need a 2nd or 3rd burst.

        Still, I’m not complaining about the TTK. It’s the awful matchmaking that’s ruining this game for me. Party issues aside, unless you have cable or above you will almost always have a 3 bar. That’s a good 100ms advantage of reaction time for everyone with a 4 bar. You can’t blame it on the connection, in MW2 I always had 4 bars with DSL. I mean come on, what is the point of hiding our ping? Treyarch needs to put their egos aside and realize how perfect MW2 was in so many respects. 7 million sold on launch? You can thank Infinity Ward for that.

        • Aaron

          Very well said Lol, you hit all the points I wanted to say, especially the 3 bar issue. I know there are some individuals that wouldn't dare compare Blackops to MW2, but you have to pull your head out of your asses and see the great aspects that MW2 possessed, better connection being one of them. More hit markers isn't just happening on your gun, it is also occurring on your enemies gun, so technically this really isn't a problem other than you have to aim better than your enemy.